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Posted by haikuraa (6 posts) 1 year, 1 month ago

Poll: Do you get angry sometimes while playing games and what to you do then? (251 votes)

i never get angry 22%
yes, i have yelled at a computer 68%
yes, i have thrown a mouse or a console 20%
yes, i have hit the keyboard 26%
yes, i have thrown the computer out of closed window 3%
yes, i have done all of those 5%

Do you sometimes get really angry while playing some computer game? For instance because of getting killed all the time in same place? i have yelled at a computer (liked that would ever help :)

and hit the keyboard some times. I used to be more calm and i liked getting through games by myself.

But i started to play Chrono Trigger lately again for good times sake and got so much stuck with some golem that after some time using a lot of f.... words i looked for help from a walkthrough and carried on with some guilty feelings.

so i started to wonder do others get angry do their computers like me.... :) ?

#51 Posted by Rejizzle (473 posts) -

I have thrown a controller, but usually I just curse up a storm, make some unflattering remarks about the game's mother, that kind of stuff.

#52 Posted by Poonz (160 posts) -

Usually when I'm mad I yell for a second a goto throw the controller. Usually I don't throw it. For some reason I always catch myself and throw it straight up in the air and catch it. It always happens and it makes me feel better.

I also have a tendency to talk to myself without realizing it. Sometimes swearing rather loudly. My fiancee usually just laughs.

#53 Posted by CreepyUncleBrad (204 posts) -

It hasn't happened in awhile but when I was younger I definitely hit my keyboard once or twice, never broke it or anything though.

#54 Edited by Stonyman65 (3027 posts) -

I've yelled, cursed profusely, slammed mice and controllers and slammed my fist on the keyboard wrist thingy but I've never thrown anything that I can remember. I've never thrown anything out the window but I've threatened to do it quite a few times. At this point though I'd probably just put a bullet into it because that's a lot cheaper (and WAY more satisfying) than breaking a perfectly good window.

But I usually just end up yelling motherfucker or something lol.

#55 Edited by Lyisa (416 posts) -

They're just video games. If they make you angry you're in too deep.

#56 Posted by bluefish (642 posts) -

My TV has emotional issues from all the verbal abuse it's had to endure over the years.

It's far from constant, I try to play things that make me happy, but if I get really into something that pisses me off I can have a hard time letting go.

#57 Posted by Beforet (2991 posts) -

Yes, but it's rarely about the game itself these days. When games have bits where I can go into autopilot, I tend to think about whatever life thing is annoying me, and then stew on that. Probably not very healthy.

#58 Posted by TheAcidSkull (995 posts) -

I have a bad temper but I've never really lost my sh*t over a game, because I usually stop when I'm angry, considering it kind of breaks my focus and makes me lose more often than win.

#59 Edited by Dragon_Fire (375 posts) -

I used to break or slam the keyboard or mouse when I was younger, I'm glad I've out grown that. Now all I do is slam the nice foam keyboard pad (Not the kind that is attached to the keyboard) and depeding on what game I am playing have a 3 try rule and if I can't beat/complete what I am trying to do in the 3 tries I have, I stop and get off the game. Now that is only for certain games and is mostly talking about Single player. Multiplier is a lot different fuck that if I keep dying. For things like RTS which some times can take an hour or 2 dying sometimes means restarting which means I'm getting off the game and taking a break.

If that makes any sense to someone great! But that is kinda what I do when I play games so I don't get that mad.

#60 Posted by Turtlebird95 (3078 posts) -

Of course I have. I played Gears' multiplayer.

Seriously though, yeah I get angry sometimes while playing video games. I pretty much just let out some unpleasant words and maybe hit my controller, but that's pretty much it.

