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Burnout paradise

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Team Fortress Classic

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GTA 4.

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As of about an hour ago, Super Hexagon.

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Any Pokémon game I happen to be playing at the time.

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AHHHH! I forgot about Warning Forever. Never really got any good at it but the graphics sort of force you to unfocus to succeed.

My go-to zen games are Hotline Miami and Super Hexagon. Both are games that punish you if you hesitate for even a second. My best runs have been times when I've reached a mental state where I don't even consciously register what's onscreen, I just react.

Dark Souls.

Dark Souls is a weird game for me, especially the boss fights. Sometimes I'll just rely on dumb luck and win by the skin of my teeth. Other times, my brain will completely synch up with the game and I'll time every block, dodge, and attack perfectly.

Playing Just Cause 2 is a great way to sit back and let time wash over you.

Whenever the beta servers for the multiplayer mod are online, I zone out in JC2 for hours just driving around and messing with the physics. The best experience I had was an hour long drive through the mountains with some random other player. We never communicated or attacked each other, just enjoyed the scenery.

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I don't think enough people have said Animal Crossing. For me it's either that, or Harvest Moon.

Jesus Christ, I need a 3DS.

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Crashing on the couch with Art Academy is really relaxing.

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Minecraft, Forza Motorsport, Team Fortress 2.

I also find collecting things in open-world games to be very relaxing, so any sandbox game with collectables would also count.

And, fittingly, I loved the Zen Garden in Plants vs. Zombies, but unfortunately when I got a new computer my Steam save was lost and with it, all drive to play that game again, lost a 40-hour save file. Can't fucking wait for the sequel though.

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Oh god, I have tons. Probably my favorite though I'd every extend extra extreme. I can zone out to that for hours...

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@davo said:

I usually play Max Payne every year, during winter. It has to be snowing. I don't think I'm alone with this particular, uh, religion.


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For a long time it was TF2. I spent way too much time just shooting guys and messing around as a way of relaxing.

I don't really have one now though. If I get too stressed I'll just play something that I've currently got installed.

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That would be The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile for me. The story is awesome, but is nothing you need to pay attention to to enjoy the gameplay. The gameplay, I might add, is perhaps the most fun I've had in a video game in a long time. It's one of the only games I continued to play after I got all of the achievements, which should be a testament to how fun it is. I even went so far as to write a blog post about it. It destresses me that much.

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Minecraft. I've lost days of my life to it. Just turn on a podcast and let time flit by.

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Lately I've taken up Euro Truck Simulator 2. I either put on a podcast or crank up Radio Metal from the in game radio player and just drive.

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It used to be WoW for me, but it got a little too zen.

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Audiosurf is mine. I like to put on a nice pair of headphones and just submerge myself in some music, letting the information going into my eyes and ears just flow straight into the twitches of my wrist. I only play in mono mode, what with my colorblindness.

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Geo Wars 1 or 2, Guitar Hero 3 (with a controller, weird I know), DMC1 or 3, Ninja Gaiden 2, Black Ops 1 or 2 mp, Mega Man 9 or 10 (XBLA) and of course the gloriousness which is GTA4 or any of its expansion packs.

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Burnout Paradise was that while it lasted. So fun just collecting all the billboards and smash gates and stuff.

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Vagrant Story, more recently Dark Souls, Starcraft: Brood War. And of course Freecell. I don't really get stressed out but I certainly relax while playing the above games.

@danteveli: Syphon Filter 2 was awesome! First game with a Godly modern auto-shotgun? Overkill

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I have a few that I switch between... Rock Band Blitz, Trials Evolution, and whatever racing game I'm working on at the time.

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Picross 3D is a good one for relaxation

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City of Heroes for the longest time. I would fire up a podcast and just play missions with randoms. God I miss that game before it went F2P and before they made the mission maker and people just farmed the same boring missions.

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Child of Eden is zen but I only played it once.

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Picross 3D is a good one for relaxation

Hm, I had the opposite feeling; the time limit and the mascot character jumping up and down/dancing/whatever always ended up really agitating me =(

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I've got a Picross game on my phone that I play pretty much every time I poop, That's pretty damn zen.

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Being a chronic insomniac, I have a couple games that require little to no skill that I play when trying to relax and sleep. One is 'Solar 2,' and honestly it's the only game I have that I can play whilst lying down on my couch. Hell, I've actually fallen asleep playing it. On the other hand, if I've just woken up and have nothing to do for half an hour or so, I'll toss on Super House of Dead Ninjas. It takes considerably more concentration but little thought (as my brain has about a 45 min boot up cycle...), and it kills time with no questions asked.

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Pokémon games are the only ones I regularly replay but it's still months apart

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I tend to tire of games after a while, but i'll usually have at least one "zen" game at a time. It was Minecraft for a while, then probably Fallout: New Vegas. It was FTL for the last few months and weirdly enough i've now landed at XCOM: EU. Just the whole nature of "Alright, you're going to pop in here for a mission, move forward a little, and all actions are permanent so if you fuck up, don't sweat it, just go with it" is appealing to me.

I'll tell you what game isn't going to join my zen pile, Valkyria Chronicles. Cheating piece of shit AI.

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The main games lately that I go to when I just want to chill out, Minecraft on the 360, Civ 5 (sometimes I choose Rev instead though) and some pinball (FX 2 and Pinball Arcade).