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The Destiny reveal stinks to me of Halo 2 on Xbox 1 promises circa 2003-2004. It just feels like those guys up in seattle love to spend years developing an entire universe and millions of years of detailed fiction for a game that basically is about shooting things and the result that your shooting things has on other things.

Seeing the admittedly tiny bits of gameplay here - it just looks like another shooter - why wouldn't they have shown something that really made whatever it is bungie clearly sees in this project blatantly obvious to people? All i saw was some dudes running through a very small looking environment with very large and pretty and "look but don't play with" skyboxes.

With halo 2 they promised this enormous world and story an expansion of the universe and how meaningful it was, and what we got was severely stripped down from the initial promises, with a downright silly story. Now I won't say one bad word about that game's multiplayer, but the single player was a big dud to me. Over thought bloated, and lacking the tight, fun feeling of Halo 1.

They have since pulled the series back into shape, I feel - Halo 3 and Reach were great. But the way they had SO little to show today after years of work just feels to me like the days of waiting for Halo 2 forever and them basically spinning their wheels trying to make the greatest thing ever while never really nailing down what the project was and what it was not.

I feel like Bungie needs to sell people on their game before they can sell people on their fiction. I had no idea what the first halo game was when it came out. I intitially ignored it because I watched my cousin play it and was bored to tears by the opening cutscenes - but when I finally got my hands on and played it a few months later, I didn't stop until it was over, and it became one of my favorite things ever. Because the incredible feeling of playing that game drew me into its universe, and Bungie had something worthwhile there to dig into.

But then maybe they'll have a blowout reveal on wednesday (or E3) and it'll all make sense and it will truly be the next great thing. It's too early to say, these are just my initial impressions.

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Seems like a very structured marketing plan, could be kind of restricting things and not showing the really cool stuff. But the lack of any sort of "game" was a bummer.

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Cinematic gaming LOL. Seriously, I think I'll stick to Tribes.

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I think it is way too early to pass judgment on the game, even if it bears a passing resemblance to the way Halo 2 was revealed. I really think we should save this discussion for after E3, at the very least.

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I would hold off on making any sweeping generalizations about the gameplay until we actually see it. Granted most of today's reveals was hyperbolic PR speak so who knows what this thing is actually going to look like.

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I'm gonna go ahead and not make assumptions based on a single small info dump and no gameplay. The idea of the game has me very interested.

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I'm surprised you feel that way because if anything the reveal was big on hype and light on details.

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I think it is way too early to pass judgment on the game, even if it bears a passing resemblance to the way Halo 2 was revealed. I really think we should save this discussion for after E3, at the very least.

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Of coruse they are gonna focus on the lore given how long they want it to go on for a decade. Also its a new IP so they have to explain the world to people. I'm more surprized the marketing guys know what to do with the budget for a new IP its been so long since that last happened.

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My only fear about this game is how big on story progression or will the game have the player go to a quest giver, click on all the things without reading the dialogue and return to get the fancy armor/weapon.

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I love games with a lot of lore, if they can make the world feel like a real place it's a big plus in my book.

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Can we at least wait until we actually see the game to be cynical and dismissive?

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I think you saw a lot more "story" out of this than I did. It's a persistent world, they need to establish that world. And it's the reveal. What did you expect? Bungie was never about to go make Counter Strike so I don't really know what you're so surprised about.

Halo 2 was also a case of people telling Bungie "No, you'll finish the fuckin' game when we tell you to." It's easy to go back and look at why Halo 2 was the way it was.

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Halo is pretty much the only game i could give a shit about with "LORE" and universe. I think Bungie made those games am i right???

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@bisonhero said:

I think it is way too early to pass judgment on the game, even if it bears a passing resemblance to the way Halo 2 was revealed. I really think we should save this discussion for after E3, at the very least.

(Yay! Quote trees)

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You don't even know how the game looks and plays like... oh gamers.

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It's going to be an FPS. We all know what one of those is. The innovations seems to be around the way the world works rather than the core combat. And as they didn't show any of that what else could they sell us on if not the lore and story?

For what it's worth I think the setup sounds great. And it's Bungie. We all know they can make FPS games.

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I think the press event focused so much on the story/lore because they didn't want to let anyone look at the actual game yet, for some reason. When you can't show the game itself, backstory, concept art, and (apparently) music are all you can show.

Based on what they did say about the gameplay, it seems like it'll just be an FPS Diablo, akin to Hellgate: London and Borderlands. Journey/Darksouls-style drop-in coop seems like it could be cool for that type of genre.

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From what Jeff said it seemed like they might have planned to show gameplay but it was pulled... Like they might be saving it for another big announcement that's happening this week.

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I'm very sceptical of their talk about emergent stories, and how your loot will tell a story, and that kind of thing, but you have to remember that they are rolling out information for this game probably slower and more sparsely than ever before, we're going to hear a fair bit about the story and the vague gameplay philosophies than we are going to see actual gameplay, that's just how this works. They didn't want you to focus on the gameplay, that's why they showed a tiny amount of it, they wanted you to focus on what they were saying about the game, that's why they spent so much time talking.

It doesn't sound like they're just trying to build another shooter though, and we really can't determine to what degree this game is just about shooting dudes until we know more. Even if there's reasonably little story focus, I still think there's a lot of worth in developing a rich and enjoyable universe, as long as it's not at the expense of other parts of the game.

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Color me interested about the hints at the lore. But then again, I was interested in Halo's lore before they started to explain it.

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Aliens are coming! Defend Earth!

ONE city left. Humans had massive amounts of sex and rebuilt it to become a metropolis?

Given high tech equipment and powers by the Traveling Sphere that supposedly is there to stop the attackers.

Why exactly are the Alien races attacking humans? We drive around in Volkswagen automobiles and play video games, what did we do to deserve this high scale invasion effort?

Is the Traveler there because the human race has a future purpose? Does it want to farm humans as batteries for its next interstellar travels?