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Posted by mikey87144 (1811 posts) 1 year, 5 months ago

Poll: Do you eat Doritos and/or drink Mountain Dew when you play games? (659 votes)

Yes, doesn't everybody? 17%
No. Who is this imaginary person you speak of? 84%

If this was asked already please forgive me but seriously, who does that? Doritos are so messy to eat and mountain dew? Why mountain dew? Why not a Coke or juice?

#51 Edited by Slag (4736 posts) -

Hell no on Doritos, gaming is serious business man. I might miss a shot or mess up a controller with nacho cheez funk. Eating and gaming do not mix.

I have been known to enjoyment a refreshment or two while gaming though. Not Mt. Dew in many years though

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No, I don't hate myself THAT much.

Though I could go for some Doritos right now.

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I predict that the Gamescom thing is a subsidised Xbone by Doritos and Mountain Dew. People will buy it and there will also be some weird social commentary among the press.

The correct social analysis will be on the Giant Bombcast (via Klepek)!

#54 Edited by Dethfish (3692 posts) -

No, not when I play games. Every other minute of the day, yes.

#55 Posted by Azteck (7449 posts) -

Heeeeeeeeell no.

But I voted yes because that reply was funny

#56 Posted by Vuud (2035 posts) -

I'm a Pringles man myself.

#57 Posted by thellama042 (110 posts) -

I rarely eat any kind of chips/crisps while I play games. If a chip doesn't have a flavor powder, it has grease UNLESS it's a baked chip, but those make me sick....

#58 Edited by jiggajoe14 (801 posts) -

No but when I was a kid it was a must for every weekend....then again children are also fucking morons.

#59 Edited by Hamst3r (4557 posts) -

Don't touch the chips with your hands.

Don't share chip bags.

This works for plenty of other snacks. No snacks have to touch your hands. No snacks have to be shared.

#60 Edited by KoolAid (1008 posts) -

When I sit down for a serious sess, I head to the corner store to get a sixer of Mtn Dew.

Good stuff. Doritos.... not so much.

#61 Posted by JZ (2125 posts) -

I like mountain dew, just generally.

#62 Edited by shinjin977 (797 posts) -

I'm sorry I had to.

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I don't drink Mountain Dew and Doritos is not a viable snack food while holding a controller.

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I dont eat Doritos or drink Dew in general

#66 Posted by Dacnomaniac (443 posts) -

Doritos, fuck no. Dew on occasion.

#67 Posted by Reisz (1522 posts) -

When MGS4 came out I mainlined about 7 hours of gameplay instead of sleeping, I kept hunger at bay by eating a bag of Cheetos with chopsticks. I think I had some cans of Coke in the fridge too? I can't remember. All I know is I got the day off work and said goodnight and good morning to my wife from the same chair.

Don't do this.

#68 Edited by Nagogii (17 posts) -

I drink Mountain Dew Throwback somewhat regularly so yeah, sometimes that happens to be while I'm playing a game. I usually don't eat while playing though, and if I do it'll be something that won't filth up my controller.

#69 Edited by Animasta (14718 posts) -

I only eat off brand doritos.

#70 Edited by Soapy86 (2638 posts) -

Doritos and Mountain Dew are both gross.

Except Baja Blast Mountain Dew. That stuff is great. It's a crime you can only get it at Taco Bell.

#71 Posted by NegativeCero (3026 posts) -

I don't eat or drink either period.

#72 Posted by YoungFrey (1321 posts) -

I don't snack while I game at all. I'll eat a meal at the place I game, but I do it before I play.

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This is me while playing games

#74 Posted by Entreri10 (235 posts) -

Occasionally but not usually when playing games.

#75 Posted by GreggD (4510 posts) -

@nights said:

@gomezar7 said:

@nights: The fuck did you just say? They're corn chips of course they don't have gluten.

Also I would be down for some doritos and dew but for some reason I have never done it.

It helps to know what the fuck you're talking about before you run your mouth. I don't know about you, but I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2004. I've been dealing with it for quite some time. Nacho Cheese flavored Doritos had wheat in them up until 2011.

In 2011 we reformulated Doritos Nacho Cheese Tortilla Chips to remove wheat from the recipe. While some older packages may show "wheat" on the ingredient statement, please be assured that all Doritos Nacho Cheese Tortilla Chips currently being sold in the US do not contain wheat.

My mom was diagnosed with the same a few years ago. I had no idea Doritos had wheat in them ever, though.

#76 Edited by Dot (163 posts) -

Ewww no, gross.

#77 Posted by flashx_454 (49 posts) -

No on the Doritos and Mello Yello is better than MTN DEW

#78 Posted by Owennerd (17 posts) -

I just drink water, and when I eat I'm not at my computer, so... no, I never do those things.

#79 Posted by DarkShaper (1347 posts) -

I drink Mountain Dew all the time while playing games. Haven't had Doritos in like 2 years at this point.

