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Back in the day, Nintendo had a habit of contacting people who pre-ordered certain games via phone and hitting them with a special "Thank you" message for being interested in the game. The only one I remember personally was for Super Mario Sunshine, which got me a phone call saying "Itsa me! Mario! Thank you for-a playing my game!" or something along those lines. Does anyone still do that anymore? It was a pretty cool, personal touch that I've (shamefully) forgotten over the years, but it just randomly came back to me. These could still be happening, but I don't know...

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Funny you should mention that. I pre-ordered Dead Space 3 for PC on Origin weeks ago. Today I got a message telling me I could pre-load the game before next Tuesday starting today. I think I've gotten a few popup messages like that on Steam too. 
Kind of the same thing, I guess, but maybe not as polite as the old Nintendo ones. With publishers having such a new business emphasis on pre-orders and getting pre-orders and incentivizing pre-orders for new games, you'd think they would do something nice to thank people who actually, you know, pre-ordered the game.

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Closest I've gotten among those lines are the automatic text messages from Gamestop telling me that my preorder is available for pickup.

Never experienced what you described though. Might have been too young at the time. Would be nice to see something along those lines.

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Maaan. I got a call from Anna or Nina Williams I can't remember which when trekked tag 2 came out. It was really embarrassing too.

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I have never had that happen with any game I pre-ordered. I feel like I missed out lol.

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@Ryanmgraef said:
Maaan. I got a call from Anna or Nina Williams I can't remember which when trekked tag 2 came out. It was really embarrassing too.
That sounds pretty great. Not too sure why that would be embarrassing though. Unless it was an actual conversation and not a recording?
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@KevinK: They only care long enough for you to make the pre-order. Once they have it they stop caring because they have the money and no longer need to court you to buy their thing.

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Last one I got was from Ivy for pre-ordering Soul Calibur 5 from GameStop. It made me feel uncomfortable. Someone recorded it and put it on YouTube, this is what it sounds like:  

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That would piss me off. The last thing I need is more assholes calling my phone.

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@DarthOrange: Oh wow... Yeah, that's super creepy. Of all the characters they could have went with, they chose Ivy? Why not Nightmare or someone else who doesn't sound like a middle-aged woman trying to pick up guys at a game store?
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Ivy is the closest to a mascot Soul Calibur has. Anyone with even a passing interest in Soul Calibur knows who Ivy is.

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Gamestop does. Funny story (at least to me) was when Ghostbusters the game was coming out. Gamestop had Dan Akroyd pre-record one of those messages. I honestly thought for a second Dan Akroyd was calling me for some contest I didn't know I won until about 10 seconds later. I still thought that was kind of neat though.

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nope, never had that happen.

the closest thing would have to be the god of war phone number. towards the end of the game there were two statues. when you broke the two a phone number showed up on the screen. kratos's voice came on.

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@PerfidiousSinn: Go Voldo or go home.
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Game in the UK used to text you about a week early saying your game was ready for collection, thats the closest i ever got and no the game was never really there

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If I as still the sort of person who would pre-order something at a physical retail store, and this happened to me in 2013, I'd immediately cancel said pre-order.