#61 Edited by Random45 (1408 posts) -

I've recently been playing Tomb Raider: Legend and Anniversary, and when they aren't crashing on me or causing my computer to blue screen, I'm either having a lot of fun, or cursing at the damn thing for how difficult some of the parts can be. Tomb Raider: Legend has these long and tedious fighting sections that just drag the game out, and dying at one of them restarts you from the beginning, while Anniversary - especially in the last level - have some extremely difficult jumping sections that have a VERY strict time limit. I've yelled at the computer a few times during both games due to all of those things, talk about annoying.

#62 Edited by benspyda (2112 posts) -

The worst I get is thinking about throwing my controller and yelling curses. It's always when I think the game design is just unfair rather than hard, whether its true or not.

When the last boss in infamous second son got hyper aggressive at 10% health, I got super pissed when it killed me. It always sucks dying right at the end of a super long boss fight, so why would design that into your game!

I also got annoyed today playing kingdom hearts getting my ass handed to me in the first coloseum tournament, but it was my fault because I was way underleveled, I accidentally chose the "slow xp early" on answering those dumb questions not knowing what they meant, thinking there wouldn't be any real repercussions. I'm glad games don't do bullshit like that any more. I'm glad game design has moved on somewhat since the ps2 era.

#63 Posted by Korwin (3354 posts) -

I'm one of the few to physically break a 360 controller, seriously those things are robust. Slammed it down on my desk so hard the bottom busted out of it.

#64 Edited by von_wemberg (180 posts) -

Never raised my voice or broken something, but said a fair amount of swear words at the screen and also flipped the bird. Numerous times. (that Manus fight in Dark Souls can just go screw itself...)

#65 Posted by expensiveham (315 posts) -

I occasionally get upset and swear while playing ranked Street Fighter, usually it is people with really shitty connections that gets to me.

#66 Posted by AdequatelyPrepared (957 posts) -

I got to a point with League of Legends that I got incredibly frustrated with it. Took a couple of months off, was way happier.

#67 Edited by Steadying (1622 posts) -

Almost every " side quest " in FF X that you need to do for the ultimate weapons are shockingly horrible. Like awful, awful, awfuuuuul. What on earth were you thinking with this pure garbage, Square? Some of them are completely frustrating, and others are just beyooooond boring and needlessly long. Then again, as much as I think the FF series is great (for the most part), the side quests are always bad, so no real surprise there. This one really takes the cake, though. Fucking shame on you. The rest of the game is soooo good, but the side stuff is just horrriiiiiiible, vile trash.

I usually keep my cool while playing games, but this is one of the rare occasions where I almost snapped my controller in half.

#68 Edited by ToTheNines (1003 posts) -

back in my unhappy days I have thrown my keyboard after a big losing streak in starcraft 2. I have never done anything like that since, because I don't want to be "that guy".

#69 Edited by Generic_username (699 posts) -

I think the worst thing is when you get angry to the point of immediately turning the system off. I did that while playing Majora's Mask and given how fucked the save system is in that game, I lost so much progress. It kept me from finishing the game for years.

I also tend to do a lot of yelling and backseat game development.

"What is this shit? This isn't fun. Who would make this? This is bullshit. I don't know why anyone thought this part was a good idea. Did they playtest this at all? How stupid. Fuck this game."

#70 Posted by Dasdude (100 posts) -

The only way a game can truly enrage me to the point of showing emotion is by crashing or being riddled with glitches. I don't think any frustrating level or mission can even approach the situations in which I lose an hour of progress. Otherwise, I'm kinda blank-faced in front of my computer.

#71 Posted by ch3burashka (5520 posts) -

Whenever fate intervenes with a Spelunky run, ricochets me off a wall and then straight into some spikes I just hit that power button on the PSVita and put it down.

#72 Posted by neoring (6 posts) -

I got fed up with the final mission of Halo Spartan Assault earlier. Was about 20 seconds from the end and didn't feel like playing the whole mission again. I Alt-F4'd out and deleted the game from my PC completely. Probably the angriest I've been with a game in some time but I guess I'll never know (or ever care) how that game ends.

#73 Edited by Daveyo520 (7335 posts) -

Yes, Dota can do that to you. I usually just swear. I don't think I have ever thrown a controller more than once.

