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Poll: Do you actually buy used games? (988 votes)

Yes, I buy most of my games used. 12%
I buy some of my games used. 49%
I never buy used games. 39%

I know there are still people that buy used games, but I kind of feel that a lot of it is more about the general feeling of wanting the freedom rather than actually playing tons of used games.

I use to buy used games back in the day, but nowadays with the internet you can always find new games at discount soon after release and sometimes right at release.

I don't know why anyone would go into Gamespot and buy their five-dollar-less new used game garbage. This is a pretty slimy practice to me, especially when you think about how little they actually give you now for those trade ins. If you want to sell your game, you'd be much better off just selling it yourself on the internet anyway.

As I said, the bigger thing is about the freedom to do so, but more so, the ability to loan and borrow games from your friends. This is something I have done more recently, but it's not not going to break the backs of game devs.

So I guess what I'm rambling my way to is that the used game and loaning games market is small time and that companies are being petty trying to limit it. You'd think outright piracy is a much bigger problem.

But maybe I'm wrong. That's why I'm throwing up a poll.

#101 Posted by SmilingPig (1337 posts) -

The only times that I buy used games is if I am looking for an old game in particular that dose not sell new any more.

#102 Posted by Sinusoidal (1293 posts) -

All the time. I've been a late-comer to the last two generations of consoles. I'd say over half my games are used.

That and the $60 price point is a dinosaur. It was set when there was actually (maybe) $60 worth of hardware in a cartridge. The only reason the industry holds onto it is because gamers keep paying it.

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I have a handful of used games for the current consoles, mostly games bought years after release. I do like to rent games that I know don't really appeal to me but that I have some curiosity about. I tend to buy three or four games a month and have a PS+ sub and have five years of Live Gold under my belt (despite doing the majority of my game playing on PC) so I feel that all parties involved are getting every penny out of me that they're ever going to - restricting used games and rentals would only mean that I'd play fewer console games and care less about console gaming in general.

#104 Posted by Cheesebob (1231 posts) -

I buy most of my games used

#105 Posted by Hilbert (349 posts) -

Just bought persona 4 golden for 25 Euro. (used)
I bought warioware D.I.Y. for 5 Euro. (used)

And tomorrow I will buy Animal Crossing new leaf for full price 45 Euro.

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I don't but I do borrow games from a friend and he does the same so is kinda the same?

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#108 Posted by Marcsman (3120 posts) -

Not since the cartridge days

#109 Posted by NoobSauceG7 (1233 posts) -

I never do and I am always online, but I dont trust Microsofts servers and they just havent answered the doomday questions so going with PS4.

#110 Posted by Zidd (1838 posts) -

The only used games I buy are either retro or out of print.

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I said some, but it's pretty few. Back before my backlog got insane I'd go used on titles I wasn't positive I'd like. because Gamestop has a good return policy on used (7 days). But now I wait so long on nearly every title that they are all pretty much $20 by the time I get them so I rarely get used anymore.

#112 Posted by Vextroid (1358 posts) -

Yep, but only if its super cheap compared to new (like a $20+ difference), or can't find it new.

Last pre-owned game I bought was Theatrhythm because as I was looking at it I realized I hadn't seen new copies for sale at all. Also it was $30AUD.

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If I have my druthers, I rent. Just like movies. Would I buy every movie I want to watch? No. Why would I buy every game new that I have the slightest interest in?

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In some cases, yes. Older games aside, I still occasionally buy current gen games used if it is a game that's unlikely to get a significant price drop, such as Nintendo games. If I know that there's a good chance that at some point a game will be £5-10 new on Amazon, then I prefer to wait and buy it new at a low price.

But it's worth saying that just because some of the people who are complaining about used game restrictions don't buy used games themselves doesn't invalidate anything. It's due to a little thing called altruism. I've never taken hard drugs in my life, but I'd be pretty pissed if my government said it would going to close all its drug counselling and rehabilitation programs. We all want the whole world to be able to play the best and newest games.

