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I don't even know if they are doing a QL of this new version, but if they do, I think it would be really awesome if they did two separate ones, one VJ and one BR just like in the Endurance Runs. The second one could start where the first left off, so there is no repeated content.

Alternatively, Patrick and Drew (or perhaps Rorie) could do a whole new ER, but that's probably crossing the line of realism...

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There's not enough new content to warrant a QL. The game also runs like shit

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I don't see the point behind that idea. They'd just be showing what the game looks like, not playing through it, so I don't see the point of having four different people sit through the QL at different times.

@bocam: Jeff has said that they'll probably pick up a copy. Just because a game runs like shit doesn't mean it's bad QL content! Hope that isn't true though, it'd be a shame.

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They did do another quick look of persona 4 directors cut, but it was only that. No new ER, no super cast, and at the end of it, they said they really recommended it but they sure as hell ain't gonna play it again, either for ER or for personal reasons. They all feel they spent enough of their lives on it and any changes would probably taint their memories.

However, that was on a game that was good to begin with but just not everybody's cup of tea. Deadly premonition is not that.

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Obviously they should swap teams and do a Vinny-Ryan Jeff-Brad Quick Look.