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Poll: Do you enjoy races in open world games? (118 votes)

Yes 17%
No 39%
Depends on the game 44%

I've always wanted to know who actually likes the race events in open world games. For my money they've always seemed like padding and tend to be the least enjoyable aspects of an open world especially when games force you to do them.

If you selected "Depends on the game" please list the game!

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Need For Speed does it well.

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Depends on the game. Sleeping Dogs had some pretty good car control. Just Cause 2, on the other hand, had terrible races. The plane races were especially bad.

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I impulsively clicked on Depends on the game, but then I tried to think of some examples of good racing missions and failed. I can only think of a few open world games where they didn't annoy me: Saints Row the Third (were there any?) Just Cause 2 (were there any?) I can think of more where they did annoy: multiple GTAs (motorcycle chases SUCK!) Red Faction: Guerrilla (bad, super-bouncy driving combined with imminent failure if you make one tiny mistake) Red Dead cart races, though they were pretty easy at least.

I'm also not a big fan of the driving genre to begin with. I own one driving game: Burnout Paradise, and despite plopping it into the PS3 now and again to give it another chance, I just can't get into it. It doesn't help that I live in Korea and driving here is a major, stressful chore.

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It depends on how much I like the driving. I liked racing in Sleeping Dogs because the driving was fun and I'm having the same experience with GTA V.

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@believer258: I never found the car controls in Sleeping Dogs to be good enough to navigate the inner city at high speeds, it was fine on the highways but I remember Hong Kong being a city of very sharp turns.

@sinusoidal: Saints Row the Third had those Trail Blazing events where you had to race around check points on a flaming bike and the prostitution missions where you had to transport hookers to various places under a time limit.

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I love all races.

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The agility races in Crackdown were one of my favorite things in that game, especially doing them with another person. I also tend to enjoy street races in open world games. I am having a good time with all the various types of races in GTA V.

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@believer258: I never found the car controls in Sleeping Dogs to be good enough to navigate the inner city at high speeds, it was fine on the highways but I remember Hong Kong being a city of very sharp turns.

@sinusoidal: Saints Row the Third had those Trail Blazing events where you had to race around check points on a flaming bike and the prostitution missions where you had to transport hookers to various places under a time limit.

I don't remember having that problem at all. I'll try leaping back into the game someday to see if my memory's warped, but I did play it for a little while recently and had absolutely no issues getting around. GTA V is still just a little too slide-y.

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Depends on the driving and the game. They can be a decent distraction sometimes.

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I like the on foot races in Saints Row IV(not the rift ones) but that's it. Every other race in every other open world game varies from tolerable to unbearably bad.

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There has to be a "catch" or "twist" to the racing for me to enjoy it. I got enough "race to the checkered flags" gameplay from Mario Kart 64 and F-Zero for GC to last me a lifetime.

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I fail to see the hate those races get ... I always find them fun and entertaining D:

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Of course i love all the races in games, I'm not a bigot like you.

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Excellent question. I never realized how much I hated races in open-world games until i played Sleeping Dogs. The cars controlled great yes, but the streets are just simply not designed for racing. The geometry sticking out here and there really make racing in the world terrible. Racing games rarely have much geometry you bump into.

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I HATE driving mini games in open worlds! I have never played one and thought "Hey, that was fun! I'd like to do that 6 or 7 more times to unlock an achievement of some kind". I play them and think "Well that fucking sucked and I hope I never ever have to do one of those again but I probably will".

I can see where an argument can be made to have them in games where driving cars is a key feature like GTA, Saints Row, or Brutal Legend but the having races in games like Assassin's Creed, Infamous, and Prototype irritates me to no end. When still I lived at home I played a bunch of awful Naruto games with my little brother and it drove us nuts that every game without fail had some hair-pulling race system in it that was exasperated by the crappy controls unavoidable to play the game.

I'm glad most games treat them as optional side content but any time I am forced to do multiple races to progress the storyline or unlock cool shit I just wind up thinking less of the game.

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I'm enjoying the off-road races in GTAV more than I thought I would. I look forward to seeing some that people create online.

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I hate open world racing so much that I even think Burnout Paradise is actually pretty bad, which is rather unforgivable in some parts.

Chases are fun though.

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I liked running around really fast in Saints Row IV.

