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What's another way of presenting a blog? Over here's some text and a pic or video, links to stuff would be appreciated.

Or how would you like to see a blog presented taking the topic out of the equation?

This is pretty open and would love to see some out there ideas.

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Make it like an ARG or something where you have to follow clues and riddles in order to get to the next part. Also, bonus points for tying it in with the message the blog is trying to convey, for example if you are ragging on a game for being repetitive, make your blog repetitive or show how to do good repetition.

There you go, way too complicated ideas for a blog, brought to you by:

Unprofessional Fridays, your home for gentlemanly profanity and video games.

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@mafolu: They are good details to put into a larger idea. I'm a really horrible writer and I really need to do a blog and looking for an alternative to people just reading my poorly written thoughts.