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Anybody else watch this masterpiece back in the day?

Dinosaurs with laser guns attached to them.... DINOSAURS WITH FRIKKIN LASER GUNS!

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I had the fucking pilot episode on a VHS. I bought it at a garage sale. Fucking crystals that glow and control dinosaurs. Robot dinosaur heads. That Stalagosaurus or whatever it's name is that essentially had an APC thing on its back.

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I loved the shit out of Dino Riders and had a few of the toys. I stopped buying them around the time they started doing battle-damage, just because there were too many other toys I wanted to buy.

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I watched the VHS tape a tone, kept renting it from the video store.

Always wanted the toys that was advertised, simply were not available in the uk.

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Dinosaurs need to be the new ninjas/zombies trope in games.

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Looks super familiar but I can't remember ever watching it. I think a family member may have had a toy from the show?

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Guys, there is totally a website dedicated to Dino-Riders, check it! http://www.dinoridersworld.com/ The design is total shit, but there is some really cool pictures and info there.

I had a bunch of the toys growing up, the t-rex and triceratops and a few others. That show rocked.

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Dino riders on the storm

Into (John) Hammond's house they're born

Into Costa Rica's world they're thrown

Like a raptor with a bone

Nedry out alone

Dino riders on the storm!

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@ajamafalous: Man I remember this show... They had the biggest fucking toys on the planet, like 1-2 pounds of solid plastic! I broke my toe after I dropped one on it.

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@Brodehouse: The one that had all those Tonka truck commercials in it? I had that. Holy jeez, I can still see them smashing through a stack of Lincoln Logs.

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I loved how they blatantly ripped the sound effects from Star Wars.

Also, Frank Welker is legion

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never watched Dino Riders, but i did watch Extreme Dinosaurs, i remember almost nothing about it, except the opening theme posted above that randomly pops in my head every now and then