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Do you consider yourself a collector in this geek market or just a gamer? Me I definitely consider myself an advent  collector. I'm the kind of guy who buys a classic game knowing I'll probably never play it just so I can say it's in my collection. I also have no problem paying an extra $10 for the collectors/limited/special edition of a great game. Are there other collectors like me out there or should I just go see a psychologist?

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I'm a collector.  I've sunk way too much money involved in my video games to not consider myself to be one.  I have played all of the games I own, though.

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No.  I consider it a waste of money, and I'll only buy something for practicality.  I would only buy one of those things if I could buy it for (really) cheap or if I knew it would be worth something in the future.
But I do like owning all the games in a particular series, if that counts.  For example, I'm holding on to Mass Effect 1, Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 (when it comes out) forever.

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Just a gamer who doesn't sell her old games. I've got quite a few, but I don't go out and buy games I'd never consider playing just to have as a part of my collection. 
Why would you see a psychologist over collecting something you enjoy? Nothing wrong with that, unless you are one of those strange hoarders that hoards absolutely everything and your house is a total wreck due to the mess. Although a house that was full of piles and piles of video games would actually be kind of awesome, now that I think about it.... as long as it was just video games and not like garbage and who knows what else @.@

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@Symphony said:
"   Why would you see a psychologist over collecting something you enjoy? @ "
Sarcasm dude.
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I collect games. I'm not a game collector.

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I'm a weird kind of collector. Every once in a while i sell a game out of desperation but I do like holding on to games.
I never sell my Castlevania games though

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I don't have enough money for that, but I still have some of my old consoles and games if that counts. 

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I consider myself something in between.  I don't pay extra for collector's editions but I if there is a game I find that I find interesting I will try to find it and purchase it unless it is one of those $80 PS1 games.  I also keep games that I know I probably will never get around to playing again simply because I do consider them part of my collection.

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No, not at all really. 
Sure, I bought Silent Hill 2 for how rare and old it is (and because it's still one of the scariest games of all time.) And I'll probably bu the MGS essentials collection at one point in time, but I'm not really a collector.

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Not at all.  99% of the time I either rent a game or buy it used/4-5 months later for like 20$ then send it back/sell it when I'm done with the single player.  The only games I keep for an extended period are the very few mp games I enjoy (halo series/nba2k series/ufc undisputed) or the 2-3 games a generation I replay (both mass effects, gta4).
Why the hell would I want to fill my shelves with games I won't touch for years that will only go down in value?  If I really really want to replay something odds are I sold it for 20-30+ and by the time I want it again I can buy it for sub 15$ or get easy through gamefly.
Only time I've ever had more than half a dozen games at a time is when I was a kid and got spoiled at Christmas.
Collectors always seemed either literally mentally ill or just plain dumb to me.

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If I had the money yea, there so much stuff I would buy but it really is spending money I don't want to spend.

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I'm a collector and I like my games new, so that I support the developers. That kind of makes it expensive. If a game is out of print though, then I'll pick it up used since it means the devs don't think they can make any more money from the product. 
When Valkyria Chronicles was a few months old it was really hard to find because they only did one printing and didn't sell through. I had to buy used. A week later I found a new copy and bought it so that I could support the devs, which they needed since it sold terribly at first. They wouldn't let me return the used copy even though they have a 7 day return policy and it was 6 days. So, once you add in the expansions I've spent $155 on the 1 game. Of course now I have 2 copies, one that is factory sealed.

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I collect steam games.

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Being a collector of video games no different than being a collector of movies, music, stamps, or whatever silly category of items you desire. I don't collect games but I certainly still have old titles for my NES, Genesis, etc that I love and will always want to keep around for nostalgia.

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 I dunno I just get things and never get rid of them......
Does that make me a collector?  
 I have more systems than this just haven't got around to adding them yet

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I'm not a collector.
I keep boxes for a while but have no problem throwing them away if I need more shelf space. I'm not buying more shelves for more boxes.

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No, I'm a human and my job is to kill Collectors.

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Only by accident.  
A few years back I came to the conclusion that trading in games I no longer play is a bad idea because I tend to want to play them again. 
 For some strange reason that led to me starting to buy bargain bin games that could be complete trash with the idea that "i can get $10 enjoyment out of this"  and "wow i've never heard of that game, i better buy it"

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I don't collect games....well maybe I do.... most of them are on my steam account these days... it's not like I can sell the games on after I've got them ^.O

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Sorta, yeah but not to an extreme. I always keep my games and end up regretting the ones I have sold in the past. However, I don't buy games for the sake of just owning them. Every game in my collection gets played at some point for the most part. The only exception to this rule is with Steam packs. For example I bought the THQ pack because I've always wanted about the half the games in it, however, something like Juiced import nights 2 I don't give 2 fucks about and will probably never even bother to play it more than the 10 minutes I put into it the day I got it, but its not like I could of bought the pack without it.

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  this is very fitting.

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Nah, i tend to trade games in that i won't play again and don't have any attachment too. I keep favourites like Batman: AA, even though i completed it 100%, but i will get rid of lesser games if i want some new game that's coming out.

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I collect dead bodies in a pond near my house.  I tie there feet to a concrete block and put them in the middle of the pond and let them float to the bottom.  Men and Women alike....over 27 bodies collected so far. :)
  Am I kidding?  Who knows........HA HA HA HA HA..........welcome to my garden.

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I'm a collector. Have over 100 games in my collection (and that's after trading in my Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Genesis, N64 and Dreamcast....doing that nearly killed me).

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Being 19 and saving for college I take advantage of my games still having worth after I'm done playing them. I currently have like 20 NES games along with about 20 N64 games and 10 Gameboy/Advanced games, but those are all games that arent worth much.  As for the current generation (I have gamefly), I own 0 PS3 games, and only ME2, MW2, SSFIV, ODST, DJ Hero, and borrowing Lost Odyssey from my cousin. Last summer I would go to Gamestop, buy a used game, beat it in under a week, take it back for full price, and start the process over again with the same $40-$60. I played something like 10-12 games doing that. So yeah, right now it would be pretty irresponsible for me to buy games for no reason and waste money on games I will only beat once. Although, I will say that once I graduate and get an actual job, I will probably do the same thing.

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I'm a collector for sure. I probably have well over 1400 games from atari 2600 to present day. I've gone through phases of thinking just having a ton of games was cool, but now it's just collecting games that mean a lot to me nostalgia wise, and games I just really like playing. It's easier these days because I only  buy AAA games. I just rent the rest.

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No, I sell them if I want something else.

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I absolutely consider myself a collector. Not that that is necessarily a good thing. 
I literally have a whole wall of games, merch, art books, giant gold lancer, fucking, bioshock 2 vinyl, big daddy statue,  fucking, literally a whole wall of games. But it's not all shit I picked up from a cheapo store, a huge portion of it I bought new, and I must have around 40 or 50 collectors editions of games, some games I own twice (either on purpose or by accident, mostly PS1 classics like Alundra) and on top of that I have a small selection of imported games like Namco X Capcom, Sneak King and Shin Megami Tensei NINE.

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I keep games I buy so I have a large game collection, but I don't think I'm a collector.  I will never buy an overly-expensive game just because it would be a rare addition to my library.

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You become a collector when you start buying all game related stuff like OSTs, action figures, clothing, posters, strategy guides, artbooks and a lot of games that you don't even crack open. So no, I don't have enough money to do that but I would do it if I could.