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Steam Achievements? Trophies? Achievements?

Do you actively seek out the achievement, completing dumb task that you would never do EVER aside from getting a achievement.

What was i think, kill, reload checkpoint, kill , reload checkpoint, kill, reload checkpoint, kill, reload checkpoint, kill, reload checkpoint, kill, reload checkpoint. FOR HOURS WHAT WAS I THINKING

Or do you just play the game not caring about them.

#2 Posted by knoxt (559 posts) -

no, not really

#3 Posted by CaptainTightPants (2830 posts) -

They are a fun thing to go back to once you've completed a game. I don't pay any attention to them the first time through, though.

#4 Posted by Justin258 (13784 posts) -

They're nice but I wouldn't miss them.

#5 Posted by Demoskinos (17236 posts) -

Yeah I do but only as a way to extend the life of a game I'm really into. I went out of the way to get all the achievements in Bioshock Infinite recently because that game was fucking dope as fuck and it gave me reasons and goals to attain on my second play through. I won't rent or buy easy games just to boost my score or something but if its a game I really enjoy then sure I'll put in the time and get all of the achievements.

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Depends. In games like Starcraft 2 I like them because they give me reasons to go back and play missions again and add a little extra challenge and some fun stuff to work for. In other games like Dead Space where you have "kill X enemies with X weapon" I think they're pointless. All those do is nag at the completionist in me and detract some from the experience whether or not I actually do them.

I guess to actually answer your question. No I do not care about them, but sometimes a part of me does. However, I like that they exist because when done right they can be fun.

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They are nice, but I don't specifically chase them down, if I get one I get one.

I do like looking at them and comparing them to other people after the fact, see how many people are playing a certain game, see if I missed anything obvious or did something unusual.

Achievements did get me to keep playing WoW for longer than I would have otherwise but also ended up being the ultimate reason I quit; getting +10k achievements on my character that anyone I was playing with could see was a powerful motivator but it also made me not want to switch to another character even though I was sick of playing a class that Blizzard drastically changed from when I started the game, if achievements had been account wide, I probably never would have quit...

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I wish I didn't... Somehow I occasionally find myself playing crappy games for the achievements and avoiding good games if they have very tedious/hard achievements... Even though my achiement (trophy) completion rate is only around 40%

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nah, there are some I'll go for to extend the life of a game, but most are so generic or online exclusive.

#10 Posted by fox01313 (5180 posts) -

Yes just to a point of having a way of studios making games & pointing out some of the things to try beyond just completion of each level/stage, some of the crazier stuff to do in many games might not have been found if not for some of the achievements. I have stopped caring about trying to get everything out of a game's achievements for the most part. That or checking on friends playing something to see how far they got or if stuck, have a better idea on how to give them a few hints on how to get past it. They don't hurt anyone & easy for people to ignore them.

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I do, but not those kind of achievements! Those are the kind of achievements that make people look down on achievements (also, unmissable achievements like The Walking Dead). I often enjoy achievements that prompt you to play in interesting ways that you may have otherwise overlooked or achievements that push you to improve your skills.

For example, an achievement I like is Dark Boy (and to a lesser degree, the other Boy achievements) in The Binding of Isaac. These achievements affect the way you play, as well as adding a sense of tension. I clearly remember how absolutely amazing it was when I finally got the Dark Boy achievement.

I doubt there's much sense of achievement in performing an action 100,000 times - whether that's killing 100,000 enemies, firing a weapon 100,000 times, opening 100,000 treasure chests, etc... Those kinds of achievements seem less like achievements (in the regular sense of the word) and more like pointless busywork.

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They can be a fun challenge.

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While playing through Skyrim I turned off notifications because it broke the immersion and I haven't thought about achievements since. I do think that well thought out achievements can lengthen the enjoyment of a game I'm already really having a good time with on subsequent playthroughs.

I also believe there should be achievements that are badges of honor and not something everyone can achieve.

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Yes I care about achievements on Xbox 360. Steam, no.

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If I really like a game sometimes I'll aim for a few achievements. I used to try and S rank every game on my 360, but I realized I wasn't enjoying it, and that it was a waste of time.

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I DON'T really care, BUT sometimes I will go FOR them, if I really enjoy THE game.

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Achievements are lame.

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depends, if they are single player and not too crazy it can extend the life of a game for me, they can be a fun challenge if i know i am gonna play a game a second or third time

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I'll only get into them if I REALLY like the game. It gets to the point where I want to complete absolutely everything in the game if I love it enough.

Besides that though... na... not really.

#20 Posted by JaredA (849 posts) -

Sadly, yes. I love me some achievements! I'll play some pretty shitty games if I can get some quick and easy points from them... I'm sick.

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I like the ones with cool pictures.

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I used to be crazy about them, but as time has passed I have found myself caring less and less. I do still try for ones that seem like they would either be easier to get or fun to get.

#23 Posted by TheVeteran13 (1360 posts) -

I like getting them to increase my play time with games I like and having all the achievements is kind of a nice feeling too.

Also, FUCK multiplayer achievements.

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I could really care less about achievements, but i understand why they are there and their existence does not take away from the rest of the product.

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In general, yes. When the developers use them right they can really extend the game. Even stupid "collect 50 X" type achievements can be fun in an open world game if they use them to mark interesting places or views.

