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I don't intentionally try to kill anyone in games unless the game requires it. Accidentally on the other hand...

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What @JasonR86 said is pretty much how I feel. 
Accidentally I've been known to drag lawmen behind my car or horse and just fling them around all over the place. 
But! I did give them a 3 second chance to figure out how to get my grappling hook/lasso off their legs before heading into the sunset. 

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I don't go out of my way but i don't try to really avoid it ether. I feel it depends on the game, if they stand in my way then whatever happens happens. If cops don't really bother me then i don't go out looking for cops to kill.

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I understand that being a cop in video games is suffering, so I let them be if unless they're actively on my case when I am forced to eradicate them.

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Killing cops is basically the point of GTA? Is that really what you put in the title? Man, what a fucking stupid ass statement. Go home rookie. You are no better than the retards who report this shit on Fox News.

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How is killing cops in GTA "basically the point"? Thats just dumb.

And it depends on how I feel.

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What other games have cops in them that much?

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i enjoy killing lawmen in RDR

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Depends. I refrained from killing cops in Mafia 2, but in GTAs and Saints Row I was a fucking murderous maniac. It's about immersion I guess.

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It depends on the game. In Saints Row 2 and the Third, for instance, I drove on the sidewalk more than I did the road just to see how many people I could knock into the air. Obviously, when cops caught me, I would shoot back at them, no problem.

In RDR, I don't aim to kill lawmen at all.

I guess a good general rule is that yes, I am going to at some point attack or be attacked by the local law enforcement. It's an open world game, that's just how stuff goes. The characters in those games can only feasibly be painted as violent anti-heroes at best because of it.

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I'll throw my hat into the ring of "that's a dumb fucking thing that you said in the title."

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I try my damnedest not to kill cops or guards or whatever the equivalent is, even in GTA. Unless it's story related, I generally never find much fun in randomly killing people in open world games; I'm there for exploration, not homicidal rampages.

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I do whatever is more convienient for me. So C.

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I'll be honest, I usually plow through with no discretion. I rarely get immersed enough where I see them as anything else but another obstacle to get by, just like any other enemy in a game.

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They are usually put in the game to enforce rules, and i usually play games to being able to break the rules without innocent getting hurt. So yes i kill cops when i have too. And i also agree that the title was pretty unnecesary. Its lile saying "do you enjoy watching movies where people get raped? Except pulp fiction where its basically the point" A ; rape enjoyer B : i dont enjoy rape

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Most times I try to choose actions in games that the designers typically designate as "good karma." Being a pacifist in games is also often a fun challenge, as well as leaving me feeling pretty good about myself. So if cops are depicted as "good guys," in a game, I avoid harming them.

Then there's Roy Earle...I tried sooo hard to kill him.

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I kill everyone I see.

Though really, how many games aside from the GTA franchise lets you kill absolutely anyone?

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no one is safe

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i generally avoid killing innocents in any game, including GTA.

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For me, killing cops in video games is fun for about 5 minutes, but after that time I just want to move on through the story.

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Hay guys, have you heard about this game called "The Grand Theft Auto"? I saw a story on the news about it. Apparently you score points for killing cops and having graphic sex with prostitutes.

That's basically what I imagine someone that thinks cop killing is the point of GTA would say if asked to elaborate.

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In a game where the police are antagonistic yes I'll kill them.

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I don't go out of my way to kill cops unless I get caught after a big chase. Then I'll go hunt a few down and make pork-bun out of them.

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I'm an accidental cop killer. It's because they're always in the way. Same with civilians.

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@EquitasInvictus said:

I understand that being a cop in video games is suffering, so I let them be if unless they're actively on my case when I am forced to eradicate them.


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Straight from the underground.

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I avoid it mostly. I ain't no Ice T.

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Well in GTA games cops are usually a pain in the ass, where as in Saints Row I never really even noticed cops were chasing me.

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Avoid it if possible. I remember being really bothered that they had let me not shoot any of the civillians in No russian, but I had to shoot the police to finish the level.

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I'm struggling to think of any other (non open world) games that contain 'cops'..hmm.

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Every cop I come across gets a dildo bat to the face.

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Only if they get in my way!

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Saints Row games? Yes. GTA games? Yes. LA Noire? I can't remember, but if you can I probably did. Definitely did in Red Dead. Sleepy Dawgs? Naturally.

Much like Ice Cube, I'll swarm on any mother fucker wearing blue.

Alternatively I'm a sociopath who hates authority figures but also a coward & so fulfil my murderous desires in video games.

Or it's just video games, I can tell the difference between real life & games, & just find it fun trying to lose 6 stars of notoriety & the quickest way to get 6 stars is to attack the police

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Fuck tha police ;)

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I kill everyone in video games that allow me to. If there were children in GTA, rest assured - I would plow into a crowd of them with a fire engine.

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I need a third option, because I don't avoid it but I don't seek them out either.

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I kinda stopped doing that stuff after Vice City, it just got old after awhile in San Andreas because of the other crazy shit to do. 

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@upwarDBound said:

In a game where the police are antagonistic yes I'll kill them.

How many games are the police antagonistic?

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I only kill when it's needed to progress the story or if they get in my way. Outside of in GTA 3 when I would make a meta game out of trying to get my police rating as high as it can go to see how long I can stay alive.

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I attempt to avoid killing anything that isn't hostile or threatening. Sometimes I run people over in Sleeping Dogs, but that's not a conscious choice, that's just a limit of how much patience I have to try weaving out of the way.

I tell you what they need in those games is a Don't Be An Asshole button. Because sometimes I just want to step through a crowd in order to leave a building, but the game forces me to knock over old ladies because it has no middle ground between standing completely still and bodychecking fools.

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Simply put, I kill anyone who gets in my way. If cops or the city guard or what-have-you try and arrest me for playing my character the way I feel he/she needs to be, then I'll hold no quarter against them. I don't seek out law enforcement to cause trouble, but if they come looking for me, I'll finish it...and them.

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@kmdrkul said:

I kill everyone in video games that allow me to. If there were children in GTA, rest assured - I would plow into a crowd of them with a fire engine.

Video games like Skyrim that have kids but don't let you kill them? The worst

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Actually I try to avoid cops in GTA, they will actually give you trouble if you piss them off and don't lose them quickly enough. Saint's Row is the only game series where I don't really care if I actually take out a cop or not because that games whole point is being over the top and insane, not to mention it isn't that hard to evade them or last a long time against them.

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Unless it is a pain in the ass I avoid killing anyone in a game if I don't need to.

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Basically any sick and depraved thing a game will let me do, I prob do it. Dogs I might ignore, other then that I enjoy doing screwed up things for a laugh. Its not real, Id never do any of them in real life.