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#1 Posted by Rockdalf (1293 posts) -

You've had many critics in the past, myself being notable among them.  I can recall on many a countless time that I've entered your store, and have had a less than wonderful experience.  You've offered me less than a shitty price for my trade-ins, charge me quite a sum for said trade-ins from other individuals and then hassle me to pay and sign up for a "membership" so I can be a priority member of your money racket. 
However, I recently mustered up my lack of self-respect and went to the new GameStop in Richmond, KY.  I read on their website that I could get $100.00 trade in for a DSi, toward the purchase of a 3DS, but I wasn't sure if said advertisement was still in effect.  I walked through the doors of the fresh store to the joyous screams of little children crying for MW3 pre-orders and the like, walked up to the counter and plopped my Pokemon White bundled DSi, with charger, on the counter. 
"How much?"  I said, biting my lower lip, as the female employee eyed me with suspicion.   One of the other employees walked by and jokingly said "$25.00", which I only replied to with nervous laughter.  The female employee scans my DSi and says, "50.00 trade in," with a look of embarrassment as she looked at the other employee. 
"REALLY," I said in astonishment, for some reason, allowing myself to believe they'd give something of a reasonable trade in for it, "Fifty dollars?!" 
Then the most wonderful thing happened.  The male employee asked me how much I payed for it when I bought it, and how long ago I bought it.  He looks at my DSi, still in wonderful condition, shakes his head back and forth, and says, "Nah, I wouldn't do it." 
I was flabbergasted, I couldn't believe my ears, "Wouldn't do what?" 
"I wouldn't sell it back, it's obviously worth more than $50.00 and you can get a 3DS when the price eventually drops.  You don't need to re-play Zelda THAT bad and it's the only game out right now.  I'd wait." 
Taken back, I agreed, shoved the DSi back in my pocket and proceeded to chat up the PS Vista and the 3DS for a while, before leaving to take care of other things.  I don't know if I'd been in another gamestop if I would've walked out with a 3DS or not, but I know I would've regretted selling my DSi for so cheap later.  Thank you Gamestop employees of Richmond, KY.  You have my gratitude for treating me like a human being, I will now frequent your store for when I want to purchase video games (but not sell them back!).

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Well this is strange

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What makes you so notable

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My local EB used to have good people like that too, so I never understood the hate the store got. Then when I left for college for two years and went to a different EB Games I realized why it got all the hate. Amazes me how different my experience was with the two.

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Yes at my local EB it all depends who's working. There use to be this real cool guy who I even hung out longer in the store just to chat with who knew when the store was going to rip a kid off and tried to his best with out being obvious to guide them away from a trade in. Something like "hmmm only 5$ are you sure." He moved on and now there is guy there who asks you 3 god damn times if want an edge card and the 3$ insurance and they have a used version available.(which is like 3$ cheaper big woot)

#6 Posted by Slaker117 (4843 posts) -

I actually just woke up from a dream where a Gamestop employee was trying to convince me not to buy Uncharted 2. So that's weird, kind of.

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I like gamestop..........

#8 Posted by supermonkey122 (857 posts) -

I've never had a problem with gamestop
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No problem with Gamestop here. Free Microsoft Points, $40 for a collectors edition of games because I all of a sudden pre-ordered the game i was buying at launch. All is good

#10 Posted by AgentofChaos (1565 posts) -

Dude... Everyone at my Gamestop is like that.

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GameStop is awesome.

I got 80 bucks for Portal 2 and Mortal Kombat and got LA Noire for 50 bucks due to pre-ordering. When I picked up the pre-order I got a trade in bag which gives me 20% extra next time and a 10 dollar promo card for my next purchase.

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The gamestop at my place sucks and they would of said $5 ... they are assholes. I see them rip of kids all the time.

I go next door for haircuts and on the other side is a pizza place so that is how I see it. hahaha

You guys are lucky, but then again I don't mind having assholes working at my gamestop since I like to order things online.

#13 Posted by kingclaw (757 posts) -

Someone is going to get fired

#14 Posted by Little_Socrates (5693 posts) -

At least two of the Gamestops by where I live are like that, and one of them will even have multiple employees willing to talk shit about recent releases. I love the Gamestop right down the street from me. They're even down with me coming in sometimes just to chat or to look at shit with a friend who's not planning to buy anything.

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i'm surprised at that. it seems nice of the guy to do that. my gamestop doesn't do that. they just give you trade in credit and that's it. it's just like of like o well. there are a couple of people that will bug you for preordering something, edge card, you know the usual.

#16 Posted by Nux (2405 posts) -

I have a Gamestop like that close to where I live. Its one of the reasons I like Gamestop.

#17 Posted by wickedsc3 (1046 posts) -

No problem with gamestop. Its still up to you if you want to trade your stuff in, no one is making u take there low offers. But I use Amazon anyways, they just give me money!! crazy.

