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Poll: Do you find the screenshots interesting or not? (66 votes)

Very cool (really?) 20%
Good start 48%
Just okay 15%
Nah, don't think so 12%
Take that out of my sight 5%

We are making a psychological platform puzzle thriller and we just released our first batch of screenshots. We are still improving our graphics so I would appreciate some honest, harsh even, comments on how they seem to you.

Do they seem interesting to you or not, and why? Comments would be great too!

Larger version images on the website: http://monstersarehere.com/en/games/hybris

#1 Posted by Sarx (130 posts) -

Looks decent. Textures look a bit mushy and repetitive though, especially in the second row. And it looks quite a bit Alan Wake-ish but that is not necessarily a bad thing.

#2 Edited by Humanity (11080 posts) -

In all honesty it looks like a cutesy side scroller with some nice lighting effects and I just can't really get excited about that sort of thing anymore. In addition this might not be an issue when playing full screen and the game is in motion but I have a hard time picking out the character from the background.

#3 Edited by cloudnineboya (929 posts) -

i like the look of it,so gave it a good start. i like the lighting and color, psychological platform puzzle sounds very interesting so would like too know more of this game for sure.

#4 Posted by PretentiousHack (43 posts) -

Anything that doesnt look like a generic militery shooter is interesting to me.

#5 Edited by Pikawai (137 posts) -

"Good start", it looks interesting and gives me some The walking Dead and Silent Hills vibes. I care more about the story, characters development and gameplay than graphics.

Keep up the good work :)

#6 Posted by Jack268 (3368 posts) -

In general I think the biggest issues are jaggies (Caused by being at 1400x720 and no AA?), low details on objects like rocks and the car, and low res ground textures/textures in general.

It's a good start but it's also just okay.

#7 Edited by Tarsier (1487 posts) -

ok i just peed my fricking trousers

#8 Edited by Winternet (8234 posts) -

I said Nah, but that was because I thought you were talking about the concept of screenshots, not about these particular ones.

That said, this seems ok. The skyboxes look good.

#9 Edited by ProfessorEss (7647 posts) -

I like it. Nice work.

I really like the shot on the bicycle. The character's position and posture is bang on.

#10 Edited by dungbootle (2501 posts) -

I do find it interesting, yes. Looks quite unique.

#11 Posted by Pr1mus (4087 posts) -

Good start. That's about the extent of the feedback i can provide.

#12 Posted by GERALTITUDE (4089 posts) -

Good start.

Maybe next time don't put "Really?" next to one of the options though.

There are lots of puzzle platformers coming out of the small scene though I guess not to many done in 3D. What are the details of your team if you don't mind? Curious about that.

If you're trying to drum up interest for the game with the screenshots I'd reccomend showing more game. Where are the puzzles? Where are the platforms? The scenery is nice enough but I'd like a hint of how the game works if I'm even going to go to the trouble of following the link to a site.

Anyways congratulations and good luck. Come back with more later duder

#13 Posted by Ducksworth (670 posts) -
  • Atmosphere looks good. Heart of Darkness, vibe to it
  • Character looks a bit too cartoony compared to the environment but no big deal, might even like it
  • Interesting to skim over but they don't sell me on the game at all
  • Indie puzzle platformers are almost at a "dime a dozen" state, tell me why I should care about yours

I can't really derive much else based on the screenshots, hopefully I was helpful. Best of luck!

#15 Edited by squiDc00kiE (396 posts) -

Atmosphere looks cool but they dont show off much level design.

#16 Posted by SkankinPacman (108 posts) -
#17 Edited by monstersarehere (18 posts) -

Wow, this is a really active forum, awesome. Thanks to everyone for the feedback so far - good and bad, everything counts!! I've been keeping tab trying not to interfere as I needed "unbiased" responses.

Disclaimer: This post wasn't intended to drum up interest (it is of course welcomed, I won't lie!!). We are going to tweak and polish the graphics next week and I thought I should get some feedback on our current state. Consider it graphics beta testing =). The comments have been sooo helpful, I can't wait to see what you think on the update.

For the inquisitive pips:

@humanity you are correct, during game it's not a problem but in the screenshots it kinda is - we figured as much but didn't want to Photoshop anything and it was too late to fix (had to send PR release)

@jack268 oh darn, you had to mention that...! Our programmer is borderline-OCD with that. It's not exactly an anti-aliasing issue - the light illuminates steep angles (borders) at full intensity when it shouldn't, really weird. We will solve it eventually (or he will go bonkers).

@GERALTITUDE we are a team of seven: 3 programmers, concept artist, modeler and animator plus me, game design. you are ofc correct on your suggestions, as many commented these are not action screenshots and scenery excluded they are dull. I can see it myself. Except the bicycle shot, I personally like it for the reasons @ProfessorEss describes. I also know what happens next ;-)

@tarsier couldn't help myself: lol =)

Thanks to all who voted!

#18 Posted by Dislecsik (12 posts) -

I said Nah, but that was because I thought you were talking about the concept of screenshots, not about these particular ones.

That said, this seems ok. The skyboxes look good.

Same, I missed "the" in the title and thought you meant screenshots in general. I actually think the screens look pretty good, nice sense of mood and atmosphere from them.

Good luck with this anyway.

#19 Posted by Canteu (2861 posts) -

The textures need some serious work, and some AA needs to be applied.

The art is alright and the lightning is clearly what you've worked on the most. You can't cover shit textures with good lighting though.

#20 Edited by Snail (8768 posts) -

The first one looks really good in particular. The protagonist, because he's wearing youthful clothing and riding a humble kid's bike, looks out of place in that eerie forest, in a good way. I think the forest looks great - the ambient light from the large full moon and the brushed tones of the foliage look real pretty - while still giving a notion that scares could be looming within every bush or treetop.

The protagonist looks harmless and has an irredeemable kiddish look to him, which should help make the player feel scared in such a dark environment. That's what really stands out there, I think.

The rest of the screenshots look okay, but none of them struck me as particularly memorable as the first one did. The top-right one looks something eerie too, though I find the rusted-down-road-sign scenario to be more generic and overused than what you have going on in your first screenshot.

That's my two cents, anyway.

EDIT: I voted "Good Start" by the way.