#115 Posted by Imsorrymsjackson (855 posts) -

I buy used games and and new games but I never trade games in, I simply keep my game collection stocked with people who are foolish enough to take incredibly low trade in prices for their games.

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No. I prefer to make my purchases digital.

#117 Posted by ViciousReiven (818 posts) -

I usually get games on (physical) sale, but I still get used copies of older titles that I can't get new anymore, or if for some reason the used price is significantly lower than the new price (not often).

While I don't tend to do used games the majority of the time, I do however trade games with other people on a regular basis, so that's a pretty big deal to me.

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If I'm not buying a game close to release I almost always buy used. The $5 cheaper joke is a myth. If its past a few weeks used games become a lot cheaper than buying new. Some games still retailing for $60 new can be got for $30-35. Its just about saving money. Gaming is an expensive hobby and if you want to try a lot of stuff always buying new is just too expensive. Trading in old games and buying used really takes some of the bite out of that. A good bit of my new games are purchased with aid of trade ins. The used market actually enables me to still support my favorite hobby by being able to also buy more full priced new games than I would otherwise would be able to do.

#119 Posted by Humanity (8814 posts) -

Maybe like 2 year old games that are harder to find in stores.

Otherwise I buy all my games new on launch day, because I want to play them. I can't even comprehend people that wait 2-4 months for a price drop before buying any game. I mean if your money is super tight then I guess, but man that must suck.

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Yeah, Gamestop gets a bad rap for that $5 cheaper thing. That really only applies to brand new games (and perhaps discourages more used sales of brand-new games than you'd expect). Most older (or poorly received games that had a lot of hype) are significantly cheaper. Plus, once you add in discounts and Buy 2 Get 1 free sales, it makes a lot more sense. On top of that, Gamestop has an excellent return policy on used games where you can return them FOR ANY REASON in the first 7 days. I've been able to return a game simply because I didn't like it.

But if you're one of those people who just doesn't like Gamestop's policies, used games does not equal Gamestop. Used games can be found on Amazon, eBay, Best Buy and other retailers, independent game shops, Craigslist, Game trading sites like Goozex, or just person-to-person. I personally get most of my used games these days through Gamefly. There are a lot of choices out there.

I still buy new games every so often (picking up The Last of Us tomorrow!), but because I'm an adult with stuff to do, by the time I end up actually playing them their prices have dropped anyway.

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The only time I buy used is when I want to go back and play a game I missed several years ago and there's no way to attain it digitally (legally)

#122 Posted by leebmx (2216 posts) -

If I want something Day1 because I love the game or series I will buy it new. Once the price has started dropping I will generally look to where I can get it the cheapest. Its up to the pubishers of the games to be cheaper than CEX and then they can have my money. Simple really.

#123 Posted by Otacon (2208 posts) -

I will still buy a used game if its a few years old and I can hop on eBay to buy it for next to nothing. I don't buy nearly as many as I used to but on occasion I do.

#124 Edited by Zlimness (541 posts) -

Rarely. It's so easy to find cheap games digitally nowadays, I can't be bothered to find a physical copy in good condition for a good price.

#125 Posted by kaos_cracker (569 posts) -

I used to only buy used games because of how cheap I can get them, but since I have a job now, I don't really give a damn about paying 5 extra bucks for a new copy. Only time used games are worth it still is if there are like 5 bucks or so.

#126 Posted by BrittanyGresang (4 posts) -

I rent so many games to at least try them out first. $60 blind purchases are kind of insane. I still buy lots of new games that I know I'll like, but renting lets me try other things out and even just play games that I otherwise wouldn't ever play.

#127 Posted by ThomasG666 (154 posts) -

I buy some.

#128 Posted by GERALTITUDE (2944 posts) -

I buy a few used games every year, but my feelings are far more based on principle. Sick and tired of buying licenses for shit rather than owning it. Courts in Europe are already halfway to forcing more rights for digital content (being able to give away digital games, for example) so all this corporate america talk of "obviously this is the route we're going down" is just people hoping wishing and praying that things don't change. But they will. We are a society of owners - and not owning the shit we buy gets us riled up.

