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Hey there, people!
I was thinking, after seeing that mailbag video from a week ago and seeing that they got a few demo discs for Demo Derby... it made me wonder which of my discs I should send in, then I began wondering if they might already have some of the ones I'm planning on sending. Perhaps we could all start listing the discs that we send them here, in this forum topic, this way we can mostly avoid sending them any duplicates.

Now, I'm not exactly sure about everything that was in that stack in the mailbag video, but from what I could tell, there was:

  • OXM Demo Disc 22
  • OXM Demo Disc 43
  • OXM Demo Disc 53
  • OXM Demo Disc 54

I'm pretty sure the rest were just HD DVDs.

Other than that, we know they have a big stack of discs that they've yet to go through, but we only know two of them:

  • PS1 Pizza Hut Demo Disc 0
  • PS1 Toys R Us: Attack of the Killer Demos Disc

Feel free to add to the list if you've sent them something.

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