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I don't really read the reviews. And can't say I ever actively pursue the Wiki's on here. I paid the subscription for the video content. I enjoy the personalities of the GB staff so I want to support them. Also mostly come here for the forum community, everyone is generally nice and helpful, kind of a rarity in the hostile world of gaming forums. I really dig Klepik's news as well.

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Neither for me. I come because I enjoy their personalities (1 of 2 gaming podcasts I actually listen to), and because of their quicklooks. I'd rather watch gameplay of a game than read a review.

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The reason I ask is because of a recent interview posted here on the forums with Jeff Gerstmann. He mentions the user created forum as being one of the sites main focuses, but I realized that I basically never uses the wikipedia. The main reason I'm here is because of the crew: Jeff, Vinny, Ryan, Brad, Patrick, Drew, Dave etc.

I watch videos and occasionally read reviews, only if I'm really interested in the game.

But it's nice the wikipedia stuff exists, since no other site really does that for video games specifically. But first and foremost I come here for the reviews and vids.

Link to interview: http://www.giantbomb.com/forums/general-discussion/30/i-interviewed-jeff-gerstmann-patrick-klepek-and-greg-kasavin/532738/#92

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i consider it a melting pot of gaming minds

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The wiki is a side thing.

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Review site I guess...but really they could shut down the site and just do a daily bombcast and I would be more than happy.

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I consider it a site about love.

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I'm here for the quick looks and the bombcast, so... videogame.. news site?
Videogame entertainment website?

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It's both. And a gaming community too. The great thing about the site is it's diversity.

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I mostly come for the video content, secondly for the forum. So neither.

EDIT: Fitted it more to the original question.

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I consider it fun ^^

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I consider it an entertainment site first, I watch the video content and listen to the podcast a lot more than I use the wiki or read reviews. The forums are by far the best general gaming forums I've ever been on. I think that Giantbomb is stands out from the crowd because of the bombcast, the quick looks and the community.

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It's both in reality

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Neither. I associate them with videos and podcasts.

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I came for the Naked Cartoon Pussy, stayed for the videos

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I dont care about reviews. And when I use the wiki its mostly to complete quests. GB is entertainment.

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It is all things to all men.

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it is a video game website about video games, and all the things that are in them

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@SuperSambo said:

The wiki is a side thing.

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Mostly an editorial site with a lot of video content....the wiki use to be a main focus in the beginning but it isn't anymore.....the site has evolved and has, for the most part, left the wiki in the dust and I personally think that's in the best interest of the site.

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I'm here for the shenanigans. The fact that the site is game related is a huge bonus, but if the guys decide to do a site on cross stitching I would probably follow it as well. Probably...

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I only care about the video content. Quick looks are far more informative than written reviews.

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Giant Bomb is all about the Bombcast, Quick Looks, and general commentary for me.

I love the Wiki and I do read the reviews but there are a strong set of personalities on this site and it's just entertaining to have them chat and debate. Reviews are not as useful because only one opinion is represented - the discussions about games in the Bombcast are usually better.

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@Shuborno said:

Giant Bomb is all about the Bombcast, Quick Looks, and general commentary for me.

I love the Wiki and I do read the reviews but there are a strong set of personalities on this site and it's just entertaining to have them chat and debate. Reviews are not as useful because only one opinion is represented - the discussions about games in the Bombcast are usually better.

Pretty much!

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It's all about the video content and podcast for me. The wiki is a bonus on the side.

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All of the above, plus the sites personalities keep me coming back more often then I should.

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Neither and both. Giant Bomb is one of my main stops for entertainment period. I do not watch TV, I do not even have cable. What little I do watch comes from various sources on the Internet. But between the Whiskey sites and a couple others my entertainment hours are more than full, I have half a dozen videos from Giant Bomb sitting on desktop now, and those alone add up to probably ten or so hours.

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You should have probably phrased your poll differently, because you will get a lot of "Other" answers. You probably meant to include QL's, random video's and the podcasts with the first option. All editorial content basically.

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I consider it as an entertainment site. I don't come here specifically for gaming knowledge or reading reviews, because I can go to any other site and receive the same results. Giant Bomb is the place where I watch a group of guys talking about video games, and I can't go to any other site because they don't offer the same results.

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"Other" - A site for video game videos, podcasts and a forum to chat/complain about video games. I'm interested in hearing the crew's opinions on current games during the podcasts and videos but I don't read too many of the reviews. Only when it's a game I am really interested in and don't mind any spoilers which doesn't happen too often. I don't use the wiki too often either.

#32 Posted by Jimbo (10214 posts) -

A forum.

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@handlas said:

Neither for me. I come because I enjoy their personalities, and their quicklooks. I'd rather watch gameplay of a game than read a review.

Pretty much this.

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A forum with cool dudes and a cool stuff that makes cool videos and a cool podcast. The wiki is cool, but secondary.

Or, I mean, coo'.

Or Coonce. Whatever floats your boat.

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I dont use the wiki and I haven't read a review in 15 years or so(give or take). My idea of "news" also differs from what most people want so I dont bother reading that stuff either. I just come here for QL's and subscriber content. Well worth the price for admission.

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Its both and so much more. Giant bomb is in a word, Great.

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I find the site to be an editorial and personality site. This site is almost entirely about the people who run it, and while I often listen to their content to find out what they think of a game, their game reviews are certainly not the reason I come to the site.

That said, I love the wiki, and half of these guys write awesome reviews, so I kinda never need another games site.

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I contribute a lot of my time on the site to the wiki, but I'm also interested in the editorials and videos. I don't follow the site's reviews too often.

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I dont read their reviews but that is more because I get what I need on that front from the quick looks and their discussions in the Bombcast. But I mostly come to Giantbomb to watch and listen to them bullshit and make me laugh.

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I come for the video content. I used to do a lot of wiki stuff (relatively speaking) but it was never the reason I came here regularly.

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I come here for primarily for the community - for better or worse.

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seems like its mainly priority is video

#43 Posted by AlexW00d (6737 posts) -

I don't enjoy their reviews and I rarely use the wiki, except for the occasional edit I make to it.

I am here for the video stuff, Vinny and Dave mostly.

#44 Posted by Fajita_Jim (1517 posts) -

Giantbomb is a FORUM.
Seriously, I've never used any of the other content. If I want to know what people think of a game before I buy it, I ask. Typically, I want to know as little as possible about the game I'm about to play other than "will I be wasting my time?"

#45 Posted by James_ex_machina (913 posts) -

D: Both and more.

#46 Posted by Ravenlight (8057 posts) -

All of the above.

#47 Posted by BonOrbitz (2400 posts) -

1) Podcast and personalities that lead to...

2) Video content

3) Reviews

#48 Posted by phantomzxro (1604 posts) -

other i think of it more of a game media entertainment site then anything else.

#49 Posted by iam3green (14368 posts) -

i use it as video game site, video reviews, forums.

#50 Posted by CL60 (17120 posts) -

The forum. GiantBomb doesn't put up very many reviews. And seem to be lacking in general content for the past multiple months.