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This is a polarizing topic from many fronts, I know.  Hear me out.  As a huge Bioware fan I can't shake the feeling that EA bought them to concentrate almost all their resources into building ToR... I feel this will be a detriment to the outstanding pedigree of Bioware and the future games they will put out.  One DLC package for Mass Effect? seriously? that game was screaming for multiple packages and you know they were in development... EA wants a peice of that activision/blizzard pie and they went out and bought the best RPG developer on the planet to get some... Now, assuming I'm close to the bullseye on this, being a fan of actual bioware games and not so much MMO's what does this do to the quality/timeframe of... a game like Mass Effect 2...

your responce... by the way, if you think I'm full of shit, tell me.  I have thick skin.

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Well, thankfully, I don't think you're full of shit, but I honestly doubt that it's possible to create a WoW killer. I mean, even WAR isn't doing as well as the anti-WoW people were saying it would. Before WoW, there was no *defining* game in the MMORPG genre, and it's quite a title to try and steal.
Also, call me crazy, but I was never that fond of Bioware's recent games to begin with. I think their glory days of KoTOR and BG2 are behind them.

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Dragon Age, Mass Effect 2, ToR all being worked on at once. Your forgetting that lucas arts is in on ToR too, which should help speed up the development.

I dont think it was EA's intentions on having bioware make an mmo for them, lucas arts teamed up with bioware months before warhammer came out and that is when they started working on ToR. And even if they did want bioware to make an mmo, they wouldnt want it to be a "wow killer", they would just want it to be successfull.

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I think they may have had that in mind, but ToR doesn't look interesting at all to me (or many other people), and the fact that they appear to be attempting to add a cartoony aesthetic to Star Wars (a la Warcraft fantasy-style) is more of a put-off than anything.

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At this point nothing will be a WoW killer but WoW.  If warhammer online didn't hurt them that badly, I don't think anything else will.  Like everything else, it will get stale and people will stop playing it.. but not for a long time.