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#51 Posted by Jedted (2442 posts) -

I assumed the GB crew was still in their 'Mourning Period' but i hoped they would get back into their regular schedule soon. As of typing this there doesn't seem to be any TNT or Unprofessional Friday this week and it kinda has me feeling really down.

The show MUST go on! I'm sure that's what Ryan would have wanted.

#52 Edited by Wrighteous86 (3824 posts) -

@jedted: I wouldn't be surprised if they cut out TNT completely. It's pretty much lost focus, and it doesn't seem like they, or we, are all that invested in it anymore.

Unprofessional Fridays is a better version of the same concept. Playing with the fans in TNT never really made much sense because they're only half-paying attention and not actually interacting with the fans in-game.

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What about 'Question of the Week' you guys?!

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Garfield always had it right.

#55 Posted by fetchfox (1377 posts) -

Someday, sure.

#56 Edited by sqrabbit (119 posts) -

More Creeper Cam, Less Injustice.

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Guys, i have secret.... i never loved mondays.

#58 Posted by mjbrune (100 posts) -

I loved the Monday videos. In fact I think they should just turn on camera's on random days and talk about random things.

#59 Edited by Legion_ (1556 posts) -

We only love Ryan Davis.

#60 Edited by BestUsernameEver (4825 posts) -

Since Ryan has passed there hasn't been a TNT or Unprofessional Friday either, I'd say all the shows are still intact, just some aren't appropriate to do so soon.