Not just that but I also want to be able to turn my PS4 on in 30 years when the serves are gone and play my old games. Have fun not doing that on that other machine.

#129 Posted by JRock3x8 (238 posts) -

gamefly was an invaluable resource for me in the last gen, both for playing and purchasing. If not for gamefly I probably would have played half or less of the games that I ended up playing. I've got about 80 games on my Xbox 360 list. Let's say 20 of those were new purchases. Another 40 were bought used either from gamestop or gamefly or best buy or whatever slickdeals hooked me up with. The remaining 20 were games that I played at LAN's with friends just for an hour or so.

So 75% of my games I probably wouldn't have bothered with if I couldn't get them at those prices. Said another way, unless MS goes into "Steam Sale" territory, I'm going to be playing a lot fewer games.

#130 Posted by aspaceinvader (256 posts) -

No I either by them new or when they get reduced in price.

#131 Edited by DonutFever (3550 posts) -

Never, but I bring games over to friends places all the time.

#132 Posted by EveretteScott (1449 posts) -

Gamefly has monthly deals on used games. That's when I usually buy them. Can't beat paying 15 bucks for a 6 month old game.

Pretty much what I do.

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I don't buy used (outside of previous generation) or sell back my games, but I do rent them from time to time.

#134 Posted by EquitasInvictus (2004 posts) -

I buy used since I have that one promotional card GameStop has that lets you rack up points for cool stuff and it's cost-effective to rack up points the more you buy used. I just buy games I missed out on. I do get irked when they give me one of their boxes instead of the original game's boxes.

That only happened once, though!

#135 Posted by ShaggE (6334 posts) -

There are a lot of games I don't get to until years later, and finding a new copy at that point can be a crapshoot, so I do buy used a good bit.

#136 Posted by captain_clayman (3319 posts) -

If it's not a more recent release, and I can't easily find it new, I'll just buy it used. Depends if I get it online or at a retail store.

#137 Posted by YOU_DIED (702 posts) -

I buy most of my games used. In fact, I just bought a used ps3 slim for (ironically) last of us and now I'm exploring the library of used games for the ps3. I'm impressed.

I was thinking of doing the same except for Demon's Souls and MGS 4, how much did you end up paying for the console itself?

#138 Posted by MikkaQ (10268 posts) -

It's more that I want to be able to buy these games years down the line and not worry about authentication systems that ceased to exist. I can't get everything the first time around, so used games are essential to enjoying the eventual classics.

#139 Posted by ChoboBot (129 posts) -

Out of my whole game collection I have probably only bought 5 used-games. The majority of games I buy are new partly due to the money going to the devs and also I like the new cases and discs.

#140 Edited by Daveyo520 (6652 posts) -

Not really anymore. I buy my stuff on Steam mostly these days.

#141 Posted by Grillbar (1797 posts) -

i own a little over 300 ps3 games and 1 of them is a used copy.
and the only reason i bought that was due to the fact that none of the stores in my city had it new. the only way i could get it was importing it from either Bangkok or some place in the US. the game had been out for a good amount it time so it barely cost anything new and i wanted to play it now. so instead of importing it and waiting for it to arrive 7 days or so later i bought it used.
sure i could by most of them used and have money for either more games or for something else but i would rather support the people who makes the games so they can make more awesome game then screwing them over making them less likely to take risks due to potential loss.

i would rather buy a new game and support the developer and all that then buying it used at almost the same price where all of it goes directly to a game store.
i mean i was told by a friend who worked at a ebgames or gamestop (cant remember which one) that they were being told by there manager that they should push to sell the used games, saying that its just as good as a new game no difference, only cheaper and also push for people to buy the game protection.
and that really bums.

the way i save money on games is by importing the games, since i can buy a brand new game from amazon get it imported with day one delivery and still save more money then actually going down to a store and buy it.
and often i would get if earlier then the European release. the only time i buy games in a physical store is when there is a game released that i have to own now.

on the other hand im not talking shit about people who buy used games. if money is tight, or you decide you want to own a game that is really hard to get, i can see why you would want to do so.

and i would also like to add that im not making a ton of money i just prioritize my hobby way higher then other things. its my way of relaxing, instead of doing other stuff.

