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Why would you avoid using them? Because they are usually the main weapon in games?

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I can't believe I'm asking this: What is this question in context to?

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Why would you?

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@ericdrum said:

I can't believe I'm asking this: What is this question in context to?

Judging by the last two options, I'm going to go with video games in general. 
No, I don't avoid using any weapon in a game for any reason other than I don't like it.  I generally try to find the gun that is simultaneously fun and effective to use.  
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I prefer using pistols in most games I play.

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@HatKing: Right, but is this something people question? Do people avoid two handed swords in lieu of dual swords or sword and shields? I don't know. It's a weird question to me.

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I do, actually. I think I have a shotty/pistol fetish. Assault rifles feel a bit 'light' to me most of the time.

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I find it fun to try and do good with shitty weapons in multiplayer FPS's, it's more rewarding, and usually that means that I don't use Assault Rifles that often, unless I'm in tryhard mode.

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If you add a fifth option for "Only in Crysis 2" then we'd be getting somewhere.

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Nah, they're pretty cool.

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"Do you avoid using the borderline default weapon that is almost universally considered the jack of all trades multi-situational gun in every modern FPS game?"


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No I don't. I usually use them less than other kinds of weapons when I'm given a choice, though. I tend to play unconventionally.

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I use Assukt Riffles the most, really couldn't care for Shotguns.

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Grocery stores, libraries, airports, work, movies, pub crawls, dates...they are all made better with a trusty assault rifle by my side.

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@ericdrum: Ah, I see.  Agreed, it is a very odd question.
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Only weapon I tend to avoid is anything resembling a shotgun.  Not sure why; just don't like them.

#18 Posted by the_OFFICIAL_jAPanese_teaBAG (4311 posts) -

i prefer light machine guns to be honest. 

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I try to use shotguns as much as humanly possible. Assault rifles are too cliché.

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I usually actively seek them out, unless it's a terrible feeling assault rifle.

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Depends on the game. In a lot of games, it's way too easy when using them.

However I do enjoy a good SMG.

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Yes, for hunting and light house keeping, I always go with the bazooka.  
In games?  Oh, naw I pick whatever is available and has a sight.  I tend to favor sniper rifles in single-player games because I don't want to get too close to the target.

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I prefer pistols and shottys actually, but I will always jump on a single fire assault rifle

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In FPSs I generally gravitate towards shotguns and sniper rifles. I don't actively avoid assault rifles; I do tend not to use them, if possible, though.

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Hipster FPS tactics. :P

Honestly, I use all weapons except snipers equally. I really like the LMGs in DICE's games, and SMGs can be very useful, as well. Assault rifles may be standard, but they are the best overall option for many situations.

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I do, often.
They are often not that great nor appealing to me, I'm more of a gunslinging kinda gal.

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Depends on the game in question.

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Sorry guys but for whatever reason it won't let me actually add content to my original post and I didn't feel like trying out a double-post to give it some context. The contextual question was if you avoid using assault rifles in video games because they're so ubiquitous and so overused that you deliberately avoid using them.

Having played through all of Bad Company 2, I almost used LMG's, shotguns, or sniper rifles instead of assault rifles because I've been using those fucking things for decades now and I'm tired of them. This spawned this idea that there are some people out there who avoid using assault rifles because they're too obvious or so played out. The crux is do you deliberately mix it up with other weapons?

(I also assume that since it's in general discussion, people should assume it's about video games).

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I always use Assault Rifles.

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Weird question and no I use assault rifles when given the option to use one. Unless I have a sawed off shotgun and this is the gears 3 beta.

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No, they are well rounded and adaptable for most situations. I understand that they are "mainstream" but there's a reason for that.

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Why would you?

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Nope. I just tend not to use them because I usually prefer pistols/sniper rifles/shotguns.

#35 Posted by Delta_Ass (3801 posts) -

No, I tend to use them with red dot sights.

#36 Posted by TheUnsavedHero (1260 posts) -

I usually either go with Sniper Rifles or Melee Weapons/Unarmed in games like Fallout 3 and Borderlands. Not the case with Halo or Gears of War however.

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Depends on the game. In Mass Effect I usually focus on pistols simply because it feels right to me over heavy ordinance

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Nope, own a ak47 and ar15 in real life and i always love seeing how close it resembles the real thing.

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I almost always stick to ARs, though I lean more on mid-to-long range ones.

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I like pistols usually. They make me feel like a badass.

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Engie : Uzi and CG.

#42 Posted by bybeach (5142 posts) -

I find they are the most versatile weapon, close or far

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Come to think of it, I don't really regularly play any FPSs that aren't TF2.

So I guess I do. Shotguns all day.

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I've personally been more of a submachine, shotgun or pistol kind of guy, but mainly a shotgun and pistol kind of guy.

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Yes because I know everyone's got that front covered (I usually snipe), but it also helps to get used to how assault rifles feel because if I'm out of ammo and lucky to down someone in close quarters with a pistol most likely than not he/she's got an assault rifle that I can now use.

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I love 'em. My least favourite weapon in games is usually the shotgun, but I have no idea why.

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Kinda completely depends on the game.

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Usually they are the most well rounded weapons in the game, so no.  

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I usually pick my weapons by their look and sound.  If they sound powerful and have good animation (muzzle flash, movement from recoil, reloading animation, and ejecting spent shells) then that becomes my weapon of choice usually.

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Yes, I usually find them to be the least interesting weapon in most games I have played.