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Note: This story is from the 7th Sept but I did a search and nothing came back. Also I wish there was some good news in the VG industry right now about jobs.


Some poor dudes and dudesses at Digital Domain got their termination notices. Erik Provan is one of the artists affected by this, he's currently lucky enough to

have a successful kickstarter project to fall back on, which I gave a small amount to get the game which is why I know about this development. I find it

ridiculous that these people are not treated with a measure of respect. I know, welcome to the real world and all that, but I think that these people probably have a lot to offer.

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that's sad, they did some excellent work. That's the hard news about these types of jobs they work from project to project. What really holds up these companies is selling tech to third parties. I have a friend who was working with ILM in San Francisco to study brain aging processes using Pirates of the Caribbean 3D models. You'd be surprised how much tech isn't for animation.

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They shut down a Flordia office, which is a major bummer, but LA and Vancouver studios are still open. They're filing for bankruptcy it looks like, and will most likely get bought out.

So, not dead yet.