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NFS was crazy fun, haven't played a fighting game in years so don't have a say in that.

Oh man if this isn't scripted, drunk Skylanders guy is awesome.

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This guy is fucking drunk.

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This is fucking AMAZING

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This show... is the BEST awards show.

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@Demoskinos said:

And no nod for Dead or Alive!? Boo!

EXACTLY! swap playstation allstars outta there with doa 5

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Drunk Guy is amazing.

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That guy is the man. Fighting for the underclass.

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@Demoskinos said:

Drunk Guy is amazing.

also this

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That was absolutely the greatest thing I've ever seen in my life. Drunk Skylanders Guy is my new hero.

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Somehow, this just got crazier than the VGA's.

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Just needed an unscripted moment for Chris Harwick to shine, I love how they just gave drunk guy a spare trophy.

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@Sgtpierceface: in the best way possible

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Oh snap. I was on fan cam the whole time. I just thought it was that way.

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Hall of Fame goes to Gabe Newell.

absolute perfect sense

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Skylanders Giants ain't gonna take this shit sitting down!

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@mrfluke: Gabe is awesome listen to The Nerdist podcast there is a 2 part podcast with him.

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Oh man, Gabe time!

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@ImmortalSaiyan said:

Oh snap. I was on fan cam the whole time. I just thought it was that way.

So do 1300 others, don't know why it is the default stream.

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this dude sounds like he wants to cry

loving these mini documentaries.

also portal or portal 2 = very high contender for a true game of the decade i think.

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@mrfluke: Portal 2 is definitely my number one game of all time.

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@Sgtpierceface said:

@mrfluke: Portal 2 is definitely my number one game of all time.

probably not my all time favorite, but i would hold up that game as one to symbolize 10 years of games,

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I'm not even a big fan of valves games but this is deserved.

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@Sgtpierceface: I should probably finish it, got it for like 2 bucks and got up to the part where they introduced the blue goop and decided to play one of the other 10 games I brought in the sale. Didn't pull me in like Portal 1.

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Good for him. He definitely deserves it.

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How cool, if Gabe was just like, "Thanks... HERES HALF LIFE 3!"

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@Bourbon_Warrior: oh ya, definitely agree with you that the dude is awesome, no sarcasm in my statement :P

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@ImmortalSaiyan said:

I'm not even a big fan of valves games but this is deserved.

yea same, but i think id still put portal 2 as game of the decade,

either that or shadow of the colossus

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What accent is that?

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God, this show is so bad.. but so good!

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Heck yeah it does.

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outstanding achievement in online gameplay goes to = Journey

Again Perfect Sense. id love to see some of the ideals that journey brought with online multiplayer be in other games as that is interesting

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@OneManX said:

How cool, if Gabe was just like, "Thanks... HERES HALF LIFE 3!"

If Gabe Newell released a video of himself taking the worst shit in the world and then proceeded to announce Half-Life 3, it's still be incredibly cool.

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And best online goes to...Johnny!

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Dunno how I feel about Journey (again) winning this one...

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The award goes to... Johnny! YEAH!!


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@Ares42: I think it's lack of refinement is what makes it so good.

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I never like the online awards from places. I think it should be great competitive instead. Fighting games always get robbed from those catagorys.

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No Transfarring? Goddamnit.

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outstanding achievement in connectivity goes to = HELLO 4


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Sure Halo 4. Why not?

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Oh Hello 4! How are you?