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Poll: Do you actually buy used games? (988 votes)

Yes, I buy most of my games used. 12%
I buy some of my games used. 49%
I never buy used games. 39%

I know there are still people that buy used games, but I kind of feel that a lot of it is more about the general feeling of wanting the freedom rather than actually playing tons of used games.

I use to buy used games back in the day, but nowadays with the internet you can always find new games at discount soon after release and sometimes right at release.

I don't know why anyone would go into Gamespot and buy their five-dollar-less new used game garbage. This is a pretty slimy practice to me, especially when you think about how little they actually give you now for those trade ins. If you want to sell your game, you'd be much better off just selling it yourself on the internet anyway.

As I said, the bigger thing is about the freedom to do so, but more so, the ability to loan and borrow games from your friends. This is something I have done more recently, but it's not not going to break the backs of game devs.

So I guess what I'm rambling my way to is that the used game and loaning games market is small time and that companies are being petty trying to limit it. You'd think outright piracy is a much bigger problem.

But maybe I'm wrong. That's why I'm throwing up a poll.

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I just bought Devil Survivor 2 used because I couldn't get a new copy near where I lived. Not all used games are new releases. Some are games that have been out of print for a while.

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Sometimes, but only for legacy systems- and if I could just download Gamecube games, I would.

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3/4 of my PS3 games are used.

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Only games that you can no longer find new.

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Gamefly has monthly deals on used games. That's when I usually buy them. Can't beat paying 15 bucks for a 6 month old game.

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@neoepoch said:

I just bought Devil Survivor 2 used because I couldn't get a new copy near where I lived. Not all used games are new releases. Some are games that have been out of print for a while.

Yes, this is a distinction I should have made. Obviously, the only way to buy older games is used. Like when I went on a PS1 JRPG buying spree a couple years ago.

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I don't buy used at all, but I do wait for sales on most games.

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Sure do. Then I sell 'em as new to unknowing passerbys on the street. Keep my display on a blanket just in case the cops show. Microsoft's tyranny must end.

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@mcghee said:

@neoepoch said:

I just bought Devil Survivor 2 used because I couldn't get a new copy near where I lived. Not all used games are new releases. Some are games that have been out of print for a while.

Yes, this is a distinction I should have made. Obviously, the only way to buy older games is used. Like when I went on a PS1 JRPG buying spree a couple years ago.

This is especially true for niche games that have low printings.

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From Gamestop for $5 off? No way. But just today I bought 4 used PS2 games off of ebay.

I do a lot more selling of used games than buying them though. When I buy a game and I don't really like it, I'll sell it (again, not to gamestop) without a second thought. Because I can't return it, obviously.

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I buy games used, and also sell them. I lately purchased Silent Hill HD Collection used and sold Hotel Dusk: Room 215 to another gamer.

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During the GBA/PS2 era, nearly every game I had was either bought used at Gamestop, or a gift from a friend (...who had a discount because he worked at Gamestop). My dad had (and still does) have a very low opinion of video games, and he wouldn't allow us to buy games unless

a) it was $25 or under

b) my brother, sister, and I all agreed on a game (which was difficult, as our tastes are all very different).

I'm aware that most people don't really have this problem, though.

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The reality is that I can't get to every game when it comes out due to money, and sometimes a game I plan to get to later has a smaller print run than I'd like. This happens with almost every JRPG recently. So yeah, I buy some.

More importantly, since I don't buy DLC, I usually sell back a game when a Game of the Year version comes out, to get some credit toward the newer model. Most recently, I did that with Skyrim to get the Legendary Edition.

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I think I've bought like two used games over the last three years.

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Usually during the buy 2 get 1 free deal when gamestop has them.

And EA Sports games.

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When I kind-of want a game and I see it at a great price, I'll buy used. Other times I'll wait and get it at Costco for $20.

There was a time when I'd rent lots of games. I've also gotten games from the library. It's nice to put a disk in and play.

I've gotten plenty of of new full priced games - but I do like options.

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I usually buy used only for older platforms. I only bought 3 or 4 used games this gen when I couldn't find a new copy.

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Of course!

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It's not practical for everyone to buy all the games they want. If I weren't able to buy used games when I was ten years old, I probably wouldn't be buying new games right now.

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I tend to buy games used when I am trying to add to my backlog with stuff I missed new. Like Asura's Wrath for instance. If I want to play something different and can't get it new in a store I will usually buy used rather than resort to the net and shipping times. I enjoy buying from stores man, that instant gratification can be a good way to enjoy a game.

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In general (possibly been 2 years and I try to avoid it): nope, but sometimes you find stuff like a PS2 title you missed and there are no new stock and it isn't on the PSN store so what can you do except look around for used?

Do I lend and receive rentals of games that is 'used' but not buying/selling of stuff? All the time. UK's GameFly equivalent is run by Amazon and called LoveFilm, makes it a lot easier to take a risk on a game you'd otherwise miss when it comes bundled in your movies+TV subscription service. I find I pick up at least a few games every year after completing them at rental and deciding I want to add them to a permanent collection to replay in 5 years maybe (the helps to avoid the above mentioned issue of having to go hunting for used of classics). I certainly bully friends into playing stuff they will like by loaning them my copies of stuff and receive the same treatment in return.

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I don't buy new games used, but after a game has been out for awhile I will quite often buy used, as I can often get games dirt cheap. Anything before this gen I will definitely buy used, since buying new copies of older games is usually ridiculously expensive.

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If it's an old game and I can't buy it new then I have no problem buying a used copy. Old games are often around the same price as a used copy though so I would rather buy it new than used.

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I only do when it is something out of print.

