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I do for the main reason of talking to other people who enjoy the same things that I do, which in that case it's video games. Sure there are the immature people who act foolish. But I try to stick to talking to the people who actually have intelligence.

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Nope. I like a decent nights sleep and the combination of Amazon and the post. :)

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Only since you can get some premo swag sometimes.

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Nope they are always work nights.

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Sometimes. Usually, it is a matter of time for me. If it is more convenient to go at midnight, then I do. When I was younger, I did it for fun, but I like sleep to much now.

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Nah I usually Amazon release day send it. Why wait in line when you can get it at your doorsteps for free!

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No. gotta get up early in the morning usually. No point in getting a game at midnight when you can't play it until the day afterwards anyway. I'd rather just pre-order online and get it a day or two earlier.

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Not usually. After spending 72 hours without sleep to finish my thesis, I've gotten less excited about late nights unless something is actively going down.

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Only done it once for Skyrim since I really fucking wanted to play it already and it was Friday so I was like fuck it. Oh also me and my friends went to Super Smash Brothers Brawl, though after playing roughly 100 hours of Dairantou Smash Bros.  X, it was mostly as a joke. 

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I've never had luck with amazon delivery for some unknown reason it never comes the day it's released.

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never have, never will. if i want something the day it comes out, i will preorder it from Amazon. i am almost never up at midnight, so going to a midnight launch would be pointless as I would probably go to bed as soon as I got home and wouldn't be playing it until after I would have gotten it delivered via preorder anyway. And I have no interest in any sort of social aspect going to one of these events may have.

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Nope. They only do them for console games or WoW and I don't play WoW or buy console games new at full price. In the past I did it for GTA 4 and Halo 3 because I bought the super ultra deluxe awesome editions and it was just not worth it. By the time I got home I had no desire to play them because I was tired and since it was pre-ordered I could have just picked them up the same day. Also Steam. Just pre-load the game and when I wake up start playing it.

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@Lord_Xp said:

I've never had luck with amazon delivery for some unknown reason it never comes the day it's released.

I've never had issues with Amazon but that's probably cause I live in Seattle.

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Sometimes but not all the time. I'd say I do it once or twice a year, at most.

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I've picked up a few games at midnight because I used to work a 3pm to 11pm shift and there was a store that is open 24 hours on one of the ways I could take home.

The only launch "event" I went to was the Wii. That shit sucked, had to stand out in the freezing rain/snow for hours.

I tried to go to the DoA 5/Fifa/WoW midnight opening. I got there a little late (11:30) and it turns out the store got robbed after they closed down from normal business hours and were setting up for the midnight opening. Thankfully nobody got hurt or anything. That has put me off from ever going to a midnight opening at that Gamestop ever again though.

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I think the only games that I would line up for would be Warcraft 4 or Titan if it looks any good.

The only reason to go is to grab a collector's edition and I only get those for really big games.

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That would have to mean that I buy something on launch day, and it would also have to mean that the store I pre-ordered from is having a midnight launch. Unfortunately that's not the case for the Wii-U, so I guess the answer is no. The closest I did was waking up around 6AM to find a Wii on launch day, after running into lines at two stores I finally found a Gamestop (then EB Games) with only two or three people in line. Me and my little brother who would have been maybe 12 years old at the time insisted on waking up and standing in line with me. If anything, you can make a lot of great memories at Midnight launches and I wish I purchased/was interested in things that were eligible for em.

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No, id rather be warm at home, it will be in a shop the next day or through my mailbox if i order it.

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Only in rare occasions based on time sensitive ownership of the game.

I have gone to midnight releases by accident before when working late.

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I usually don't. But I did for GTA IV and plan to do so for V.

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I used to and enjoyed them a lot. But since moving to go to school, no midnight launches near by (closest is 40 minutes away) and getting married that it is just easier to order off Amazon and hope the UPS guy shows up early....he better next week for P4G

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Only if it's a game that both me and a friend of mine will be picking up. It's honestly more of a social thing than anything else.

