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Hey everyone!

So, I've talked a little bit about this before in some random comment threads, but I figured it couldn't hurt to make it more official. I'M DOING MORE CONTENT IN 2013. I know, right? So exciting.

Now that I have a decent webcam set-up and some other assorted doodads, I have the means necessary to begin contributing my own Encyclopedia Bombastica videos, which I plan to start doing early in January. Also, I plan on doing my own weekly written column for the site sometime in the very near future. Why written, and not video? Because Jeff already has Jar Time, and frankly, I feel like that already suits most people's random vlog needs. Also, I said vlog, so you have every right to stop reading this post immediately.

For those of you that stuck around, I just wanted to gauge what you folks think you might also like to see from me content wise in 2013. I have a few other ideas I'm kicking around, but figured it couldn't hurt to see what you all were maybe thinking. Keep in mind that I'm limited as to what games I can plug into my machine and record, so neither mad amounts of game streaming, nor regular Quick Looks are probably going to happen. But if there's something you'd like to see me doing for the site, or just something for the site that you'd like to see ANYONE doing, feel free to post your suggestions here.

Sincere suggestions appreciated. Asshole suggestions also welcome, so long as they're funny. Leave your unfunny asshole suggestions elsewhere where I don't have to read them.

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Yay, more videos of Alex!

Well... what I do want to see is... just more of you. Always liked your input (be it Gamespot, Screend or Giantbomb), so I am happy.

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Big Rigs 24/7.

Edit: And yeah: Yay, more videos of Alex!

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Weekly Rock Band Review.

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I'd love maybe some sort of Hall of Shame. Let's be honest, you're a magnificent when ripping things to shreds so I'd love to see some shining examples of turds in gaming picked apart by you.

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hur hur hur

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Screened Lite

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Alex plays shitty games.

You've got that special touch. Do it.

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I would honestly love to see a video feature of Alex going out on the streets of New York to show off certain parts of the city that are constantly recreated in games, and assessing the accuracy of, say, the equivalent of Central Park in GTA4.

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Maybe you could do just one Jar Time video type thing, where you just answer random questions about whatever. Just to help people get to know better what are your likes and dislikes about games in general. I feel i know pretty well where every other member of the crew stand by virtue of the bombcast and quicklooks but not as much when it comes to you. It's a bit harder to put your reviews in perspective compared to the other members.

Besides that i've got no idea. I like stuff, so stuff will be nice.

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I'd actually be pretty interested in some manner of music-in-games related feature. You'd be the guy to do that, in whatever context most interested you.

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Alex' Busted-Ass Game Emporium.

A modern art exhibit, really. An obelisk for millenia to come that says "what were these people fucking thinking".

Because other than sarcastic headlines that's all I know.

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You play the NES version of Die Hard with The Offspring's Smash in the background.

Edit: Also, I don't mean to typecast you, so I hope you don't mind this, but you are super good at mocking bad games, so anything along those lines would be absolutely guh-reat.

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Sticking with the concept that you play a lot of bad games, play a game that's negatively received critically. Show why it sucks but then show a mechanic, plot device, or something about the game that doesn't suck that people may know about because they never gave it a fair shot.

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Take game concepts, such as Boss Fights, and show a great example and an atrocious example. Then discuss what makes one terrible and one great.

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Since Jeff is devoted to playing great games of the past, you should do the Alex version in which you play the absolute worst games.

Also, random wrestling games/review/content. Honestly anything where you thrash the current horrible state of wrestling that I watch because I make terrible choices.

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Forty-minute daily live streamed non-stop drum solos. The feature would last until the neighbours complain and the cops come round to serve you a cease and desist order. It'd be like an endurance run!

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How about something revolving around movie games and ways you would improve them.

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How about making Quick Look-esque videos of you playing games that you will hate, and that you know you will hate? There's never enough Alex Navarro making fun of games. Kind of the negative Encyclopedia Bombastica. If anyone should do it, it should be you. Or Ryan.

And I'd say only play games that are exceptionally bad or boring, rather than every cartoon license game or Carnival Party 37.

Probably start off with ET: The Extra Terrestrial for Atari 2600 or Superman 64. Perhaps revisit Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing.

Name ideas: Severe Snarkolepsy, Alex Ridicules Bad Games, Ideaz.

This is an obvious suggestion, but I would watch it. God damn would I watch it.

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Play / discover games that others don't give time to. Also jumping on ongoing great series, like Yakuza (Ryu Ga Gotoku) and giving it a try would be new.

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@Angryhead said:

Screened Lite

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@GlenTennis said:

I'd love maybe some sort of Hall of Shame. Let's be honest, you're a magnificent when ripping things to shreds so I'd love to see some shining examples of turds in gaming picked apart by you.