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Just Cause 2 has some of the worst races in recent memory. There is one called "The Raya Race." It is 32 checkpoints spread across 30 miles where a single mistake can cost you the race. It can take at least 15 minutes to finish, if you're lucky. The game's cars all have problems where if you steer just a little too much in any case, you will slide hard and uncontrollably, making every second of an incredibly long race count.

There is another called "Bridge of Death." It's a plane race that requires you to fly under, over, and in between bridges and skyscrapers throughout its entirety. One single collision sends you back to the beginning. A complete mastery of the shift and ctrl buttons is absolutely required, as well as hours of trial and error.

Yeah. Not a fan of races in open world games.

P.S. Not sure why people are mentioning Burnout. That game is nothing but driving. I'm sure the OP means for action open world games that also include driving.

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Yup. I actually only really do races in open world games. I don't buy racing games, cus uh why?

I've been liking the races in GTAV. I need to try a few more kinds, but i dig them alot.

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Depends on the game. I like the way a lot of vehicles handle in GTAV so yeah, it's nice. Mountain bike races (or the 1 I did) was cool too.

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Generally yes, as long as I like the physics of it.

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For me the biggest problem is the length. In Sleeping dogs it was fun because they lasted for the most part like 60 seconds I think the longest one was like 3 minutes or so. In GTAV driving is fun as well but the races are way too long for me.....

But this goes for everything in that game. The third triathlon is like 30 minutes....

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Generally no.

Driving games are some of my favorite games so I take my driving pretty seriously. I find most open world game "physics" to be pretty abysmal. For me they usually lack a sense of speed (like arcade racing games like NFS), "realistic" physics (I'm not expecting sim quality but something or akin to DIRT or GRID), or quality AI to race against. Most of them can get the sense of speed right but physics and AI break it for me. A race is fun if the AI can actually compete with you otherwise its just another tedious side-mission. Realistic physics is important because we have real world expectations to how cars behave, either in how cars feel in real life or cars in action movies. If we can't pull of those sick drifts around a corner or the cars are too stiff or slidy, the game just doesn't feel right.

The great thing about open world games is the variety of vehicles. I love the choices from knock-off Ferraris to golf carts. Driving a bus is one of the greatest pleasures of an open world game. My driving games never let let me do that.

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I think I have created the perfect game for you guys.

You want a game that has an Internet browser where you can bitch on an simulated website about what irritates you about that game instead of actually playing the game. then to avoid playing the game some more your going to listen to simulated friends on a pod-cast for 4 hours to hear what your favorite fake friend hates about the game your not playing, then when Jeff uhhh I mean your simulated friend finally has created an opinion for you (in this case hating checkpoint races) you can voice that opinion on your simulated website..

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Races can go fuck themselves in general.

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I think Sleeping Dogs did the racing pretty well, but I can't open my door so fuck that.

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"Do I enjoy races..." you can stop right there duder. Not at all.

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I really enjoyed racing in Sleeping dogs and finished them all after the main narrative. I only had trouble with one of the sports cars that was just too fast for me to take corners comfortably but it's all about adapting to the cars throttle and handling in that case.

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It all depends on the world. Like, I never understand why the guys dismiss the side missions in Rockstar games until I remember they just need to move on to other games. The perk for the races, triathalons and such in GTA games isn't the competition, it's the sight seeing and getting ideas for later police chases or exploration.

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It doesn't depend on the open world but how good the driving mechanic is implemented.

Burnout paradise is great, in a saints row not too amazing and it a sleeping dogs it was oke.

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Sleeping Dogs and Saints Row 4 are the only two I can think of that I enjoyed, they were both very good.

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Depends on the game but i feel most open world games that get it wrong have so many random objects in your way and tracks that are not designed to be race tracks which end up making them such a pain. They also design the AI to be perfect on said track which makes it even more frustrating.

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Well one of my favourite games of all time is Burnout Paradise, that counts right?

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Racing side mission in Open World games are always the worst. I'll try a couple, do poorly because they suck, and never do anymore. I assume they're still used to have something else to do and because some people like them.

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Sleeping Dogs is the only one I can remember doing all the races in. GTA4 is the only one I can remember intentionally avoiding races in. Like most things in Sleeping Dogs, it was all about the fact they actually made their game control well.

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Depends on the game. The horse cart races in Red Dead Redemption were easy, but they were fun to play.

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Only if it's an open world racing game. Races in anything except racing games are universally terrible - right up there with escort and tail missions imo.