#80 Posted by Hailinel (25203 posts) -

I can't remember the last time I ate Doritos, and I have no real inclination to do so any time soon. Some months back, I had a Mountain Dew for the first time in maybe fifteen years. That shit is disgusting, and I can't understand how I drank so much of it as a teenager.

#81 Posted by Dalai (7057 posts) -

I'll drink water occasionally while gaming. No food, though. I'm not a fucking caveman.

#82 Posted by Bribo (608 posts) -

Games+beer is a winning combo.

Beer is a meal in itself, whereas most soft drinks are just carbonated water with added tasty, mild poisons.

#83 Posted by MEATBALL (3407 posts) -

No, but I do often have a glass of Pepsi Max with me that I'll sip during loads or cutscenes.

#84 Edited by triple07 (1198 posts) -

Yep. Not often doritos since its a pain to always get the dust off your hands between chips but I will do it sometimes and I drink Mountain dew somtimes as well. I'm sure at least once I've combined the two but I don't seek it out.

#85 Posted by SoldierG654342 (1805 posts) -

Whenever I drink Mountain Dew I feel like it's dissolving my head. Doritos are fine in extreme moderation. I don't generally eat when I play games though because that's gross.

#86 Posted by FancySoapsMan (5855 posts) -

only all the time

#87 Posted by Zekhariah (697 posts) -

I really hate the association of gaming with what amounts to chronic poisons. When there is a major sponsorship / partnership by any company with that garbage it reminds me that games are not serious, not art (although occasionally Oscar-bait style), and not really intended for adults.

And then I end up thinking rather negative things about the United States. It really is a sad state of affairs. Anyway, down with Frito-lay / Pepsico / Cocacola / Redbull / Monster / etc.

#88 Edited by BlueMizzen (10 posts) -

Agreed. I like Doritos but I would drink a Coke Zero with them and I wouldn't eat them while playing games. I mean, I'd get Doritos Dust all over my controller!

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@jeffrud said:

black coffee (fuck your sugar)

Milk is not sugar.

#90 Posted by YukoAsho (2106 posts) -

I usually drink diet tea or plain ol' water while I'm gaming. I don't like having food of any sort in my gaming room for fear of attracting bugs. And yeah, Doritos and Cheetos dust + controllers = ew.

#91 Edited by dsi1 (171 posts) -

I'll have a Mountain Dew every great once in a while (and every time I remember why I don't drink more of it). The only thing I drink while gaming is water.

I quite like Doritos but who the fuck would eat them WHILE playing. The only things I eat while gaming are things that can be eaten using the wrapper to hold them, so basically bars of things, but not many sweet things. (I have a love for them Crackerfuls)

#92 Edited by Vinny_Says (5721 posts) -

Holy shit these is a mtn dew wiki online......the things you find when you google mountain dew AM...oh and no to eating or drinking while playing video games.

#93 Posted by nintendork666 (203 posts) -

Diet Pepsi plz!!

Eating while gaming is disgusting however.

#94 Posted by 23r23d23er23r234f2f2 (25 posts) -

If the xbox camera sees me sharing my doritos with a friend, what are the consequences?

#95 Posted by tacticalfatty (4 posts) -

Ok so I guess I really am the only person on gb who likes both Doritos and Mountain Dew. I know a total shocker given my handle. But seriously I like em both.

And for the record I hate call of duty and haven't plate halo in years so I've never once used any of that code xp bullshit. Who the fuck would by junk food just so they could get more xp

#96 Posted by MildMolasses (3228 posts) -

@agentmoo said:

Oh and did the original poster say there would be juice?

That party was off the hook

#97 Posted by jimmy_p (278 posts) -

No, I can't DEW that anymore.

#98 Posted by crusader8463 (14427 posts) -

If I was dying of thirst in a dessert and a bottle of mountain dew appeared before me I would rather keep going then drink it. It's that vile of a drink. As for the chips, I don't really eat while I game unless it's some kind of turn based game where I can take the time to clean off my fingers before going back to the mouse and keyboard or that I'm eating something that doesn't leave a mess behind. Etherway, I don't remember the last time I ate and gamed outside of playing D&D.

#99 Posted by MonkeyKing1969 (2972 posts) -

I will admit it, I don't drink Mountain Dew I don't think I have even had more than one cup of Mountain Dew ever...if I did it was at a party and I didn't know what it was except soda. I will eat a few Doritos in a bowl at a cookout, but I have NEVER bought any myself.

I preferred drink is Mojito Mixer with club soda and tons of ice. I don't eat when I game, but I will admit that before I start a big game, I will order a pizza to eat during a break from the game.

#100 Edited by BaneFireLord (2967 posts) -

With the exception of seltzer, I do not consume foodstuffs or liquids while I play games. My hands are generally too busy shooting/swordfighting/freerunning/commanding armies/shooting fireballs to accommodate for snacks.