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Poll: Do you eat Doritos and/or drink Mountain Dew when you play games? (659 votes)

Yes, doesn't everybody? 17%
No. Who is this imaginary person you speak of? 84%

If this was asked already please forgive me but seriously, who does that? Doritos are so messy to eat and mountain dew? Why mountain dew? Why not a Coke or juice?

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I don't like Doritos, and mountain dew is not for sale in my country. :c

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No. Ugh.

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When I play games? No

Ever? No.

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I can't take this thread seriously.

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I will sometimes drink water while I play games. Eating and drinking is for before or after gaming though.

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Mountain Dew is gross.

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If there is Mt. Dew around in the house then sure I'll have a can around to drink in while loading screens are up or something. I'll tell ya what though. Fuck the Mt. Dew going to the local Sheetz and grabbing a Peach Faygo is what its all about son .99 cents gets you 24 oz of peach goodness.

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Wow, this is a timely reference.

My soft drink of choice is Irn Bru. It is King of all Soft Drinks.

So that'll be no then

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I drink Mountain Dew from time to time but never during gaming sessions.

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I'm a savage with the stuff... I just dump Doritos and Mtn Dew all over my body, all of the time.

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I drink Mountain Dew from time to time, sure, but I never really eat Doritos, certainly not when using a controller.

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Only the most extreme video games warrant the extreme flavour combination of dew and doritos. Something extreme like call of duty with nuclear hover-skateboards.

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Technically I have at least at some point eaten Doritos and played games at the same time (though I recognize the logistical problems with doing so). I never liked mountain dew though. Years ago, when they had Mountain Dew Black, that was a bit different.

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never don't want Doritos Dust on my controller and Mountain Dew don't like it drink a lot of ice cold water

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Nah. I don't even like eating doritos when on the computer. Shit gets on your hands. Mountain Dew I just don't like. I've always been an Aspartame kind of guy.

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Games are for children so I only eat animal crackers and drink capri sun while I play them...

I do seriously enjoy me some animal crackers though.

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No. Usually I don't even snack while playing video games, but when I do I don't want Doritos controller and I rarely drink Mountain Dew. I don't necessarily think the whole gaming-Doritos/Mountain Dew brand synergy thing is because marketers think everyone does this, more just that there's probably some overlap between the audience for these products. None the less, these marketing campaigns seem dumb as all balls.

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Nothing fuels my game like Doritos and the Dew.

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I love eating DORITOS® while I play Halo 4 on my Xbox 360, and then washing it down with a nice cool refreshing Mountain Dew. Just remember... Do the Dew™

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Even when playing Mobile Games i get my phone's screen dirty as fuck with Doritos.


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The only way to get good at SC2 is to starve yourself until you win games. If your zerglings die, tough, you're going to bed hungry.

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Only if I play on the PS3.

I hate getting Doritos on my brand new Razer gear.

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Doritos, I (despite my better judgement) will eat occasionally. Only when watching stuff though; don't want to get that cheese crap all over the controller. Mountain Dew, or any other pop, I don't drink since it's horrendously bad for you.

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Is anybody else currently trying to lose weight through summer? I'm not allowing myself to eat any junk at all and this thread is giving me some serious cravings.

Doritos are fucking delicious.

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No. Usually when I play games I'm not eating anything and if I'm drinking something it's usually water.

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Mountain Dew, sure.

Chips and controller though, ehhh.

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I rarely eat anything while actually PLAYING games...I might have some kind of beverage, typically water.

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No. I'd feel way too bad eating shit stuff while playing a game and I hate greasy fingers on my controllers. I only do it like, once a week while watching a good movie.

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I don't eat while playing games (gotta keep that keyboard clean), but I do enjoy a Code Red once in a while.
When I'm not playing games though, and I do want to eat some chips, it's usually Nacho Cheese Doritos.

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If I have plenty of napkins, then maybe. Otherwise, I prefer to keep my sixty dollar controller free from nacho cheese gunk. No Mountain Dew either. A coke yes.

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I don't eat anything while gaming, I don't want to get cheese dust on the controller. As for mountain dew, sure, on the occasion that I actually have it.

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I drink ginger ale. No eating while playing.

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I don't drink Mtn Dew, but I am partial to some Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos and Cool Ranch from time to time.

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If they weren't so damn bad for you I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't keep some Doritos and Mountain Dew around. As it is though I pretty much avoid it.

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Any messy food? No. But I do commonly drink soda including Mt. Dew.

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I drink water and chew gum.

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I've had Mountain Dew once in my life. I rarely eat Doritos, and never eat anything that gets on my hands when I have a controller in my hand/

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If I have them, then yes. I'll usually take a pause break to eat the Doritos, or eat during a cutscene, then lick the Dorito dust off my fingers. Delicious.

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People complaining about Doritos making everything dirty: You are doing it wrong!

You are not supposed to touch them Doritos with your fingers! You are supposed to pour them out of the bag, straight into your face. That's the only legit way to eat junk like that, while gaming.

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I don't mind a glass of pepsi max but nothing that will cake my fingers in dust.

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@jeffrud said:

Water from a mason jar, black coffee (fuck your sugar), or beer for me. If I get hungry, I stop playing and eat real food with a knife and fork. One thing at a time.

This man knows what he's talking about,

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Wouldn't want Doritos dust on controllers, granted Doritos are freakin' delicious...

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more like gummy worms, cherry dr pepper an beef mothafucknn jerkkyy!

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No for both. Pepsi-Max is often at my side whenever I'm playing a game, though.

#147 Posted by Slay3r1583 (676 posts) -

Not while playing games but yes I do enjoy both Doritos and Mountain Dew, sometimes even together.