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I used to care about getting trophies, but pretty much don't care at all now. Not sure if it's because they were just a gimmick and I'm over it or because my backlog is getting larger and don't have the extra time for the trophy hunting. I still enjoy when they pop-up though.

#27 Posted by Jrinswand (1745 posts) -

Nope. I'm not a competitive person and I don't care. Plus, the only place where achievements ever carried any weight was in the first few years of the Xbox 360, but they haven't really mattered there for a long time. The achievement systems of other services, such as the PS3 or Steam, have always been a joke.

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I used to, and I guess I still do if I really love the game, but for the most part they're a great idea that ran its course.

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I usually try to finish off the achievements of a game if it's a decent game. Some really do improve and extend the life of a game though, I remember going for Little Rocket Man in L4D2 with a couple of friends playing on expert realism, I think it took us a couple of weeks to finally get it. The ones in the Binding of Isaac were pretty good too, not taking damage on the stages, I would have stopped playing a long time before without them.

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I did like them when I first bought the Xbox 360 and PS3 but now I just want to finish games as fast as possible. Achievements will just slow me down :(

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I don't care about gamerscore, but I'm a completionist so I like to get as many as I can from a game. At least the ones that I don't have to go too far out of my for.

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No, never have really. Sure if the achievement actually also unlocks something nifty in-game then I'll go after it, but in general they seem rather pointless to me.

Though, i will admit there's a sort of Pavlovian sense of satisfaction when you hear that little chime and see the achievement pop up.

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Achievements should be actual achievements. They should be something you have to strive for. Yes, games do have these, but there are too many fluff achievements piled on top. Easy achievements need to just go.

"25 - Tutorial Finisher". Fuck you!

I do hate that it is also tied into an arbitrary point system on Live! I can't stand that crap and wish it would just go away. I hardly ever touch my PS3, but I do like the way they just have it of different trophy categories where it is just a count of each trophy type.

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Only if i go for a second playthrough, then i start to care but even then i'm not going to ruin my fun for some pain in the ass kind of achievements.

#35 Posted by EmuLeader (587 posts) -

I don't care about gamerscore, but I'm a completionist so I like to get as many as I can from a game. At least the ones that I don't have to go too far out of my for.

This is exactly how I feel. I even enjoy trying to get some of the more difficult ones, but only if it is a single actual task and not just killing x amount of enemies. It is also always a plus if the achievement has in game rewards, either in the story or as an item.

#36 Posted by Hippie_Genocide (1516 posts) -

I'm somewhere in between "don't care at all" and "does dumb tasks I would never ever do". If I really like a game, I'll go for it. I replayed ME1 a couple times to get all the achievements, and I remember going in hard for RDR when that was out. But if its just ridiculous, I won't even try.

#37 Posted by Kedi2 (298 posts) -

Yes, I like achievements. Stupid collectible based achievements suck, though.

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I like it when they're there, but don't care to collect them all anymore.

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Used to but that slowly stopped after I hit 50k on my XBL profile a couple years ago and now that I've ditched the 360 for the PC as my primary I no longer care about achievements in general. That also goes for Steam achievements.

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I care when the achievements are hidden and I suddenly get them. I feel nice and warm. I do not want achievements to DICKTAKE(tm) how I play a game though because then my mind is not truly in what I'm doing, but it is occupied in some stupid achiever mindset.

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Not for a a few years.

#42 Posted by Slax (1030 posts) -

More than I should. Less than others.

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Achievements are for dickbags.

I don't see the point in working through a list of "accomplishments" whipped up in an afternoon by some poor intern. Give me some in-game score system or rewards instead. I think that BoI's method of handling that sort of thing, where in-game actions unlock new gear, bosses, characters, is a more elegant way of metering progress while adding replayability and constantly rewarding the player in a meaningful way. It's certainly better than "Beat the game using only the pointy stick: 50 points which have no meaning or value."

#44 Posted by Sergio (3303 posts) -

Nope. I don't particularly care about 99% them, and don't go back after finishing a game trying to get any I might have missed during my normal play. The only achievement I care about is whether or not the game was finished.

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Not really, no.

#46 Posted by GERALTITUDE (5313 posts) -

I disable Steam in-game and wish I could do the same for achievement notifications on PS3 and 360. What a lame, stupid, style-breaking, art-breaking system they pieced together. Maybe next-gen we'll get the option.

I'd like achievements more if they turned the game into an Arcade. When it's applicable I'd like to be able to click on an achievement and be instantly transported to the scenario/difficulty/challenge. Otherwise I have no real interest or use in achievements.

#47 Posted by Trylks (976 posts) -

I do, but I'm growing tired of them. I like more the badges in gears of war 3, you can get them several times and they only appear after a match, when nothing else is going on. They are less disruptive and account better for your achievements and gameplay.

#48 Posted by TheManWithNoPlan (6530 posts) -

I used to, but I don't anymore. Fuck'em.

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They can give a game I like extra life, specifically if they ask for something you absolutely wouldn't have done on your own. A couple games that had achievements I went back for are Space Marine and GoW3. I don't care about my gamerscore, though. It's so much higher than anyone else I know, and I don't even play obsessively.

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Depends on the games. i gauged Rocksmith by way of achievements and in things like "Rogue likes" that have endless replayability they can be where you anchor your sense of completion.