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Launch lineup is looking a little like this for both consoles. If you're planning to pick up a next-gen system in November, which games are you going buy with your new box at launch?

GameXbox OnePlayStation 4
Madden NFL 25xx
FIFA 14xx
NBA Live 14xx
NBA 2K14xx
Killzone: Shadow Fallx
Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flagxx
Battlefield 4xx
Call of Duty: Ghostsxx
Forza Motorsport 5x
Killer Instinctx
Watch Dogsxx
Ryse: Son Of Romex
Dead Rising 3x
LEGO Marvel Super Heroesxx
Skylanders: Swap Forcexx
Just Dance 2014xx
DC Universe Onlinex
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For me, it's FIFA 14, Battlefield/COD, Watch Dogs and Assassin's Creed IV.

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Battlefield 4, Watch Dogs, Driveclub PS+, and DCUO will be my first day with the PS4.

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Probably going with Watch Dogs, Battlefield, Dead Rising, Killer Instinct. Maybe Forza. Be interested to see what's available on Live Arcade or whatever it's called by then too.

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XONE: Dead Rising 3, Need For Speed: Rivals

PS4: Assassin's Creed IV, Killzone: Shadow Fall, Battlefield 4

NBA Live 14, FIFA 14, Killer Instinct, Call of Duty: Ghosts; a little ways after launch

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@thesoutherndandy: Yeah, I'm interested to see what games will be available on Live. With this week's self-publishing announcement, don't be surprised if half of Ouya's entire library is available from day one. Fingers crossed for Towerfall!

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Despite my disappointment with ACIII, I already have ACIV pre-ordered. Other than that, Watch Dogs.

And probably that Plus members version of Drive Club, because car porn.

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I'll be getting Killzone and Watchdogs with my PS4 when I go to pick it up on launch.

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@realph: I think planetside 2 is coming out for PS4 at launch.

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@realph: I think planetside 2 is coming out for PS4 at launch.

Sadly one of the producers confirmed that it wouldn't actually be available in time for launch :(

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@markini6 said:

@jimmyfenix said:

@realph: I think planetside 2 is coming out for PS4 at launch.

Sadly one of the producers confirmed that it wouldn't actually be available in time for launch :(

oh man :( wait is warframe coming out on launch ?

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I've got preorders for both systems, but will cancel one of the two before launch. Will probably go for the PS4 as for the same price as the Xbox, I can get it and two games. Games at the moment are Fifa 14, Killzone and the PS+ "lite" version of DriveClub. Watch Dogs, BF4 and AC4 if they're comparable to the PC versions, or if they prove too much for my PC.

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Watchdogs on PS4.

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Watch Dogs, AC IV, Battlefield 4, CoD:G. All on the ps4

I'm a huge AC fan and all of the other ones had me stoked, until this newest one. I didn't really think I was going to like it, because it was set around the same time period as the previous game. But watching a lot of the cinematics and the gameplay, I'm now really looking forward to playing it on the ps4.

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Still undecided on which console at the moment, but:

Xbox One: Killer Instinct, (Full pass thing) Ryse, (If it's good) Battlefield 4

PS4: Killzone, Watch Dogs, and MAYBE inFamous.

I'd also get Wolfenstein for whatever platform I decide on if it's available at launch.

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Is Quantum Break not going to be a launch title for the XONE?

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Isn't Planetside 2 also day one for PS4 or am I remembering things incorrectly?

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Battlefield, FIFA on PS4. I'll wait and see for W_4Tch__/D4WGs, but honestly I'll probably get that too.

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I'll be getting

  • Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
  • Watch Dogs
  • Call of Duty Ghosts or Battlefield 4 (Not sure yet)
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@auron570 said:

Is Quantum Break not going to be a launch title for the XONE?

No its not. They said sometime 2014.

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Watch Dogs, probably AC4 because I'm an idiot, and maybe I guess CoD:Ghosts because I dunno'. All on PS4.

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Not trying to be that guy, but why is everyone getting a ngc? A lot of you are just getting games that will be available on the current gen. I can understand BF4 because of the player count.

Personally I am getting the XB1 for DR3, FM5, KI, ACIV, WD, and probably BF4.

(I like better graphics for the multiplates personally)

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I have both consoles pre-ordered on Amazon and I'm really beginning to question that decision.

Especially since I only have Killzone pre-ordered game-wise.

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I think I am most looking forward to Watch Dogs and Battlefield 4.

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@madmidknight: Oh Jeez.. I thought you meant "Not Gamecube," but you mean"Next-Gen Console." I just thought it was weird for a bit..

All those XONE games sound oh-so-sweet. Forza I'm hoping to be a nice replacement for not getting PGR5 anytime soon.. @_@

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Probably nothing, actually. The games I would buy, like Battlefield 4 and Watch Dogs, I will instead be picking up for my PC. Really wish something like Infamous was ready for launch.

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Nothing on that list appeals to me at all. So I'm glad I didn't plop down that PS4 pre-order I kept thinking about. One or two of them are kind of meh on my radar, but I will just get them on PC.