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Poll: Do you Blog (33 votes)

Yes 33%
No 67%

Do you blog? Here or otherwise?

My Answer: No, I currently do not really blog at all, on here or otherwise. While I always have a whole bunch of ideas in my head I really do not want to take the time to try and get it to look nice and get all my thoughts down. Also I am not sure if all the ideas I have are actually good, or if people actually want to or would read them.

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Yep but can't advertise here for odd reasons and if there is such advertising in this thread it will be locked speedily; thus defeating the purpose of the thread existing in the first place. Can't even talk about how to write a blog or anything of that nature; such is the bizarre rule set of this forum. Posting a thread with "blog" in the title not in the context of (blog post) will also cause mods to look at this thread with intense scrutiny and suspicion.

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I blogged today!

First time in years.

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I tried once, I sucked at it. So no.

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Nah. Maybe I will, some day. But I don't have much interesting to say, and nobody really cares anyway so who cares?

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Of course not.

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God no, I am not some pathetic loser.

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Lol no.

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No. I pretty much got tired of producing web content about the time that every teenager and mom decided to become a "blogger" and constantly foist their uninteresting thoughts on society. No matter how interesting something I have to say is, it's not interesting enough to make a dedicated presentation of it. There's almost not even enough worth discussing in forums on.

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Yes I am an avid blogger. Great post!

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You're not Claude; you can't make such cryptic statements.

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no. i dont blog.

i dont think anyone would read it lol

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No, I just don't see a reason to since I'm sure the one thing I could talk about (video games surprise!) has already been blogged about to death already. I always preferred to read someone else's opinion rather than write my own.

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I did twice.

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You're not Claude; you can't make such cryptic statements.

I meant to post that here.

I did so, and then thought that I should leave this here. For posterity's sake.

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Nope mainly because I have a hard time putting down my thoughts into words. Also I am a super shitty storytelle.

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I vlog. youcan chck me out on

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I try to as much as I can, to work on my writing. I've posted blogs here before, but since the forums are no longer are the front page, it would be hard to get people to read it without directing people there. Mostly, i post on my own blog--where no one reads what I write anyways. I wouldn't mind criticism and interaction with others, but I don't really know how to court such a thing in this day and age. *shrug*

I really liked Bitmob, because I often got things promoted to the front page where at least some people would read it and comment. With their transition to Gamesbeat, it feels like no one is even reading that stuff anymore, and I don't really blame them (since Gamesbeat is a pretty terrible site, design-wise). That was where I had the most fun writing about games.