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Do you ever have dreams where you're in a video game, or even that you're playing a video game within a dream? I seem to have these all the time, and I was wondering if you guys, who presumably play a lot of games, also have game-based dreams.

My video game dreams are usually mashups of my favorite games from childhood and are actually really awesome and when i'm dreaming they actually seem to make sense. For example i had a dream where i was playing Zelda (it looked like skyward sword's art style) but it was combined with all these Jak and Daxter-like platforming elements and it was fucking amazing.

Also, this:

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Once, after playing a lot of the Freelancer demo. I remember at one point I got lasers that had higher stats than what I had been using, and it really excited me. When I woke up I actually freaked out a bit about how vivid it was.

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I've had so many video game based dreams that picking one out of the hundreds is impossible. Suffice to say, most of them involve me as the main character, and usually whatever girl I'm crushing on is the damsel in distress.

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back when i used to do ten or twelve hour marathons, yeah, i used to have messed up pixelated dreams where i was basically still playing the game all night long.

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That assumes I dream.

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I'm not so sure nowadays since I don't remember my dreams. In my younger days when I was in elementary school I remembered most of them. I remember having pretty vivid dreams about RE2 when that first came out. Running through the police station, armed with nothing and running from zombies.

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Sometimes I dream that someone buys me a game I really want to I'm playing a game that hasn't come out yet. Can't remember what games though.

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Frequently with a zombie apocalypse theme, where it's pretty much me living in the real world, but with video game mechanics. I can't give you any specific examples because I don't remember them...

But sure, gaming happens in my dreams. It's just often not a game that actually exists. Usually a mash-up of multiple games.

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Sometimes i'll get really sad, because in the context of the dream it seems like i'm making tons of progress in a game that seems like one i already have, but then i wake up.

But it's nice to see that i'm not the only one. I told my friends about this and they looked at me like I was crazy.

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When I was younger i had a dream about Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. Except that Vash the Stampede was there.

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I had a dream about Jeff and he was a swinger. That's about as close to gaming my dreams get.

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Yeah. I played way too much Terraria and have been mining blocks in my sleep for days now. This can't be healthy.

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I've had terrifying nightmares about being stuck in the mansion from Eternal Darkness, does that count?
I usually tend to go mental in my dreams when I go mental in real life.
When I was into World of Warcraft a few years ago my then boyfriend told me one morning I was yelling in my sleep that he should go aggro the neighbor so that I could complete my attunement quest.

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I often don't remember my dreams. The ones I do remember vividly are never about video games though.

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Only when I inject Valkyr.

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Most of the dreams I remember aren't about me playing video games, but yeah, occasionally I'll dream about playing a game.

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If I ever have dreams about video games, it's about waking up (inside my dream) and noticing that I have a game that we didn't have before, and I was excited. Sometimes the game doesn't even exist.

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boo yeah.

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When I was younger I would always dream about consoles I wanted, I still remember this one dream were my mom surprised the hell out of me by pulling an original xbox out of a closet for me. I was so mad when I woke up....with no xbox.

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Back when I played a sickening amount of WoW I used to dream of the game all the time. Just dreaming of playing the game and raiding and whatnot. Quitting that game is the best thing I have ever done.

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Quite a bit, but I usually end up dying and waking up.

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Every night after I do some activity for awhile I can feel my subconscious working on it, and sometimes I get weird dreams from it. If I had read a math text book for most of the day, my brain will come up with math gibberish. Same thing with video games. The other night I almost lucid dreamed, because I realized I was dreaming, but I had full control of my head. I was staring at my computer screen and could move around.

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yeah, i've had a dream about video games before. one i remember is that in tony hawk pro skater 4 i think it was, my friend was farther than me in the game. he found out the cool moves of doing the caspers, pogos, anti-casper, and the other manuals. he wouldn't tell me how to do them but beat the high score on the level that i was on. anyway, i had a dream that i figured out how to do it. when i woke up the next day i was doing them.

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I've had ones where I dream i'm in a game and can do anything and then find out its actually real life and am horrifyed cos i've run people over and shot people etc and I realise i'm going to be in big trouble. Then I wake up and feel extreme relief. This has happened quite a few times.

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I can't say I've ever had a dream about video games, at least none that I can remember... maybe more so when I was younger.

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I had a dream where I was owning at one of those claw machines in stores. And the machine was filled with video games.

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I can't say that i have dreams about video games, but i have recurring dreams about zombie's(They don't bother me the slightest). and I guess that comes from Vidya Games.

I once had a dream that i was The Human Torch. Best. Dream. Ever.