#18 Posted by Hector (3375 posts) -
I don't like Gamestop, I just go there as a last resort if non of the other big stores doesn't have the game.
#19 Edited by pakx (922 posts) -

been working at a gamestop for going on 4 years now. i can generally spot a gamer a mile away. you come in, you don't have alot of questions, you just want your game. for these guys i go ahead and offer the warrantee but dont press it when they say no. if you bring trade ins in, i scan the game, rattle off the price and let you decide whether or not you want to bring it in. i don't get paid commission, it really doesn't matter to me whether or not you trade your games in. infact, if you DO trade your game in, it's more work for me as i have to prep, file away and wall the case for your games. 
my point is, as much as Gamestop as a company can truly suck, it's not right to blame or harrass employees. we're doing our job. at best, we do our job with knowing and tact, and try to be reasonable with gamers, and helpful with none-gamers. at worst, we're following company policy, and acting in the manner we're obligated to. are there bad EB employees? absolutely. i've worked with some of them, but most of the people in my district are smart, helpful, kind gamers.

#20 Posted by RecSpec (3905 posts) -

I rarely shop there unless I just feel like browsing, but the Gamestop I go to is pretty good.

#21 Posted by TooWalrus (13255 posts) -

I was in my local Gamestop the other day- my new strategy is handing the cashier the game, and saying "No, I don't need any Gamestop memberships, magazine subscriptions, players guides, or warranties- please just take my money. It totally works- but makes you look like a bigger asshole than those cashiers.

#22 Posted by Empirepaintball (1397 posts) -
@Rockdalf said:
 PS Vista  
My favorite part.
#23 Posted by Rockdalf (1293 posts) -
@Empirepaintball said:
@Rockdalf said:
 PS Vista  
 My favorite part.
I'd be highly surprised if I'm the only person to make that typo over the next year.  Not a big deal.
#24 Posted by RE_Player1 (7573 posts) -
I like Amazon. No talking back and all you have to do is a couple clicks and the game is at your house in a couple days. And if they can't give you that crappy pre-order bonus they'll give you $5-10.
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I don't need a gamestop employee to tell me that a $50 trade in value of a DSi is fucking bullshit.

#26 Posted by Lukeweizer (2747 posts) -

You should've come to that conclusion on your own. Always try to sell something on Craig's List first before trading it in.

#27 Posted by JJOR64 (19051 posts) -

I have one of the few GameStops that is actually good.  Never had any issues with mine.

#28 Posted by JJOR64 (19051 posts) -
@Lukeweizer said:

You should've come to that conclusion on your own. Always try to sell something on Craig's List first before trading it in.

Or eBay.
#29 Posted by BeaverBacker95 (24 posts) -

I buy new games, so I don't go to Gamestop because they sell used games as "new".
#30 Posted by Patman99 (1619 posts) -

The EB I used to go to had really good employees. You walked in, they greeted you and would even recommend games if you were just browsing. They quit or moved on but for about 5 or 6 years, there has been nothing but assholes that work there now. They do the absolute minimum requirements of their job, nothing more and nothing less. Here is a true example:

When going in to preorder the 3DS, I called it the 3DSi by mistake. The clerk looked at me in bewilderment and asked if I was from Europe. I said no and asked why. He then replied by saying that because he has never heard of a console called the 3DSi. I then clarified by saying the new Nintendo gameboy. He looked and me again in bewilderment and said that the DS has been out for years.... Frustrated, I looked at a poster on the wall and said: "I mean 3DS, you god damn son of a bitch whore!!!" Okay, I didnt say the last bit but I felt like it. That is a sample of what I deal with at that store. I know he knew what I was talking about but why be a normal human being when you could jack fuck the customer around for a little while. One time the same dude even recommended a customer looking for an RPG, MGS4. This was THE DAY of Fallout New Vegas' release. I could right a god damn book on how much the current gen of employees there have screwed with me and the other customers of that EB.

The worst part is that the employees in there know me in the sense that they recognise my face simply from me being an frequent video game purchaser. So every time I go in and buy a game rated higher the E10+, they ask for my ID. I am 20 and occasionally have a beard. On top of that I am taller then them. Still every time, I want to buy a T or M game, those assholes card me like a juvenile trying to buy his first 6 pack.

Anyways, long anecdotal post to simply say that my EB clerks used to be good but those golden years are long over and I have been dealing with the same group of assholes for more then half a decade.

