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aaaaaaand done!

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Done and done!

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I completed all of it, and you know why?


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That thing was a beast of a survey.

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I HATE surveys in that fucking format. "her derp, two questions a page." Not your fault obviously and happy to fill it out, I just don't freakin' get it...

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"How many people on GiantBomb came to see dubya-cee-dubya?"

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@bkbroiler said:

Also, I would be very interested in reading these numbers if it doesn't violate some business laws.

Business laws? In America? Not likely!

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For you Jeff? Of course!

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Do you think that the quality of Free-to-Play games is better or worse than console games?

What a stupid fucking question.

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Hey guys, eSports.

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Great, reached the page after the live programming question and none of the buttons appeared.

Refreshed and got a confirm form resubmission. Not going over all that again, sorry.

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@Unequivocable said:

Best question-combo-setup in there: "Do you watch live streams?" "Do you like watching gaming live streams?" "Do you know what eSports is?" "Are you interested in eSports?" "Why or why not?"

It had the 'leading questions' feel of the captain from Airplane:

Captain: You ever been in a cockpit before?

Joey: No sir, I've never been up in a plane before.

Captain: You ever seen a grown man naked?

The next survey needs to have that. Every 5 questions or so just pop up with 'Do you like to watch movies about gladiators?"

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Jeff wants to know if I have a porn app on my phone...

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Also, I'm a banker. So all I do is forms all day long.

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I love filling out forms! Screw studying!

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First thing I noticed is WOAH! Jeff changed his picture.

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Gahh I didn't realize I misread the three favourite music genres question till after I clicked to move on. In other news, I learned I spend a ridiculous amount of my time playing games.

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form isn't legal .
i said i was 13 and it still asked me for information.

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Forms you say fuck yeah!

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that was looooooooooong.

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Done. I hope the information is useful. But... WHAT IS THE PRIZE

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We thank you for your time spent taking this survey.

Your response has been recorded.

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On it boss.

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I was having a grand time filling out this form until it started getting wayyyyy too specific, like "What percentage of time do you spend playing x type of game?" and "How many of y type of game have you purchased in the last six months?" Dude, I don't even know how many games I've bought in the past two weeks, much less six months.

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Also, if you actually really do like filling out forms(surveys), try out I joined in April and have got $50 worth of GameStop gift cards from them so far this year, its not bad.

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I didn't see it on the survey but yes, I do browse while nude. Usually only in public though, or else what's the point.

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Whoa that is a long survey.

I wonder how you will utilize some of this information, such as my extremely exact percentages of game types played, and the fact that i have gone to a gym :P

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I do like that on types of sports that I watch, one option just straight up says WWE.

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So all it wanted to know was that I was from Afghanistan and under 8 years old...nice and quick.

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I'll do this for you bro

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Curious about the stat porn from this, if you guys are allowed to publish it.

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There was no "Rock" in that music genres list and it was very American in terms of education, electronics and so on.

Except for that, I've seen worse polls.

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I have completed my task.

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so many questions but done

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Done, hope it helps the site in some way.

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But, if this in someway funds the Raid then it's all coo'.

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Completed duder!

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Why the hell is "ska" not a music genre?

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Thinking about your gaming habits in the past month, what percentage of time did you spend playing each of the following types of games? (Please ensure your total adds to 100.)

Keep your math off my forms!

#194 Posted by datarez (574 posts) - got snubbed as another site to visit. Also he's not kidding about the length. That thing was long.

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Done. That was a lot longer then I thought it was going to be.

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Forms shall be filled.

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It broke.

"How often do you watch the following live programming online?"

The radio buttons were missing and reloading the page wouldn't fix it, and there's not a snowball's chance I'm running through the forty previous pages again...

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Only because I love you, Jeff.

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The "big prize" better not be spam email.

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did it. long ass survery. didn't get a chance to point out my nude browsing habits, so data may not fully reflect my activities as a giant bomb user.