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Poll: Do you actually buy used games? (988 votes)

Yes, I buy most of my games used. 12%
I buy some of my games used. 49%
I never buy used games. 39%

I know there are still people that buy used games, but I kind of feel that a lot of it is more about the general feeling of wanting the freedom rather than actually playing tons of used games.

I use to buy used games back in the day, but nowadays with the internet you can always find new games at discount soon after release and sometimes right at release.

I don't know why anyone would go into Gamespot and buy their five-dollar-less new used game garbage. This is a pretty slimy practice to me, especially when you think about how little they actually give you now for those trade ins. If you want to sell your game, you'd be much better off just selling it yourself on the internet anyway.

As I said, the bigger thing is about the freedom to do so, but more so, the ability to loan and borrow games from your friends. This is something I have done more recently, but it's not not going to break the backs of game devs.

So I guess what I'm rambling my way to is that the used game and loaning games market is small time and that companies are being petty trying to limit it. You'd think outright piracy is a much bigger problem.

But maybe I'm wrong. That's why I'm throwing up a poll.

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I haven't bought used in a while but I've also stopped buying many games in general. I do sometimes buy games used.

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I buy new the majority of the time, even if the clerk at the store tries to offer me the used because the money I save I could use to sign up for their rewards card and save even more! But if it's a game I really want I would rather have my money go to the devs. I will trade games in more than I buy used, some games just prove to cause too much clutter, I don't need every Madden, NBA or NHL game in my collection and if I get a couple bucks out of it, great.

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I'd have to say it really depends on how much of a difference there is. If I find a brand new game used for $40 I will buy it used, if the used version is still about $50 I'd just buy it new. I also tend to buy older games used because their's usually a big difference, I got Fallout 3 for about $15 used and it was about $25 new.

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I used to, but steam has managed to meet my gaming needs for awhile now.

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For older systems, frequently. For current ones, rarely, but enough that the idea does bother me.

Though I will sign up to gamefly for a month every now and then to try and play a bunch of shorter games that way. I played a lot of PS3 games that way.

And I do like trading in games if I know I'm not going to play it again anytime soon and I can buy it again used down the line for less than I get selling it while it's still a hot recent release.

Everyone I know stopped playing games, so I don't have anyone to borrow games off of anymore. Last game I borrowed was Final Fantasy X, around 2006 or 7.

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If I wait to get a game and the only way to find it is used I will get it. Especially when GOTY editions get released and you can only find that version.

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Wow, i never realized just how many people disdain the used game market.

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I used to buy most of my games used, and occasionally I'd buy something new if it looked really good, and I felt the need to play it on day one.
That being said, when digital distribution came around and started to get really huge with Steam, I stopped buying used games altogether, and instead just waited for them to go on sale on Steam.
Of course, paying full price for a digital game feels like a much higher proposition to me... and in-fact, the only game I ever paid $59.99 for on Steam was Skyrim.
I'm willing to forego the consumer rights I get with a physical purchase, if I'm getting a cheaper price by buying it digitally.
Then again, sometimes I like to own something and have it in my collection.

Actually, now that I think about it, I still buy a lot of used games, except they're for the NES, the SNES, the Genesis, the PS1, the PS2, etc.

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Not everyone is rich. Any money I can save is great.

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Tons of people still buy used games. People like me buy almost all their games used. I'm very poor and there's a healthy backlog of games I'd still love to play. For those, I hit up eBay and pay 5-15 bucks for a 60-buck experience. I've only ever bought used games from Gamestop when people bought me gift cards for the place.

The only games I buy "full-price" are digital games via Steam or GoG while they're on sale, or if they're fairly cheap to begin with.

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I voted never but then I thought about it and maybe I've bought a used game here and there over the years that was old and I couldn't find a used copy.

Personally I prefer buying things new.

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Really interesting split. I would have thought the "never buy used" chunk would have been smaller.

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Actually I dont. I dont like the feeling of buying a used game. I want a completely new game.

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I only buy a game new if it's a new release I've been looking forward to or if it's on the discount table.

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For consoles pretty much all of the games I own were purchased used.

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Rare games mostly.

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I think about 30% of my games this generation were used. Mostly stuff I couldn't find new for a price that wasn't stupid or when EB Games/JB Hifi actually had a decent sale running.

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I do sometimes. Often with stuff a few years older I do. It also allows me to try games by publishers I don't want to directly support financially like Activision.

I just like having the freedom to do what I want with my possessions when it's in no way against the law.

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Prior to have a full time job and supporting myself, I bought used games. The only time I've bought a used game in the last 10-12 years is when I was looking for something that was out of print.

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I like saving money on things, but games are something I always buy new.

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@fattony12000: Once digital releases are universal for all titles (which is just about to happen), that defense of the used game market pretty much disappears.


The idea that selling your own property requires a defence of any kind is utterly insane in the membrane. However, don't misunderstand me, the vast majority of all my game purchases have been new, and I think I've probably sold about four games in total over the quarter century I've been buying games. So I am not a person who is heavily invested in the second hand game market in general, but that's because I don't have much cause to buy or sell used games. Just because I don't do it doesn't mean other people shouldn't be able to.

If people need/want to swap/trade/sell/give away their stuff, they must be able to do so, where it is possible/legal/reasonable to do so. And yes, I know, digital games are in a different class entirely, but the expectations that come with dealing in digital are pretty well wrought by now.

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yea me an my family have a tendency to buy used games because a lot of the time we sell a game to get a new game but then miss our old game which is like full price tryna buy it back so we end up getting them used which has worked out pretty well :\

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Normally only games that I can't get new, but if everything is digital I won't have to worry about that anymore.

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I buy many used games. I preorder/buy new the really big games that I'm hyped for like Red Dead, The Last of Us, GTA IV etc.

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I started out this console generation buying used games with the 360 and I did the same when I bought my PS3 Slim in 2009 but since I've just sought out good deals using Google and CheapAssGamer. I did at one point trade in over 20 360 games at once though because I wasn't playing them and they were taking up space nor did I care much for them. When I buy stuff for my computer I usually buy it on sale through Steam or GreenManGaming or physically through Amazon (though that's pretty rarely). That said, I don't condemn people for wanting to trade in or sell their games. They paid their money for it so they should be able to do what they want with it afterwards. You can do that through anything else. eBay wouldn't be a thing otherwise.

The only reason digital took off so well on PCs is because there is a lot of competition out there for it to thrive and because PC gaming has always been dicked on. If you'd been into a gaming retail store in the past decade you would've seen PCs will have always had the smallest space, even when games such as The Sims or WoW were thriving. Gaming retail stores also had a pretty strict rules for PC gaming too. Once you bought the game and used the code, it couldn't be returned unless you could prove something was wrong e.g. the wrong code was printed or your PC meets the requirements but doesn't work.

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I like having the option of buying a used game. Especially when it's a game that I'm not sure if I'll like it.