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According to the last Activision Blizzard investor conference call, they will be announcing details about the Diablo 3 beta tomorrow (may 9).
  “As for Diablo 3, development continues to go well, and we’re very excited about the game. Our most recent public showcase for Diablo 3 was at the G-Star show in Korea, where demo stations attracted huge lines of players. I’m looking forward to sharing some more news about the game and our upcoming beta on the next call.”

Source:  http://gamerant.com/diablo-3-beta-details-dates-seb-83345/

We can listen in on the investor call where they will be (supposedly) making the announcement. Just gotta sign up here:  http://investor.activision.com/

Call begins at 4:30 eastern or 1:30 PDT
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!!!!!! oooo man, this would be so awesome!!!!!!!!

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argh! i'll be pissed if they are giving invites out to those who have an active WoW account!   i just ended my my subscription after about 5 years of paying for it.

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