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Site crash? Was it just that there was too much strain on the servers? Giantbomb is growing popular. ;)

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yeppo got a internal server error or whatever lol

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Yes, internal server error.

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Yeah, I'm pretty sure it did.

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Yeah, although I think they were fixing glitches.

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Yes it did. But it seems like everything is running faster now.

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Internal server error
Yes, yes it was.

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ya same here internal error 500 or something...nice to know other people experienced that too :(

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Yeah. Notice how the site is a lot quicker to load now though.

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Growing Pains.  I hope they have some serious hardware and backbone for bandwidth.  Once the general public see's how awesome this site is, its going to get hammered HARD.  One thing i really hate is when sites become slow and unresponsive when clicking around.  Gah!  GiantBomb seems to suffer from this more and more lately.

Though yes it seems much faster after the "crash".

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I think they've been hit with a lot more traffic than they were expecting, honestly. Like 7,000 registrants on the first day, all trying to mess around with the site at once.

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The Internet couldn't handle the awesome that is Giant Bomb.