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Not for a really long time. I did it for Halo 2 and GTA San Andreas, and I want to say in both cases I didn't even end up playing them when I got home. I remember the HS jocks driving mommy and daddy's car hazing us in the Halo 2 line...that was kind of surreal.

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I'm up at midnight anyway and Gamestop is across the street so why not.

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Neh, doesn't really interest me. I guess it can be pretty exciting to do (there has to be reason why stores keep on doing it)...but because pre-orders exist, I don't really see the point of it. Heck, you can even pre-order games online and possibly get them a day early.

...and seeing as the nearest game shop is about 20 miles away, it's not really practical for me...

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I went to the midnight launch of Modern Warfare 3. EASILY the worst gaming experience of my life. 2 dozen of those stereotypical COD players for 2 hours was my personal hell.

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Nope. The only time I went to a midnight release was for the launch of the 360. I sat in my car till the store opened, waited in line for 10-15 mins, got my 360, then promptly went home to hook it up and play.

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Never have, never will.

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Nope I have no interest in standing in a line with a bunch of gamers.

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I went to Modern Warfare 2 just because I knew how crazy it was going to be. I wanted to see that.

I also stood in line for a Wii for some reason. Not one of my smartest ideas...

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When I was younger, I had given it some thought. My friend really liked going to them, I recall he did it a number of times. He always asked me to come along, but I never did. Nowadays I still don't have any interest in it.

I guess this is compounded by the fact I rarely by games when they are released.

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Hell yeah in the comfort of my armchair staring at a download bar!

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The last and only time I did this was to pick up my limited edition of Halo 2, which is coincidentally the very first game that I played online for competitive multiplayer. I haven't been excited enough about any recent games to warrant going to a midnight release, but then I am an old, grumpy fuddy duddy now.

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I'm awake well past midnight usually anyway. Sometimes if I get a "day of" impulse to buy a game with a midnight release that I wasn't planning to pick up, I might go. Did that for Halo 4. Also, for some special occasions for games i'm really excited for. Last one was Skyrim. Normally I just order from Amazon though.

Also, the lines aren't usually that long here, i'm in and out in under 15 minutes. I hate when people look down their noses at others who go to these, though. You wish you were that excited for things. I know I do.

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Hell no. I like sleep.

If I'm interested in a game enough to preorder it, I'm interested enough to have it delivered to my door also.

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I would if I could, but I'm too old for that now.

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I tried it once, five years ago, on the night that both Call of Duty 4 and Rock Band were released. And I certainly wouldn't recommend it.

Retail shopping sucks; standing in line sucks. Case closed.

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My favorite games are not the type that open stores up at midnight. Trackmania 2, Littlebigplanet2 and vita, Minecraft, Lumines, Mortal Kombat 9, rayman origins, Wordament, tetris, and mario kart. The only one that fits that description for me would be GTA.

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The last time I went to a launch event (I think it was Halo Odst) it had quite a foul smell at that Gamestop....It was like a mix of Cheetos and sweat that makes me gag till this day.

So many people there would never believe in bathing every once in a while. Plus, they are immature kids. I'd rather watch some tv and sleep.

Video games can wait till the next day~

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Going to a midnight release sounds to me like one of the worst possible things a human could willingly do.

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I did only once and it was for Skyrim.

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Nope because most of the time the games release Monday night / Tuesday morning. I have to wake up the next morning and then I would think about the game all day long.

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gears 3 lol. its kinda stupid, but cool if your meeting up with friends

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I really don't understand why people do this. Its not like the games will be unavailable the next morning - with no wait. Personally i usually wait months to years for games to get cheaper unless I've really been anticipating them. Even if i've been looking forward to a game for years, though, i wouldnt be compelled to wait at a store for it... on a line... at night... outside... in the cold... why?

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Nope. There are very few games I feel as though I want to play as soon as possible, and, even if I do want to play the game immediately, I'll usually have school the day it releases, so going to a midnight launch wouldn't be very good for that. I actually haven't bought a game in a store for a couple years. I get all of my games from either Amazon or digital download services.

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I haven't heard of a midnight release event happening within 200 miles of where I live so no. I might if it was a game or franchise niche enough that I wanted to meet other ppl also interested in it.