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And I'm not talking about going for a bike ride.
I have noticed while replaying Fable II that the day/night cycle in that game pisses me off. There is little to do at night except maybe to keep working cutting wood or some bullshit.  When I hear the town crier call out 'the shops are now closed' it pisses me off. I think GTA IV was ok because of the nature of Liberty City, but even then day time was better. I haven't played Red Dead yet but am curious about what there actually is to do at night in that game (can you see things in the dark?). Burnout Paradise was much better with day environments etc.
What are your thoughts?

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I play racing simulation games. Day/night cycles are always welcome. In fact, games that don't have it are disappointing.

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i agree... I hate when i want to hit the shops and they are closed because of night time. That happened a lot with Fable 2 and Fallout 3. Have they though about something revolutionary as 24 hour shops?

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Yea, I hate having to 'rest' for an estimated amount of time to get shops open again. I forgot about Fallout 3. Shops don't always have definitive opening hours in that game either so you have to get sort of near an opening time. I always try to get my dude up and about early so I have as much 'daytime' as possible

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I like them (especially in Red Dead Revolver and Far Cry 2). But I wish I could slow them down to a more realistic speed, or just have a slider in the menu options. You could go from a real 24-hour day to a 24-minute day. 

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I have yet to play a game where I found the day night cycle to be bad.

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Yes, even for games like Fallout 3 and Oblivion I never play at nighttime because I can't see anything.

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They're kinda annoying at times--I'm lookin' at you Deadly Premonition. But fun other times, so it's all good.

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day/night cycle in stalker is awesome.

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" day/night cycle in stalker is awesome. "

There's a mod that makes the nights even darker and more realistic, like when there's no moon out and it gets so dark you need your headlamp all the time. That game with mods gets even scarier. It looks and feels more realistic, which makes it scarier, and you can make enemies much harder and graphics overhauls really help to update the look game and bring it to early 2009 levels. I'm talking about the first game since that's the only one I've played.
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I prefer the time of day be dictated by the event you're taking part in. If an event looks better when it happens during the rain, make it so it always happens during the rain. Basically I don't want a game to just take place during a clear day, but I don't want a day night cycle that basically works on its own. It should be event contextual and if I want it to be another time of day, I just take a nap. I don't wait for the sun to go down on its own. Day night cycles make me feel rushed.

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" @Rowr said:
" day/night cycle in stalker is awesome. "
There's a mod that makes the nights even darker and more realistic, like when there's no moon out and it gets so dark you need your headlamp all the time. That game with mods gets even scarier. "
yup, also a mod to extend all the headlamps. Makes it crazy atmospheric, especially in firefights.
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I hear Metro 2033 has a really good Stalker vibe. Have you played it?

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I hate them even in Red Dead, its too dark at night

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I like em, provided there is enough to actually still do at night. For example gambling dens or other such scandalous venues could open only at night, counteracting the loss of shops.

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If games can balance the cycles and make it so that there is a point and difference in them then they're great. But sometimes they just feel tacked on as a gimmick and usually the night cycle just ends up as a time to rest or run around doing very little in terms of game progression. 

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I like them. RDR's cool because there's different animals out, like owls, and I haven't tried it but I imagine it might be easier to sneak up on gangs for a night ambush.

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Some of my favourite games have day/night cycles - Oblivion, Fable, Fallout, Harvest Moon, Pokemon Gold/Silver, Majora's Mask, to name a few. So yes, definitely.

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It does.  My yes, it does.  Metro 2033 is amazing and terrifying.  And if you liked Stalker?  Play it.  Now!
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I dislike them in games like Burnout Paradise where it's a lot harder to race when it's night... Actually, that's pretty much the only example I can think of when they've really annoyed me.

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As long as there is a impact on the gameplay rather then the exclusion of activities....     