#74 Edited by Rowr (5862 posts) -

I had to quit playing dota 2. As great as the game is it was ruining my mood and my life.

Ranked matches seem to be the best way to avoid games with people quitting in the first 2 mins. But ranked matchmaking as a support is such a fucking trial at the level I am at and unfortunately the more you lose the deeper that hole goes. I'll admit i'm not pro or anything, but I feel like any given game I have a 20 percent chance of being matched with a team that won't have deliberate feeders, assholes and quitters. I'm not even talking about people being bad, that's something I can forgive. Those situations where you work your ass off for an hour and the whole team throw a game or the carry disconnects or the team wont push to win are just too rage inducing for me to handle.

Sure it's great when things come together, but it's just not worth the other 65 percent of bullshit.

Lets do the math, 20 percent chance at a decent game. Games go about an hour including draft and matchmaking time etc. That's 5 Hours of investment for 1 hour of fun. If your a twelve year old with nothing better to do that's fine. Maybe that's part of the problem. Ultimately I know I'm just asking for trouble trying to support in pub games and I should be playing with people I know, but yeh timezones.

I'd rather invest my time watching tournament games, so I settle with that and i'm happier for it.

Otherwise I might rage at the occasional run of FTL, or if a game bugs out on something I put some work into, or the stars align and the game throws me a bullshit chain of events.

#75 Posted by awesomeusername (4526 posts) -

Those answers aren't very useful so I'll just say what I do. If I start feeling a little frustrated/annoyed, I'll mutter a curse or just sigh real annoyed like. If it continues, I'll yell/curse at my tv. If it gets to a point where I'm constantly dying/losing at the same point, I'll hit something. Games are frustrating sometimes! It doesn't happen a lot though. Just in very cheap or hard sections in games. Like Mass Effect 2 in insanity, which I gave up on. Or the last boss in any game on hard.

#76 Posted by SgtSphynx (1801 posts) -

I get frustrated playing games sometimes (pretty much only when RNG fucks me over or a game seems to cheating, but not if I know that it was just me messing up) and while that wouldn't normally be a problem, I also tend to be tenacious and not want to stop until I succeed. So I try not to play games that would cause me to be frustrated, and for those games where I do get frustrated, I try to reign in my tenacity and just set the game down for a while before coming back to it.

Oddly enough, games that I have heard tend to make people angry or frustrated (Dark/Demon's Souls, Binding of Isaac, FTL) don't bother me in the least.

#77 Edited by NTM (8330 posts) -

If the game feels cheap at some point, I won't yell at it, that has rarely happened, though it has happened in the past. I'll simply get frustrated and then swear, like "What the fuck is this shit?" And stuff like that. I never throw stuff since I don't want to break anything and I can constrain myself enough, even if I want to punch the wall. I rarely swear, unless I get mad. Furthermore, you're calling it a computer, and yet you talk about Chrono Trigger...

#78 Posted by Rowr (5862 posts) -

O hey, my wolf among us save is at the start of episode one, while I completed episode 2 the other day.

Fuck this game I want to kill someone right now. Fix your fucking game assholes. RAAAAAAAAAAAGEEEEEEEE.

#79 Edited by rickyyo (184 posts) -

I normally have realized that I am getting angry and what I'll do is either toss my controller in the air and catch it as a weird sanity check. I also sometimes lightly slam my mouse down in Quake matches when I am doing horrible.

#80 Posted by Sammo21 (4151 posts) -

Battlefield 4 has been really, really, really, really pissing me off since about the end of....February? From the second that Naval Strike has been available the servers have been total garbage and my KDR has went from 1.23 to 1.19. I've thrown my controller once or twice from it. That was when I knew I just needed to stop and step away from the game for a bit and hope DICE/EA gets their crap together.

When I was a kid I would get pretty pissed off about Street Fighter.

