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I left the house earlier today and saw Riskin' Rain was in the "Starting soon" countdown. Did it turn out to be super long, which is why it isn't uploaded on the site yet? Or did they have technical issues, since the multiplayer is so finicky and desyncs easily?

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Yes. Yes. Yes. He beat the game.

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Patrick's streams tend to take a while longer to get uploaded, at least that's what I noticed with spelunkin'.

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There was like five minutes where the game audio and Alex got super-low and not really audible. I Imagine think he's trying to level out the sound before posting it.

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Man, this really is taking a long time.

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@odusei said:

Man, this really is taking a long time.

Yeah, it's finally up, but it seems like it took about 12 hours or so after the stream finished to be posted (very approximately). I'm guessing Patrick's upload speed in Chicago isn't great or something.