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The developer of Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed has offered a challenge to SEGA fans. Get characters over 1,000 votes and he will talk to Sega to put them in the game as DLC. We have until December 1st.

I personally voted for Bayonetta, Sakura (from Sakura Wars) and the two characters from Valkyria Chronicles. But the full list of characters (and links to the petitions) is HERE along with the rules. You are allowed to vote for as many characters as you want!

Who did you vote for?

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No one. I never played that game before.

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>WiiU_Fan Dude the WiiU sucks ass. Come on now...

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I've been trying to pimp out the Axel Stone petition in a few places (to Streets of Rage fans mainly) since I feel that series should get some representation in the 3D era. There is no way he will get considered, which is disappointing, but I hope him and Blaze get enough votes to at least make them noticeable for something else.

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ow.. Dlc... pass!

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@CheapPoison said:

ow.. Dlc... pass!

What's wrong with non-on-disc DLC that fans genuinely want? You could argue that the content should have been there originally but the game is packed full of content (across multiple platforms).

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I voted for Alis Landale, Sketch Turner, Ryo Hazuki, Axel Stone, Kazuma Kiryu & Bayonetta. Then again, I'm" a fan of like 95.7% of SEGA's IPs so I can't say I'd be angry with any of those choices. I would've voted for Jacky but he sucks, should've been Akira.

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Nice choices! I've yet to play a Phantasy Star game, but Alis Landale seems like a neat character.

We have less than 24 hours to go. Keep voting :)

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I'm a little confused as to why people would want Bayonetta for a game like this. I may not like the character but I understand part of her appeal, and one of the things that seems to define her as well as make her "iconic" is the overly suggestive/humorous way she moves around, fights and acts. Wouldn't a game like this have to short sell all that, and thus leaving fans with a half assed, PG version of the character?

Many times I've joked to my friends about certain "mature" rated characters I really like showing up for E rated crossovers, but I have enough perspective to know that they wouldn't be represented in their truest form so there really isn't much point. Just something I've been wanting to get out of my chest, since there is no way in hell I would say this in those Sega forums.(where everyone if biting each others heads off over this Miku lady and Ryo)