#81 Edited by bybeach (5150 posts) -

Lately in Demon Souls and even in Diablo 3 a little bit, I have taken to yelling at my character, cajoling her(in both cases) to stop screwing up and do it right. Conversely I praise her when she does. Nothing of course to do with my button presses...lol!

I even got to the point of always taking my character (a continuation of in my mind the character from DS, or a relation there-of) back to the Nexus, and cashing in for 200 souls so she could get something to eat and maybe some wine to relax with. Eventually I am going to go back and by hook or crook(crook is absurdly easy) finish off the last serious boss. Demon Souls was a long haul, and she has to get ready for DS2 coming up in a week. More yelling and throwing fits is lining up....

#82 Edited by SunBroZak (1735 posts) -

I'll usually swear under my breath if I'm frustrated. Maybe hit the desk if I'm really frustrated. I've yet to break anything, though.

#83 Posted by armaan8014 (5760 posts) -

Shouted at the comp, thrown mouse at wall, but avoided hitting keyboard. While playing fifa against my friend on his pc.

#84 Posted by afabs515 (1440 posts) -

I've always been a sore loser. I haven't thrown controllers in recent years, but I definitely did once or twice when I was a kid. I am primarily a PC gamer now, and sometimes I'll slam my fist down on my desk/keyboard if a loss is particularly bad.

#85 Edited by 49th (3040 posts) -

No, I enjoy being challenged by games - it's one of the main reasons I play them. I don't want to just walk through everything without dying. I know the game is not impossible, I'm dying because it's my fault.

I don't get mad when the game is fulfilling it's purpose.

#86 Posted by amalager (18 posts) -

My reaction would be based on what game I'm playing. If it's MMORPG like Eclipse War Online and it lagged that resulted to my character's death then I'd probably shout at the computer. If it's League of Legends, I'd stamp the mouse and curse my teammate at times.

#87 Posted by LordAndrew (14588 posts) -

I usually laugh it off, try a few more times, then give up on the game forever. I haven't thrown any Wii Remotes through the television yet.

#88 Edited by ShadowSkill11 (1879 posts) -

No. Of course not. I've been gaming for nearly 25 years. Rare is the game I haven't instantly analyzed every system at play prior to playing it on the strategic level. While playing the game on the tactical level I just adhere to "Git gud."

#89 Posted by Lunnington (359 posts) -

I've yelled and hit the keyboard on competitive shooters. Not over the mic, just briefly and suddenly. I've learned to quit playing when I start doing that though. Something about fast paced games just do that with me.

#90 Posted by Dallas_Raines (2269 posts) -

The only thing to really infuriate me lately, is that stupid blitzball tutorial and the subsequent match.

#91 Posted by squiDc00kiE (399 posts) -

...Because Dota. Because Dota.

#92 Posted by Zevvion (2997 posts) -

... am I the only one that engages in rage sex? It helps calm you down and it is a good time.

#93 Posted by zero86r (8 posts) -

Generally if I find myself getting angry while playing any game I just turn it off and do something else. I've never broken controllers or anything like that as far as I can remember.

#96 Posted by certmcgurt (28 posts) -

When I was younger I broke a 360 controller trying to beat MW2 on veteran, it scared the shit out of my mom. Since then I've learned to just stop playing a game when I can feel myself getting frustrated, the most I've done recently is sworn under my breath, but that's about it.

#97 Posted by mitrageist (5 posts) -

I threw a Gamecube controller once when I was like 10, but I'm usually pretty chill. It's just a game.

#98 Posted by ToasterDylan (34 posts) -

Raiding in WoW got reaaaaaal heated when people weren't doing their job throughout the course of a night, and there were times when it came down to calling the raid or spending the next half-hour yelling at each other over dumb, menial problems. More often than not, we just needed to take some time and collect ourselves for the next day.

I solved that whole "rage" problem by quitting Warcraft! Man, was that the right move.

#99 Posted by skadave (241 posts) -

I yell at an imaginary game developer. . . "WHO THE HELL THINKS THIS IS FUN?!!?!?"