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So, for a while now I was using a swiffer sweeper dry duster pad to get the dust off the outside of the consoles I have . But I later I found out that they use electro static to pick up the dust, and we all know static doesn't mix well with electronics. I' never noticed any real issues, but I'm going to just use a microfiber cloth from now on.

But can those things even damage our electronics. Are the consoles and tvs built with any kind of protection against outward static or electro static?

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Usually the innards of a console are shielded to prevent damage from electrostatic discharge. As long as you're not opening up that bad boy and Swiffering out its innards, you should be fine.

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Personally, Id rather get a large micro fiber cloth and use that. Im not sure you'll be doing any damage but personally Id rather just make sure.

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Bare electronic components are prone to ESD, but once they are installed in a properly designed PCB, they are essentially immune to ESD. There is nothing to worry about unless you intend on operating a Tesla coil nearby.

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@chiablo: so is the ps4 casing a properly designed pub.

I'm going to use a microfiber cloth from now in, but now I'm worried if damage might have already been done. Everything SEEMS to be working fine.

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You're worrying too much, it's fine dude.

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When I was a kid I was only allowed to turn on the T.V. with the remote because of static.

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Microfibre cloths use a static charge to attract and retain dry dust in them. But, as others say, the charges encountered during cleaning should not affect electronics unless they directly contact certain sensitive components on the circuit board.