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@imsorrymsjackson said:

I buy used games and and new games but I never trade games in, I simply keep my game collection stocked with people who are foolish enough to take incredibly low trade in prices for their games.

I think this is a key point that is vastly overlooked. I have no qualms about buying used because I make the effort to take that particular copy out of the pool so to speak and never contribute back into it. Buying used is merely a means to an end of getting cheaper games but selling games into the pool of used is what keeps teh business going despite shitty buyback policies.

Besides incentivizing into digital, the key to deterring used isn't limiting their purchase but giving you a good reason to keep them from entering in the first place. Of course, multiplayer and other features like that have long been part of this idea but adding more value and features to keeping your disc, or at least your unique purchase, is what should establish intuitive attrition in the used game supply rather than convoluted restrictions.

To answer the thread question, I've bought used on occasion but only on consoles because console prices are not elastic enough. If used went away tomorrow, console prices would still be way too high and only those willing to pay full $60 for games would be able to stick around. Over time the market wouldn't be able to support itself and games would either get even more expensive or just follow the leader and be like Steam.

#143 Posted by Tesla (1908 posts) -

I haven't purchased a used game in years. I got nothing against it, I just prefer new games and they are pretty easy to find on the cheap if you're patient.

I'm going with the PS4 out of the gate though because I appreciate the pro-consumer attitude...more so than the actual thing Sony is doing with it's lack of restrictions on disc based games and online check-ins. Microsoft's policies wouldn't affect me, but they bother me. I think consumer rights are an important thing to stand up for and even when everything is digital I would rather have my eggs be in Sony and Steam's baskets.

#144 Edited by BluPotato (398 posts) -

Not really. I pretty much buy 100% digital right now because of the convenience and the last thing I need in my life is more physical things to keep track of and find a place to store. So unless its a old game that I can't find anywhere else it's 'new' all the way.

#145 Posted by djou (858 posts) -

I never buy used games, but I fully support them and think its important to keep around. I'm lucky enough to have disposable income to buy my games new but that's not the case for everyone. Video games is a luxury but if used games can attract more players then that's a good thing. It may hurt developers in the short term, but they will win fans in the long term. My first experience with Elders Scrolls was when a friend lent me a copy of Oblivion, that game won me over and I bought Skyrim. I wouldn't have done this otherwise.

#146 Edited by louiedog (2335 posts) -

No, but I rent at Redbox to check games out that I wouldn't buy otherwise and sometimes later pick up a copy if I like them. I do sell games. If people can't buy used games I can't sell them.

#147 Posted by Gamer_152 (14051 posts) -

Absolutely. I prefer to get games new, but often it's just cheaper and easier to get something used.

#148 Edited by Triforceowner (16 posts) -

I bought two used 360 games last generation. One from game stop and one from ebay. I can easily live without the game stop purchase. I think I got extra credit on a trade-in by trading in for a used game. I started to get into ebay purchasing recently. This is fun and can save you a lot of money, if you want to buy a used game one week after launch. You have to watch the market and bid at the right time. You can get near mint copies for $40 shipped. If you don't want to keep the game you can sell it on ebay for near that price or trade-in to game stop for $20-$25. I think game stop will be selling and buying used games next generation. I will miss the ebay auctions if they are done.

#149 Posted by Milkman (16531 posts) -

No but I was a GameFly subscriber for like six years and that was how I played most games. But after all the DRM stuff starting cropping up, I cancelled my account figuring it's probably going to be useless soon.

#150 Posted by MonkeyKing1969 (2569 posts) -

This generations I have bought seven used games, mostly from Amazon, but a few from GameStop. My nephew buy about 70% of his game used, he hardly ever buys new games because he is a kid. I have meet people who buy mostly new games, and I have met people who only buy used games, but, I have never meet anyone who has bought none.