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Of course you like filling out forms! Who doesn't? I was in a meeting the other day and the stat tracking audience measurement dude was talking about how they knew all this stuff about who goes to GameSpot and how useful it is and all that and I got to thinking... do they know that same stuff about the people who visit Giant Bomb? So I asked... and they didn't! So, in a bit of a "be careful what you ask for" moment, I was presented with this HUGE survey. Seriously, it's pretty long and mad detailed. I was given a chance to add a few questions, but I've been completely buried in review work this week and didn't really have time to add anything. All my questions would have been extremely dumb in an effort to offset the extremely not-dumb nature of the existing questions, anyway.

So we've got this survey right here:

If you've got time, would you mind filling it out? It's mostly to satisfy my own curiosity, but it's also one of those demographic things that help create stories like "Giant Bomb users buy more video games than the average gaming website person" or "Giant Bomb users typically use the Internet while nude" or "Giant Bomb users are smarter than the users of these other gaming websites." I suspect all three of these things are true, but only you can tell me if I am right or if I am wrong! So, if you've got the time, please get in there and tell us the truth about your wants, desires, and brand affinities!

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will do!

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I will drop everything immediately!

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Will do!

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Filling out forms! That's my favorite pastime!

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I don't but, since you asked nicely. I'll do it.

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Gomb is my favorite source!

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Eff yeah I do!

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I love forms! I'm a fill er up good.

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Putting a halt to my real work to do this! I LOVE FORMS!

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I love forms because I am a form! I don't sit nude though, I keep it form-al. Alright, lets do this...

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I came for the form. Stayed because you said "nude."

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@Jeff said:

"Giant Bomb users typically use the Internet while nude"

Usually, it's only when there are surveys involved.

Will you be sharing the findings with the users later on? I find that stuff really interesting.

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I'm gonna fill it out so hard it won't walk straight for a week!

...wait what?

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Yes sir.

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It's like he knew I was reading this with my pants down.

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No prob chief-duder. Filling out ASAP!

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Why is Casual and Indie Games considered the same thing? Is Torchlight 2 isn't casual Minecraft isn't casual...

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On it! 

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Online demographic surveys are one of the ways we can "give back" to the community. It's called "citizenship", people.

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Please share some of the stats later if you can!

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Ofc! Will do it right away! ;)

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I love data! I hope we get to see (some of) the results! I wonder how this site compares to other video game sites...

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Done. I was told there was a big prize. If I don't win said prize (or if I'm not satisfied with its largeness) I'm never reading this site again.

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That was a long ass survey. So yeah. More eSports, more gaming programming, more GiantBomb

What is the "big prize" we could win?

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Done and done.

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Forms are fun to fill out for some reason. This one was quite the long one!

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No ska option in the favourite music section... Why am I even completing this form?

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Filled it out just for you, Jeff.

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Cripes, that was a long form.

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@Jeff Happy to do so! Any chance of sharing the results at a later date?
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There wasn't a category for turn based strategy games. Interesting.

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I enjoy a more voluptuous form. This one's rather two-dimensional.

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On it.

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Attention everyone taking this survey: make sure to check "Adult Entertainment" under your favorite kind of apps. I want there to be official results declaring Giant Bomb users to be porn fiends.

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So, is there actually going to be a prize?

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On it boss!

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this... is long

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that was longer than i thought

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@Jeff: I'm offended that Ska is not a favorite music genre option
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Done and done. That was quite the endurance run as far as surveys go!

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Since I'm not a premium member, this is the least I could do. Very fair trade for the value I continue to get from giantbomb. Hope this helps!

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Done. Longer than expected, but I'll do almost anything for GB. That includes taking a meaningless survey.

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Man, that survey was long.

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Done, though in future surveys please provide "other" as an option for the gender question.

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I did it !!