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So i was looking at the day one xbone edition and am i reading this correctly that it does't come with head set this time? Can anyone clarify this? It just seams odd that its listed as a accessory not in the box list


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I believe it doesn't, their claim being that the kinect microphone fulfills those needs.

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Man MS really isn't making me want to replace my 360.

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It doesn't.

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So... it's the Wii Speak.

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So... it's the Wii Speak.

Only worse. At least the Wii Speak wasn't required to turn the Wii on!

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@deanoxd said:

Man MS really isn't making me want to replace my 360.


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@c0l0nelp0c0rn1: i can say for sure i won't be buying a xbone at launch, and i do 98% of my console gaming on my 360 but i have pre-ordered a PS4. I am going to wait until spring 2014 see if there new bundles and maybe a price drop for the xbone.

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Man I already feel stupid when I'm shouting and people walk into my room to tell me to shut up only to realise I'm playing online with friends because they see the headset. Imagine the reaction when it just looks like I'm a crazy person yelling at my tv