This is a fantastic idea. Though, I guess it kind of fits in with Encyclopedia Bombastica.

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Big Rigs marathon. You can do it like a telathon donation type thing. The more new people subscribe, the longer it goes on for. With enough people, we could keep Alex playing Big Rigs for eternity.

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You and Jeff should do a wrestling podcast.

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Things I associate with Alex: 
Bad video games 
New York City 
Big Rigs 
Nicolas Cage 
Do with that what you will.

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60 Second Navarro: You sum up a game in exactly 60 seconds.

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So you don't have to suffer TOO much, a one man spoilercast here or there would be pretty cool.

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You could play terrible games at the request of the community until you've had the will to live sucked out of you. I even have an idea for the name of said feature: Alex Navarro's Endurance Runs.

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More Alex personal stories. What about some videos about NY...

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@GlenTennis: This is a great idea. Come on Alex listen to this man/woman! If you are nice you can play a good game now and then.

Also, I'm looking forward to whatever you decide to do.

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Well, if you want to keep the tradition going of some of the type of games you have reviewed I would totally watch you play the shittiest games you can find. Like that Big Rigs video at gamespot (never forget) Just scrape the bottom of the barrel and let us watch you suffer! Sorry if you hate me for this. 
Another idea would be maybe just discussing what you have been playing similar to the bombcast, maybe showing some gameplay and telling your opinion on them. We regulars here always know exactly what the other GB crew thinks about games, but with you its not often as simple since you often review the more, rare games shall I say? 
Though to be fair I will watch anything you do, and I have really felt the absence of Alex on Giantbomb. Welcome back. 

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Dance for us...

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Thinking maybe a short form review or video feature about games you've played that week. Like, record what you would talk about during the "What have you been playing?" segments on the Bombcast. I'm personally fascinated with what you think/feel about games coming out, or what you play. Thanks!

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How about videos about the best or worst of movie/TV tie-in games? Maybe you could talk about how well they represent (or don't) said movie or TV show.

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Revive those screened videos like defend your movie and half good but with videogames instead.

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Shitty games played by me are definitely on the table. Whether they'll be part of the Encyclopedia Bombastica series or their own thing is currently under debate. By me. To no one. I basically yell at the walls of my office, a lot.

I'm sad all the time.

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I came in here to post the same idea as

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A monthly feature where you call one of the other Bomb Crew features to task for something. Anything. And then debate could be had. It could be video or audio form, though I'd prefer video.

I just feel it'd be great to see you interact with the other dudes more. And if it's in an antagonistic role all the better. At least I think so.

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@LGJ said:

Revive those screened videos like defend your movie and half good but with videogames instead.

This could also be super interesting, I LOVED defending your movie and half good features of Screened. 
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I don't know if it would have much longevity, but I think something akin to what You and Rorie used to do on Screened with Remake Rematch could potentially be interesting, like, say comparing a classic game to its rebooted/remade counterpart? That might be too small a pool of games to make content out of, I'm not sure though. That, and it'd be a rehash of a concept you've already done before (and it might seem weird if current Screened still does them, I've not visited since the Whiskey Exodus though so I've no idea!).

I definitely would like to see some long-form written content by you though, perhaps similar to the meat of Patrick's stories. I know that sort of thing is 'his' area as a News editor, but your reviews and news stories prove that you're a solid writer, and I'd like to see more stuff from you that lets you expand that a little further.

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Play Harvest Moon, either the Snes, Ps1 or the N64 Version. make it a weekly feature.

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Year of the N-Gage

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I've got this crazy idea. What if Alex did something with games he likes instead of hate.

Crazy stuff i know.

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I don't have any idea, but YES MORE ALEX THIS IS GOOD

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Way ahead of you, Alex.

I'll throw in another idea for my January Comic Commish too, if you'd like. I'm not sure why, and it's certainly nothing against you as a person, but it's really easy to go all "I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream" when coming up with horrible, torturous tasks to make you do. This must be what being Ryan feels like.

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@Pr1mus said:

I've got this crazy idea. What if Alex did something with games he likes instead of hate.

Crazy stuff i know.

While that does sound good I wouldn't mind watching Alex play bad games. The absolute worst games on the planet. The ones that inflict pain. Yeah, that would be entertaining to watch.

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@KittyVonDoom said:

Year of the N-Gage

Good user, another website has already covered the N-Gage to the fullest that it could ever be covered in an editorial manner.

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Or how about play games that you hear people rave about but have never tried yourself and post a video of your very first time loading it up and playing it right from the start and offer thoughts as you play it. So sort of like a quick look only it is your very first impressions.