I am not a fan of the practice personally, I have a comfortable amount of disposable income to support my love of this hobby, but I totally understand the need for used games, and its place in the industry.

The numbers do not lie. Used games are used as equity to purchase new titles. The industry screwed up by not having a viable second market for games after their initial run at retail, so other businesses stepped in and built the model.

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I buy a lot of older games, so yeah.

If there isnt much of a price difference, I'll generally buy it new. As a collector, I like keeping my games in as pristine of a condition as possible.

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Not really but I do share my games with my brother and sister. We all own PS3s and whenever we visit each other we swap some games. It lets us all play more games instead of each of us buying the same copy of a game 3 times.

I will pick up a used game if a games goes out of print however or if a game had a limited release and is hard to find or has become overpriced due to rarity at the major retailers.

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I don't generally buy used for new games. Keep a good enough lookout, and you can get great deals on new copies of recent games within the first month or two if not on preorders. I do, however, rent a ton of games. I don't like keeping games around. I don't collect. The only reason I buy games is if it's exceptionally long, really cheap, or I adore it and want to own it. The only games I collect are the ones I really enjoy. The only used games I buy are ones that are so old, it's near impossible to find them new.

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"I don't buy new games used" is a good sentiment that i follow/ The only time ill go and buy a used game is for games i have missed and want to play now and dont want to wait for shipping. But lately that hasn't been an issue

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I used to buy a lot of used games, but mostly I only buy digital copies. If not I'll buy a new copy of a game at a retailer. Used games is of no worries to me, though I can see why it can be upsetting for some. In my opinion online passes aren't a bad thing. It actually balances out and helps publishers take a bit of the pie. I'd rather take that than to block used game sales.

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Most used games I get at this point are old xbox games (only old console I still have) that I never got around to--I get random urges to go check out some of that stuff I never got around to initially.

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When games go out of print.

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No, but we share stuff between friends.

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I feel like I bought 999 used, but other than that, I can't remember much. Still, given how many games I borrow from my younger brother, I have to imagine Microsoft's policies would affect me.

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If I can't find a new copy I'll buy a used copy. Wish I could buy a new copy all the time but it's just not possible to find certain games otherwise after they are out for a long time.

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Yeah, for some titles. Its fun to find old titles that you missed or something for cheap or if it might just be something that was rare that you couldn't find a copy of when it was new. I know ATLUS games usually have small print runs.

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Sometimes, but rarely. I like to know that I can.

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I'd say I buy about 4-5 used games per year, but it's always games that have been out a long time and hard to find a new copy of.

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yes, because I do not have a lot of money; only some, because most of my purchases are PC based, but still.

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if I really want a game then I buy it new Day One - that is it. Any other game therefore falls into the category of not wanting it. What I do then is if I see any of those games going at a price, Used or New, that I think is worth it in case I don't like it I buy it. That means I buy used games and new games. The amount of new games wholly depends on how much I want a game.

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Older titles yeah sure do. Most new games that I want I buy on release day so it's not even an option.

That being said I've been doing a lot of redboxxing lately as I'm only vaguely employed and waiting for colllege to start

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When I go to buy I game I tend to skim the used games section. I payed money for Haze in 2013 (Shut up), that never would have happened without the used game market.

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I remember the very last time I decided to buy something from GameStop. They had a GBA cart I rarely saw, in a pristine box with manual. Pretty sure it was FFTA. Also I waited in line one morning in 2006 for a Wii. Now I'll enter a Wal-mart more often than a GS, and that's rare enough.

Most of my gaming life has been about locally owned, mom'n'pop stores. Renting from video stores, games stores, and trading perfectly good games away like only a teenager with an allowance can. The less I could spend on $40-$90 cartridges, the more I could spend on game magazines, and brother did I love my game magazines. At CAX2011 Andy Eddy signed my first 1988 issue of VG&CE. That is dope, my friends.

But yes I binge-buy vintage titles from eBay, compare Amazon marketplace prices, I have a 12 year badge on GameTZ.com, and I loan games to friends. Because that is what you fucking did. Maybe it doesn't have to be that way anymore, I'm open to change, but I'm not open to paying more money than I want to pay for anything I don't need. And I'm not open to forgetting about vintage games I've already bought three times over. I know how to replace a save battery, and sometimes a ROM isn't enough.

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I rent a lot of games.

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Before I primarily played on PC, hell yeah I did! I still sometimes do for console-only games that were big sellers, and don't necessarily feel the need to buy new to support the devs. Example: Red Dead Redemption is the sort of game I'd buy used. Dragon's Dogma, on the other hand, I'll buy new.

#46 Posted by StarvingGamer (9010 posts) -

Only for older console games that I suddenly decide I have to own, because there are no reasonable avenues for buying those games new.

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Yup. I buy most of my games new, but I'll buy some used games whenever gamestop does their buy 2 get one free sales.

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It's funny, but thinking back, I don't think I've ever bought a used game before. Kind of surprising, but at least now that I'm an adult and have my own money, I just prefer things clean and fresh with my games.

To be honest, though, kind of moot for me after this last gen, since I got into PC games and bought stuff on Steam.

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I buy most of my games used. In fact, I just bought a used ps3 slim for (ironically) last of us and now I'm exploring the library of used games for the ps3. I'm impressed.

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For me, used games were an easy way to get into a franchise that was long in the tooth. Especially something I was curious about but didn't want to pay the full retail price in case I didn't like it. I often saw miniscule price drops for retail versions of franchises that I had an interest in but used games were relatively affordable. Thus, I became a huge fan of Gears of War, Uncharted, Forza, and Bioshock that way. It was my best alternative to buying steam sales for the console world. It's these experiences that lead me to buying the new versions of those franchises on release day because of the appreciation I developed for them.