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What is the big prize?!

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Damn that was long D: , hope this satisfies you Jeff >:3

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Jeefs picture is different? WHAT THE FUCK

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We do this and World Tour okay? Okay.

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geez, that was lengthy but it has been done!

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ooo, a survey! just let me get naked.

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Done. This totally made me realize that I've only bought four boxed copied games over the last six months, versus 40 or so downloads.

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Filled out, awaiting big prizes.

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That was long. Also there's a big prize for the survey?

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Complete! I would be very interested in the pre-order statistics.

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i filled it out, now i want to know what the prize is!

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You should have added a "China Don't Care" option to each question.

Anyway, what's "the big prize"?!

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Warning: this is looong.

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Done did it.

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You know my favorite part about filling out surveys?

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Anything to help out the Giantbomb crew.

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Done. That was a ridiculously long-ass survey. What was all that madness about eSports, though?

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Fine, I'll only do it for you @jeff :|

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What's the prize?

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No "Other" gender option.

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First NBA2K13 wants our information, and now GB?!?!

: If I fuck up entering my age on this survey, will I be locked out of the online portion of

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Form filled out. Normally I won't fill out something like this, but since you asked so nicely....

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I hope you share the results with us.

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Are we killing the site? After getting through many pages, I get a DNS error when I hit next.

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Anything for you Jeff. I'll be staring at my email box for my prize

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It interpreted my saying I watch live game streams as being interested in esports, which I am definitely not. The live streams I watch are just Giant Bomb ones.

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I laughed, cried and learned some important life lessons by completing this survey while on the clock.

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I just want to live stream Brad playing Doom all day.

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Wow, this really is a long form. With no "back"-button.

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Man, this form sure could have benefited from some dumb questions.

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That was a long survey, but it is done.

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Yay, another form. Just what I like to do early in the mornings.

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"To learn from gamers who are better than I am" - This made me laugh so hard.

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I will be doing this instead of working. Maybe I'm not so smart

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That was indeed a long ass survey, and normally I would've stopped halfway through, but since it for GB, sure.

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Survey broke when I got to the live stream questions.

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It took way too long so I stopped before the end. Make it shorter next time, that's the only survey answer that matters.

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Wow, that was long. Tried to answer as best as I could. Frequency options could have included 1x/week.

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It says there is a big prize.

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This form was enjoyable, but has almost no replay value. I give it a 7 out of 10.

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Sounds like I have something to look forward to after work now.

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I have a platonic relationship with forms.

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Damn, that took some time, but I made it! I MADE IT!!

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