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I'm sure there is some earlier game that could be classified as Masocore that I'm not thinking of, but at the very least it seems to be the first indie game to be classified as such.

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The Jumper games are pretty masocorey, and they came out before IWBTG. IWBTG is almost certainly the most masocorey masocore game though, and it may be where the term originated, but I'm not sure.

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Kaizo probably did the actual inventing.

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It does seem to be the trendsetter at least.

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The N game was kinda masocore, but probably not as much as IWBTG.

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No early magaman games did

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This is responsible for masocore.
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It was ET.

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@gladspooky said:

Nope. Next question.


I didnt even know that masocore was a thing. I swear there are almost as many game genres as there are ridiculous metal genres. To answer your question. No.

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No. But it sure does a fine job defining the genre. If anyone asked me what masocore was i'd just tell them to play IWBTG and Super Meat Boy.

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Don't worry about which was first. Just add any games that fit the concept. When the new site launches, the first game will be chosen automatically based on release date.

This blog by Anna Anthropy seems to have popularized the term, though it was apparently coined by someone else in a forum earlier. She cites Super Mario Bros. 2 (The Lost Levels) as masocore, and that one predates Takeshi's Challenge by nine months.

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The first few Megaman games, along with Ghost n Goblins... most games used to be insanely difficult, IWBTG is just capturing that and being funny with it.