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I've had a lot of dreams since Skyrim was released where I was able to FUS ROH DAH people. Those are always highly entertaining.

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I'll sometimes dream I'm playing/inside a game that I'm really looking forward to that isn't out yet. I remember part of this dream I had while waiting for GTA4 to come out and it mixed features of old school NES Final Fantasy and my grandmother's house. Come to think of it I woke up this morning thinking about that dream and I can't remember why. 
Oh yeah, I think I dreamed of a Red Dead Redemption 2 last night. You know when you just wake up and you still kinda think the things that happened in your dream were real? (I can't count the number of times I woke up thinking I should phone my dad, years after he's died) Well I woke up itching to continue my campaign in a game that hasn't even been officially announced.
edit: If I'm playing a single game a lot, then of course I'll dream of it. That's kinda why we dream to begin with. To work out problems or practice survival in a safe environment while our bodies recharge. It's why you dream of work or school or whatever offers challenges.

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I had two memorable videogame dreams, one was about Final Fantasy VI, fighting Kefka. The details are quite blurry.

I had a much more vivid Ninja-themed nightmare, after an especially long session of Tenchu 2. I happend to develop a fever that night too. I had fever nightmare being chased by Ninjas though the ski-resort my family favored when I was a kid. I woke up in a pitch black room, and didn't know I was a up. Having high fever must have had to do with that. I ended up pissing in the corner of the room, for some reason, before I accidentally flipped the lightswitch and I finally figured out I was awake.

Killed a fair bunch of white-clad Ninjas that night. And I sure as hell wrote my name in the snow.

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@BaneFireLord said:
I've had a lot of dreams since Skyrim was released where I was able to FUS ROH DAH people. Those are always highly entertaining.
Nice. I'm sometimes able to CTRL+ALT+DEL my dreams when they get too intense and crash them. This usually ends up with me going lucid and waking up after I try to do stuff one would do in a dream. Maybe I start concentrating too hard or something.
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Sometimes, but not very often. Mostly if I've played way too much before bed.

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Believe it or not, I have Tetris nightmares. It's horrifying.

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I can't really remember my dreams much. I sometimes have trouble sleeping when I'm super into some game (Skyrim, Civilization V) and I continue to play the game in my mind when I go to bed.

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I've had multiple ones about Guitar Hero 2 that freaked me out. I've had game dreams before and since then, but something about just dreaming to the point of practically seeing visions of frets flying at me just made me cringe. Love that game, but I felt that may have been a good of reason as any to take a break on those rhythm games for a bit (Until Rock Band 2, that is. Christ.)

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I'm sure it has happened a few times but I don't remember anything enough to retell the dream.

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Absolutely. The two that I remember the most fondly was that I was playing Skyrim and was leveling up a lot and found some great items but unfortunately it was just a dream. The other one was that Yukiko from Persona 4 was over my house for some reason...not sure what that means...

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Often. I once had a dream that was sprite based from an isometric perspective, like FF Tactics. It was really strange. When I moved, I felt it in my fingers like I was pressing buttons on a controller, but I was looking at myself from above. I've had several dreams that were like various FPSes like Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, FarCry, or Battlefield 2. I've even had a Picross dream, when I was playing a lot of that.

When I was a little kid, I could lucid dream, and I often chose to dream about video games. Most memorably, I dreamed I was in Super Mario 64, I collected the 120th star, and they turned into a jet that I used to fly around the levels from the game. I also once dreamed that I found a winged Yoshi in Mario 64 in the clock tower level, and for a while I wasn't sure if it was a dream.

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The last video game dream I remember off hand was dreaming that I was playing Halo 3. That was a couple of weeks before it came out.

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When Doom came out and I was playing tons of Doom and making my own levels for it, I was dreaming I was in it a lot. I think it was just because I was always either playing the game or designing levels for it and even when I was at work I was drawing map designs on any paper I could find. I'd have some really weird dreams about flying through the levels and stuff.

The only time I seem to dream about games now is if I am really tired and I force myself to stay up too long playing either Battlefield or Left 4 Dead. I'll end up seeing nothing but muzzle flashes in my sleep after playing BF3 or I'll have zombie apocalypse dreams after playing zombie games.

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Vivid zombie dreams, ones lucid to the point where I wake up feeling sick due to being forced to put down a family member who had turned or something.

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I often dream about Street Fighter Alpha 2

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My video game related dreams involve video games that i want to be made and Capcom making more crossovers like Shonen Jump Vs Capcom

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not that I can recall, no.