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When done right they are great, I like them in GTA, I like it in Burnout Paradise, although it gets a little foggy at times.  And then you have the added atmosphere for certain games, like OoT, skeletons scared the crap out of me in that game when I was little, Fallout 3, and Oblivion sort of games seem like it's there to sort of scare you.

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i kinda understand the point to your question. some people may say the day/night cycle adds realism and immersion; but from a gaming standpoint, i don't know if having nights is really the best thing. it gets too dark to see in the countryside; there really is little to do for paladins at night because there are no shops open and stealing really isn't their thing; and even for thieves, it's still a bit too dark. 
I mean, there are games that make night enjoyable. Thief 3 and Vampire: the masquerade bloodlines are all set at night and don't have day night cycles. Because it would be boring if you were a vampire having to hide in your little room at night, and being a thief would force a time limit on players before dawn...

i know rpgs nowadays have so much choice, and usually the difference between a paladin and a thief is roaming in day and night. so my only real complaint is, games which offer such choice should ALWAYS allow you to sleep anywhere you want. a.k.a. set a camp.

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It works in Red Dead and GTA, because some missions can only be activated at certain times, so it adds to the atmosphere. 
I always used to use the 'wait' option in Fallout and Oblivion though, missions seemed cooler during the daytime. 

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Yes and weather cycles

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Honestly, I don't know. It depends on the game. When all shop close and/or the visibility becomes a real issue, I usually can't stand nights in games. On the other hand, if there is no impact on the gameplay at all (like in Just Cause 2), it feels like a pointless gimmick. There is no game that really nails it, but the nights in "The Witcher"  and "Oblivion" never bothered me, because they are integrated into the core gameplay and the player has nearly full control over the time-cycle.

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I love it. provides immersion!

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It's generally annoying, for the above mentioned reasons. It was fine in Okami and OoT, because you had the option to switch day and night at will

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I hate it in borderlands, mainly because it gets so damn dark i can't see wtf i'm doing.

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@Atlas: but were the night segments meaningful in those games? I love Fable also but at night I would just continue working in the blacksmith to kill time or get my character to rest because cruising the shops and stuff was half the fun of that game
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I hate night time, I like the day time.

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@Captain_Insano:  I went to bed at night in Fable. Gotta get my beauty sleep.
I get your point, though. That's why I think Fallout 3 is the best example of a good day/night cycle. It's really not a good idea to be out in the overworld at night because of the oppressive darkness, unless you're a sneaky character in which case nightfall can be a godsend, and you can still go dungeon crawling/exploring indoors. Not only that, but they made sleep non-mandatory, but give you a sweet XP bonus when you're well rested. Such a brilliant design choice.
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@Captain_Insano: without reading your post i thought u meant for real
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No, most of the time they just get in the way and can be incongruent with the speed of player movement. I would actually rather a game presents me with certain times of day only when it's appropriate to the context; different times of day have different moods and symbolism associated with them.

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I am really staring to dislike them.  Playing Red Dead Redemption now, and realized how nice the graphics can be, when the sun's frickin' out.  Seems like I've been playing this entire game in the dark.  Anyway, I do enjoy the sunset/sunrise aspects, but the night just is a time where there is less to do and is harder to see.  Perhaps if they made night just really short?

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I like them because of the life and effect it gives to a game, but makes me nuts when I try to go do a mission and I have to come back later cause it's too late or too early.

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I like them, but in some games the cycle is too fast. In just cause 2 for example you can see the sun haul ass through the sky ,as it takes only one hour for it to go from sunrise to sunset. Burnout Paradise was great becasue you could customize the cycle. One hour, 3 hours, as long as an actual day, synched with the current real life time of day, or frozen at sunrise, sunset, midday or midnight.  I leave it stuck at sunset alot because the lighting looks so cool.

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Far Cry 2's D/NC is awesome. I love going out at night with an SVD to hunt down some mercs.

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@Captain_Insano: How was GTAIV better in the daylight? The city was far, far more atmospheric at night, just like real cities.