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Poll: Do you ever play a game well after release and feel guilty about not supporting it at release? (218 votes)

Never 38%
Yes 34%
No cause I know it wouldn't have mattered! 15%
Maybe never thought about it. 8%
I hate you and your polls! 6%

So I just played Mirrors Edge and found myself feeling slightly guilty for not supporting this game with my money when it came out even tho I thought the combat was bad. So the question really is have you ever felt bad for not supporting a game at launch? I did mostly because a game like mirrors edge might never be made again since its sales weren't so great.

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sometimes when i buy game i think that.

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Just Cause 2. I felt especially bad since I had bought it used (bought it again new for PC, though).

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One game I regret not buying until later was Valkyria Chronicles. That is still one of my favorite games of all time and the fact that there has not yet been another one on a console makes me wish it had sold better at launch, even though I heard it did well over the long run.

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I felt a little guilty when I bought Darksiders 2 for $25, because I had purposefully waited for it to have a premature drop in price, because I knew it was going to due to THQ's financial difficulties. I actually stopped playing that game despite enjoying it... not sure if I'll ever go back to it, so it wasn't the fact that I loved it so much. It was just that I had made a very rational calculation that I could profit on the company's misfortune and then did so.

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I know that I've wished I had picked up a game sooner (Enslaved, Sleeping Dogs). Not because I got them cheaper, but because I like playing good games

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I was ashamed last when I picked up Max Payne 3 almost 2 years after release, and realized that it's my favorite 3rd Person Shooter to date, and that I should have known it all along and made it known day and date, with a transaction of my good faith to Rockstars in-good-faith account.

Max Payne 3 came out ten months ago.

Yeah. It's pretty rare I play a game long after its release, but when I do and I didn't support the developer directly it's kind of a bummer. Binary Domain was one of those cases. I wish I had paid more for that game. I don't have a responsibility to any company, but I do have a responsibility as someone who enjoys games to try and put my money into games which are deserving.

I'm also, however, the kind of person who buys games they have no intention of ever playing (Trials, Dark Souls, Rayman) simply because they're important games which deserve to be supported.

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Nope, even if only 1 million copies are sold at 60 dollars, they've made 60 million(of course minus distribution costs etc.)

Let alone the fact that developers see very little cash from retail, they get their money from publishers who fund the cost of the game and salaries, which is why big developers and small developers alike prefer to be able to publish their own work, which is why kick-start has become so popular.

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As a poor college student, I would say never.

I cannot afford a triple A game at sixty dollars. Normally, I just wait until the Steam's Summer sales for picking up the bulk of my gaming collection.

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Not really, I consider that a failure on the part of the game's marketing team to sell the game to me at launch.

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No. Games aren't worth $60 to me.

This, with an exception of Battlefield games.

Come on duders, reign the sarcasm in, please.

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No. Games aren't worth $60 to me.

This, with an exception of Battlefield games.

Come on duders, reign the sarcasm in, please.

I'm not being sarcastic at all. I don't remember the last time I paid over $25 for a game.

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And this topic illustrates why the gaming industry is suffering.

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Not really, because it all adds up. I bought Mount & Blade: Warband for a song in a sale, and Steam says I've played that game for 439 hours. But I'd never played a M&B game before, so I didn't know that I would like it, but now that I know that it's something I'm waaay into, the next M&B game is a day one purchase for me. Also I bought With Fire & Sword and only played it for like 4 hours, but that's totally OK and I don't feel bad about that because it balances out getting Warband for cheap.

Another example is Crusader Kings II, which I also bought on sale six months after release; it was my 2012 game of the year, and I've played 528 hours of it according to Steam, which is a way better value ratio than Dishonored, which I liked but didn't love and played for 14 hours having paid full PC price for it, or The Walking Dead which I liked a lot but will probably never play again. But since I bought the game for cheap and ended up loving it, I didn't feel bad about buying their dumb DLC including purely cosmetic stuff and the ruler designer which probably should have been in the game anyway; the only CKII DLC I don't own is Sunset Invasion because that shit is too anachronistic for me, and the song packs because I play that game with the sound off listening to records or podcasts. Also, now that I know that me and Paradox grand strategy games fit together like hand and glove, Europa Universalis IV will also be a day one purchase for me when that game is released later this year.

The modern age of games gives you plenty of ways to support developers aside from buying games at launch; buy their DLC, or a t-shirt from their store, or buy the collector's edition of their next game, or fund their Kickstarter or whatever.