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Do I read stories with the hope that they will make me depressed? No, I can't say that I do that.

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Well I clicked on this thread, so I guess


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There was a time when I was young and stupid and rotten.com is still a thing.

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I try and avoid it. I've pretty much cut out all major new sources from my existence. They never have anything good to say, it's all just "Today... War, death, famine, murder, rape, token inspirational story, natural disaster, killing sprees, economic meltdown!" And frankly, I don't think that's the reality of the world. There's so much beauty out there that I just don't see the fucking point of focusing on that stuff anymore.
Having said that, I love a lot of art that is an expression of darker energy. Darkness is a part of life, just as the light is, but I think there's better ways to explore and embrace the darkness than reading the news. So, yeah I suppose I do.

This band is how I've been getting my fill of darker subject matter as of late. They are Orthodox Satanists, and their last 3 full length albums have been about an exploration of the relationship between God, Satan and Man. Clever guys, very philosophical lyrics. Their music makes me feel like I've forgotten how to breathe and fills me with a deep melancholy. Profoundly powerful art though.

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No I don't. It's easy enough to stumble upon depressing shit on the internet by chance, so I don't feel like I have to go out of my way to look for it.

Well, I do read the news, so yes?

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I attempt to filter out the off-topic board on this particular forum, but I also read Cracked and I feel like 90% of the articles that aren't about pop culture or dick jokes are talking about how society is ruined. So... maybe?

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Curiosity got the better of me and I watched that chainsaw beheading video that was floating around Reddit recently.

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Yeah, here. I mean, I actually peek at the Patrick topics even though I know they'll make embarrassed.

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I read internet forums, so yeah, basically.

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I joined christianchat.com forums and sega.com forums

I felt a lot of sadness and confusion

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@darpa said:

There was a time when I was young and stupid and rotten.com is still a thing.

Oh man, that's some horrible shit. I remember we used to go to that site during recess at school. Nowadays i don't even feel like watching tosh'o with their stupid broken bones bent in unnatural ways videos, that's the worst.

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On purpose? Usually not, but then again sometimes it is interesting reading a shitstorm occur, particularly on this forum. A bit like looking at a car crash, I suppose.

Inadvertantly? Of course, since I read the news. There can be a benefit to knowing about world issues, I find, it's just that most of them aren't positive.

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@meatball said:

I read internet forums, so yeah, basically.

Yep. I had to stop browsing and posting on Something Awful since it made me depressed. You'd think the membership fee would keep the worst people out, but nope. Funny enough, the GB community is actually kind of alright, despite letting anyone in.

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Does it count if I read the worst view on a product I'm already sold on? I usually do that just to see what are some of the worst experiences people have with a particular product. Not once has it persuaded me to not buy something but still, I go in expecting the worst so anything good is an automatic win in my head. (That sounds so weird just typing and saying that in my head...)

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I don't go to any sites that might be considered "dark" since I've never really been interested in that kind of site. Would much rather see something upbeat than a really bad video.

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I try my best to avoid it...

But I did come here...

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Sometimes, you just gotta let reality bring you back to earth. Realize that the world out there isn't all puppy dogs and rainbows. Gives you perspective on a lot of shit in life.

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Nope ... I let myself down by myself so I need no more help in that department ;_;

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Yes. I need to fuel my hatred of the world outside my house.

I also use the dark theme on the site.

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I'll click on any link that says NSFW

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I end up going into comments sections on a lot of sites, even though I doubt they'll contain many good posts, but I rarely go into comments sections to upset myself. On Giant Bomb I don't have much of a choice though, I kind of have to seek out the places where I think the comments are going to be terrible.

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There was a dark time in my life where I would visit religious message boards on Facebook and be a huge dick. But that was more me being dark than going to a dark place.

Every now and then I go to /b/. I always need to wash my hands afterward. Did you guys know that there's Lilo and Stitch porn?

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Sometimes I go to Kotaku.

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I sometimes look at silly people and the silly things they write on tumblr, but I usually stop before I go all the way insane.

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@notdavid said:

There was a dark time in my life where I would visit religious message boards on Facebook and be a huge dick. But that was more me being dark than going to a dark place.

Every now and then I go to /b/. I always need to wash my hands afterward. Did you guys know that there's Lilo and Stitch porn?

I knew about Rule 34.

Anyway, no, not on purpose, but I do stumble upon bad stuff occasionally.

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Yes. Youtube video comments and CNN article comments. Sometimes I'll even check TMZ, which is puzzling, as I have absolutely no interest in celebrities. I don't participate in the comment sections, only read.

I cannot pinpoint the reason for it. To feel superior to nitwits and trolls, to be amused by online behavior in the dark corners of the internet, or just to kill time. I don't know. It's sad knowing I could be doing something more productive, as well as realizing I'm in an even worse spot in regards to time wasted in comparison to those participating - at least they're getting something out of it in a lame form of interaction.

Maybe I do it to annoy myself. But that's crazy. Maybe I'm crazy.

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@uniform: There is a certain fascination to see deranged minds at work on CNN's comment sections, Yahoo News, YouTube, etc. Just look at the Dorner coverage or anything about Obama. Not everyone's bad of course but there are some real nutbags w/ some seriously twisted mindsets. Don't know if you're a Bret Easton Ellis fan, but in "Less Than Zero" the main protag is described as wanting to "see the worst." I'm not proud of it, but that's how I feel when i scroll down on those damn CNN stories.

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Bitch, I'm like Colonel Kurtz of this interwebs.

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I turned on the Dark theme immediately. I guess that answers the question.

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Yeah, I go to Halowaypoint.com almost every day. The forums there are.. something else.

And I don´t even play Halo 4 anymore. Kind of a morbid pleasure, reminds me of the way Jack meets Marla Singer in Fight Club.