#31 Posted by cid798 (249 posts) -
@crusader8463: I hear you on that one man. Even state to state the quality can be night and day. My nearest one is staffed with folks that've been there for nearly 10 years so it's always a decent experience.
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I don't understand why people deal with gamestop for used games, 
Buying used games on ebay is cheaper, 
And selling used games on ebay you'll get more than what gamestop would give you  
Gotta loves gamestops, "Sure we'll buy it for $20 sell it for $45" policy, Oh and thanks for buying it from us for $60 last week too, 
We have now made a $50 profit on a game that originally cost us $40

#33 Posted by SethPhotopoulos (5364 posts) -

They gave me a pre-order copy with Naked City of LA Noire even though I walked in a week after it came out to buy it.

#34 Posted by MisfitToy (136 posts) -

I think the last thing I actually forced myself to buy at a GameStop was an exclusive LE edition and that was years ago. Otherwise I avoid it if I can. Some employees might be great but the company itself isn't entirely healthy for the industry.

#35 Posted by beckley205 (310 posts) -

Most gamestop employees don't know about games and the only thing they ever do for me is try to get me to preorder every PSP title just because i got Peace Walker.  Mostly i just repeat no until i hear do you want a game informer subscription then i leave.  On another note theres a place called game trader and they give much better trade in rates and have a great selection of retro and new games.

#36 Posted by LordXavierBritish (6320 posts) -

It doesn't matter if the employees are good, Gamestop's policies and prices are still shit.
I know some real fucking cool people that have worked at Gamestops, and have seen really good service from the store as well, but on the whole the higher ups have turned it into a shit hole.

#37 Edited by MideonNViscera (2257 posts) -

The people at my EB Games are completely retarded. It's annoying when I'm trying to pre-order a game they never heard of, or get a pre-order code that they didn't know existed until I brought it up. Or taking an arcade stick up to the counter only to be asked "What's that?". Fuck! 
EDIT: Those examples are all from dealing with the assistant manager.

#38 Posted by DystopiaX (5351 posts) -

Seems more like Gamestop hasn't beaten the humanity out of those employees yet; that trade in price is still absolutely ridiculous though.

#39 Posted by ckeats (489 posts) -

Most times it's just the warranties and "Anything you wanna pre-order today?", and thats nothing to complain about.

I got $125 for my DSi XL on the 3DS launch day, which was one hell of a deal by their standards, seeing as there only $170 new.

I regret nothing.

#40 Posted by MideonNViscera (2257 posts) -

They have sucked a lot of cash out of me with their shitty trade-in prices, but it's not like I HAD to trade it in. When I sell them a game for $2, it's because it's either $2 or the garbage haha

#41 Posted by cstrang (2381 posts) -

@kingclaw said:

Someone is going to get fired

Admittedly, this is the first thing I thought. Let's all hope his supervisor wasn't around, so he was able to keep his job.

#42 Posted by Hizang (8532 posts) -

I've never had that experince, I don't talk to people who work in game shops, or any. Well I do talk to my comic book shop owner quite alot..

#43 Posted by AlexW00d (6386 posts) -

I may venture into a Gamestop when I visit ol' USA in August, see if all the bitching is deserved.

#44 Posted by Bocam (3808 posts) -

*insert generic Gamestop story*



#45 Posted by Gerhabio (1977 posts) -

I'd say all the credit goes to the employees, not the Gamestop which hardly ever has deals

#46 Posted by DrPockets000 (2859 posts) -

Average day at GameStop for me.

#47 Posted by Rockdalf (1293 posts) -
@Bocam said:

*insert generic Gamestop story*



I'm so sorry.  T_T 
@G3RHRT said:

I'd say all the credit goes to the employees, not the Gamestop which hardly ever has deals

Agreed, however, if he is allowed this kind of behavior and still keeps his job, THAT's the kind of gamestop I want to shop at.  If he had pestered me for an Edge card or a magazine subscription like other gamestop's I'd been to, I would've continued buying the way I usually do, through Amazon.
#48 Posted by itspizza (443 posts) -

I feel like their trade in prices are better than they used to be. A few games I traded in awhile back got me over $60, when I thought I was going to get half that amount, and it payed for my copy of MK.

#49 Posted by iBePeRFeCT (396 posts) -

I have no problems with Gamestop. I just traded in Black Ops for PS3 and got $40 trade in credit which I thought was a good deal for an 8 month old game. They have much better trade in offers than they use too.

#50 Posted by Brodehouse (10106 posts) -

When I go to the Best Buy to buy something on launch day, a) it's there, and b) in the rare occasion it isn't, you don't receive a lecture about pre-ordering, they just apologize and say they sold out. They don't try to get you to buy a used copy, they don't try to get you to buy a strategy guide, and they don't try to get you to buy insurance. I used to support dedicated games retailers under the belief that in order for the industry to be legitimate, we needed to have 'our own place'. But for the good of the consumer, the best step towards legitimacy is the entertainment retailer. No store can be truly 'yours', if you want to feel like you're part of a physical community, go to PAX.