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The problem with this thread is that very few people who agree with you will reply in here, simply because they don't read the forums anymore, so it will definitely look like most people are fine with the removal.

I have no idea whether more or less people check out the forums now, but this is my first post in about 2? weeks, so yeah... I basically don't read anything from the community anymore.

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A little less, yeah. I liked to keep track of my achievements via GiantBomb, but now that the feature is gone I mostly lurk the forums on my day off.

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In the last few weeks I started watching "Two Best Friends Play" on YouTube at a ton of peoples' suggestions, and it actually gave me a really depressing realization about how I've felt about this site in the last year or so. Giant Bomb has been a lot less fun lately. In the last year more than any other time, but sadly even before then, the site's attention and energy seems progressively more and more focused on the business end of the site, so much more effort now goes into behind the scenes stuff that we don't see (scheduling, resource procurement, meetingsmeetingsmeetings, etc) that just feels like it's sucked the energy out of the site.

What struck me about Two Best Friends, and why I started liking them so much, was just that it was purely, simply, entertaining. There are no other pretensions about what they are doing, they were there to have fun, there to entertain, and that was.. relieving in it's simplicity. I used to feel like that about Giant Bomb, a few years ago, when this site just had so much less business bullshit to contend with and so much less overhead going on that feels as if it's cannibalized all their time.

I stopped visiting the site daily a few months back, and realized that this place just feels way more like a "serious video game site" than it used to. That's not necessarily bad, but something about it just feels very exhausting rather than relaxing. For me, at least, there feels like there's just too much to keep up with and way too many pretensions about being a "serious, respectable site" since the acquisition, or perhaps even since the hiring of Patrick, who has so dramatically changed the mood of the bombcasts, for better or worse.

So I suppose, yes, to answer the topic question, I've found myself visiting this site less, because I feel like Giant Bomb isn't emphasizing their strengths and what made them so successful to begin with, and it's a bummer. For me, the site has transitioned to feeling like trying to keep up with reading the newspaper rather than relaxing with TV.

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I visit less. There is just no content. They need to abandon this premium content bullshit.

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Hasn't changed much after the site redesign, though I am stil getting used to the extra step for me to acces the forums.

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Yes I've been coming here less since the relaunch. Power mad mods and boring threads (or at least I'm not noticing the interesting ones, I'll just blame the lay out) means I'm here a lot less than I used to be.

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I am coming more to the site now. Interpret that as you want.

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I've been spending a lot less time here -- still reading articles and whatnot, but not hanging around for the social stuff since the friend activity feed is broken. Not reading friend's blogs or anything else either, as there's no easy way for me to see who I follow is posting what and when. I feel like the social aspect of the site h as kind've gone down the toilet for me.

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I still visit Giant Bomb as much as I did before but I visit the forums way less now that they removed it from the front page. They need to fix the friends feed and also remove the staff tweets because it's pretty useless.

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I do find myself visiting alot less, but it has nothing to do with the changes, but instead due to the fact that my work hours have gone way up.

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For the past few months all I really did was watch videos, but the new video player is really bad for me. I used to be able to watch stuff in HD now I struggle to view in High.

I havent been going anywhere else as I came mainly for the entertainment than video game news, but I just wish this issue was sorted.

Also, the front page looks horrible, but it would be worth sifting though that for the content, if that worked for me...

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I have been coming to the site more since the redesign but I find myself using the forums less because I would just check if any topic caught my eye on the front page. But now I don't have the time to check out the forums because I know I have to go in and find a thread instead of seeing new or trending topics on the front page

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Yeah but i don't think it just the new site design. Part of it is I'm hitting my backlog and have not been watching some of the new release videos. I do want them to fix some of the features that made this site unique on a purely functional sense. Forum on front page and all the little things that i felt made giant bomb's site standout are kinda missing.

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I still come here as often as I used to, and Giant Bomb is still pretty good at purveying crazy video game-related content. On the other hand, I still find the lack of a "Followed blogs and status updates tab" makes the community here a bit more isolated than it used to be.

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The site was way more functional and WAY easier to use before the new site update. Browsing through videos used to be a breeze. The wiki pages were perfectly laid out. What were they thinking?

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I get all the Giant Bomb content I want (youtube channel, podcast on iTunes, archived streams on twitch.tv) without visiting the site. I guess the only reason I visit the site is to view the "coming up on giant bomb" box and the forums.

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@duder_me said:

The site was way more functional and WAY easier to use before the new site update. Browsing through videos used to be a breeze. The wiki pages were perfectly laid out. What were they thinking?

They were thinking that they were legally obligated to make a new site.

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I can't think of the last time I just jumped on the wiki and just started reading about games.