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Hey I was just wondering how DLC works between accounts and consoles.

Say I download the SFxT DLC with MY account on my FRIENDS Xbox.

Would I then be able to re-download that DLC on MY Xbox?

Basically I'm asking does it work like Steam where I can download my games anywhere as long as i'm logged in?


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As far as I know, the account you buy it on owns the content, so you can re-download it on another console as long as it is the same account.

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In the xbox ecosystem your purchases are controlled in two ways: 1 - on the console you FIRST download the DLC or transfer your licenses (note that when you do this transfer [up to four times a year] you transfer all licenses regardless of the console they are currently on - thus bringing them all together in a happy license party on a single xbox) anyone can use this content on that box anytime. 2 - any other xbox (you could download the thing 300 times, if you had that many consoles within reach) BUT you must be logged in for that content to work (someone else could play it, but you'd have to be logged in at the same time).

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Yes, you can download it to any Xbox you like. There is only one restriction: To use the content on any other Xbox than the one you downloaded it to first, you have to be signed in with the profile that purchased the content. On the Xbox you downloaded it to first the content can be used by any profile. You can transport these 'licenses' via xbox.com, though. But only once every 6 or 12 months.

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Wow thanks for you quick replies! That was perfect :D

Second question :P

Is there anyway to associate a new Xbox gamertag with my overall Microsoft live account? I want to remove all my achievements and get a new name via a new tag, would I have to delete my current one? and then just associate a new one?