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DC vs Marvel is a fan made 2d fighting game made in MUGEN it's not big or anything but I wanted to share. Now I know what you mean. Don't. It's not a bad patchwork that MUGEN is notorious for, where Shin Akuma, Peter Griffin, SSJ3 Goku and Jesus are fighting on KOF backgrounds, it's been done using, modifying and creating only the best material on the MUGEN scene. It's a game where your favorite heroes from both universe are duking it out such as Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, Green Lantern, Thor, Iron Man, Captain America and many(many) others.

- based on the Marvel vs Capcom 2 engine. Uses a 6-button layout,

- More than 80% originally animated characters and backgrounds,

- Great music( well that is subjective :)

- 24 characters on both sides and one secret character,

- More than 50 arenas, that depict famous locations from comic-books (Gotham City, Daily Planet, S.H.I.E.L.D helicarrier, Asgard etc..)

- Play solo, do a team-up, or take part in simultaneous action with four characters on screen!

- ARCADE mod, fight some of the greatest villains and thwart the plans of Darkseid i Thanos and their mysterious master.

- VERSUS mod – fight the guy sitting next to you,

- SURVIVAL mod – how long can you hold on?

- DEMO - direct your favorite comic book fights.

This game is made by fans FOR fans . Nobody makes any money here. So feel free to mode the game to your liking.....

You've seen a couple of screenshots

And some videos:

Thor vs Hulk (Inspiration: this year's The Avengers):

Ultra flashy teaser fight between Superman and Sandman:

Deadpool's funny escapades:

Here are the links:

[link removed by mod]

Important! Installation!

After downloading the game, get the program HJSplit from here:

[link removed by mod]

Then open it, click "Join", then "Input File" and select "DC vs MarvelV1.0.7z.001" , the program will join all files into one which you can the unzip and enjoy

Known Bugs in version 1.0

-portraits for some characters are corrupted, but only during rounds, no impact on gameplay,

-Parasite doesn't have his own moves but he steals it from enemy characters, when stealing Spider-Man's move he tends to disappear from screen, and glitch out.

Hope you will enjoy it!

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Good luck with your mod, but please don't advertise on Giant Bomb. Thanks!

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