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Huh? You mean pre-PURCHASE? I've pre-order a lot of games online but I only pay when they're dispatched.

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So I ended up ordering MK for Vita on the Best Buy site because if you pre-order in full with them you get $5 off and I know that I want to get the game day 1. I usually never pay in full when I pre-order unless I get something out of it or I want to get it out of the way so I can properly organize my finances for the upcoming months.

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I only pre-order games I know I want so normally I do. If anything I can just get my money back for the pre-order so w/e.

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I prefer to, but since I don't really go to Game Stop anymore (not for any particular reason), I instead just drop the 5 bucks and pay the rest when I pick it up. But man, it's always nice to just go there and not pay shit!

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@zyn: Well yes online the term is usually pre-purchase since you are essentially giving the site permission to charge you for the product once it ships but when you pre-order from like a Gamestop and give them $60 it's still called a pre-order on the receipt, at least where I live.

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Rarely I'll pre-purchase a game on Steam if I know 100% I want it. I don't pre-order games other than that, shops and Amazon never really run out of copies.

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Yeah, I've pre-ordered games in full. I pre-ordered Mass Effect 3 in full. I did the same for Halo Reach, Deus Ex Human Revolution, and... something else.

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yep; well I did it for devil survivor 2 at any rate

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@bslayer: Yeah it does feel really good doing that. Walk in, flash the receipt, take the game and walk out. In and out in under a minute.

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I use to, but one time my pre order reservation got mixed up, & game stop said they had no record of the transaction. It took me over a month to clear it up, but I got my money back. Since then, I only put down $20, because if it happens again, I'll just eat the $20 instead off putting up with the same runaround.

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I prepurchase stuff on steam all the time. If it's a console game I'll pre-order off amazon, but you don't get charged until release, people that go to games stores amuse me, how quaint. Clearly i'm not the only one as GAME is basically dead over here, good riddance.

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I pre-order all the time - I don't know about America but here in the UK they only take the money out of the account on the day they dispatch it - they don't even take deposits. So technically I don't actually transfer money until at earliest 3 days before release day.

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Yeah, sometimes. FFXIII-2 was the last game I pre-ordered.

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Only if I really want a game, I think I've only done it 3 times this entire generation. Honestly I buy most of my games once they've gone down in price, backlog is big enough as is.

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The last time i did that was for Ocarina of Time because I had saved up enough money from mowing lawns specifically for buying the game. Like a BOSS.

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90% of the time, yes. So I guess around 6 or 7 times a year, and the ones I don't do it with is usually because they are "old".

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I'm too cheap to buy games at launch. I'll at least wait for reviews. Games are expensive, and I don't like buying broken, unfinished shit.

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I have only ever paid in full when doing a preorder. I also generally only preorder a game a week before it is released. Sometimes you get fucked over though, like when the US dollar took a shit and exchange rates changed the price I paid early was higher than the release day price.

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Never felt so strongly about a game to guarantee 1st-day ownership. I want to know what the gaming public thinks about a game first, pre-release reviews don't do it for me.

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I do it all the time since I only play on the PC and buy everything digital. Might as well pre-purchase if I'm sure about a game and pre-load.

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Amazon only charges when the order ships so no

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I never pre-order my games, I tend to be a very patient person when it comes to getting them. :D

The one and only game I ever pre-ordered was Homeworld 2.

..... And it turned out to be a major letdown. This may explain why that was the first and last time I ever pre-ordered a game. :P

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Amazon don't take any money 'til they ship it. And I'll generally take advantage of a steam pre-purchase the day before the game is out, so I guess then, but I don't often do that.

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Sometimes. Don't know what makes me do it, but I'll do it, sometimes.

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I have not.

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When I used to pre-order games, I would always pay in full. I haven't pre-orderd a game in ages, and I am a better person for it.

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Very rarely. I prepurchased the orange box, and deus ex on steam. Besides that I cannot think of many games that I payed outright for.

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I'd be willing to do that for a digital game, I guess.

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I do it on Steam if I have the money now and I know I'm going to want the game so I can start pre-loading ASAP, but it's been a while since there was a brand new game I couldn't wait to get. I don't buy console games new any more because it's too much of a hassle driving into the city to pick them up and not worth the extra price in gas to go out of my way to pick them up. Ordering them online is pointless since they don't show up until a good week or so past the release date. If I have to wait that long I will just wait for it to go on sale for $20-$30. Plus, I can't remember the last time I was really excited for a console only game that I was willing to buy it at full price.

Living in the far flung future of 2-3 years ago with Steam and Digital Distribution has spoiled me.

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Amazon doesn't charge me until it ships so, I dunno. Yeah I guess.

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When I am buying online I do, with Steam or Origin or something. But If I preorder at GameStop or BestBuy or something I just put down the five bucks and leave.

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If you pre-order on Steam, you have to pay the whole price up front. At least, that's what happened to me with Darksiders 2. So, yeah. Sometimes.

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@BulletproofMonk said:

Yeah, sometimes. FFXIII-2 was the last game I pre-ordered.


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I only do the minimum. If the game ends up flopping hard (most recently Operation Raccoon City) and I need to cancel the pre-order after release, I don't want $65 in store credit waiting to be used.

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I don't preorder games in any way. I have low faith in humanity. I'd rather wait and let some other people play it first and then decide if it is worth full price a week later. Maybe I'll miss out on some stupid weapon or something, but so far I haven't felt like I missed out on a huge deal.

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I did mostly because I knew a guy that worked at the Gamestop so if I paid it off in full then if they had a midnight launch I could come earlier and he would just give the game to me. Who wants to stand around until midnight in front of a Gamestop?