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I hate forms but I'll fill it out anyway

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How many of the following types of games have you purchased in the past six months, excluding any free game downloads. ?

Well, fuck. so many I can't remember them all. Thanks for making me feel bad about myself, Jeff.

Oh shit. I just remembered the last six months includes the summer steam sale. Fuck.

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Just hope by me filling out this form we get more "adult entertainment" ads aimed at 8 year old females.

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Why was the survey trying to sell me on eSports when I said that I'm not a fan of it anyway?

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Consider it filled.

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Wow, that was a long survey but I completed it, hope it helps.

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You got it!

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The last few questions of that survey really wanted me to be a sports guy. Almost made me think I should take up a sport. Nah...

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How about we get a look at some goddamn graphs when this is all over?

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Done and done.

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I in it!

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A few nitpicks about the survey. Misuse of "i.e." Suggesting that the wiki should contain cheats and walkthroughs. And waaay specific questions about how many games I bought in the last six months. Like others, I also forgot to account for the Steam sale.

I hope the big prize is having our demographic information permanently tied to our user accounts. That would be swell. What's that?

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That was great because of the potential data we might be able to see from it. Like the average number of downloadable PC games bought in the last six months. Somewhere between 500 and 1000, I'm guessing.

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That was a long arse survey, and all those questions on incest were a bit strange...

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The things I do for love.

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@WalkerD said:

The "big prize" better not be spam email.

You guessed it, how else are they supposed to get your email to market to you if there isn't promise of a 'big prize'.

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Forms like these scare me 

What if it turned out everyone loves tablet based e-sports. 

Thursday night throwdown. Angry birds. 
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The Humble Indie Bundle kind of fucks up the statistics for pc games purchased, since I purchase way more than I play because of it. It might be an idea to make that a separate option for a future questionnaire.

For my Big Prize and a general thank you, I'd like a Ryan-for-a-Day.

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After answering whether I like "e-sports", it then asked me to explain why I didn't like "e-sports".


Well, lets just say no Koreans were hurt in the making of my response. American fighting game enthusiasts, however.....

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Totally done and done!

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Filled out this survey. Now Giant Bomb and CBSi know more about me than my own mother.

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I... I don't know why I put my real email at the end.

EDIT: Also, I think the amount of survey submissions they'll get after Jeff politely asked us to do it will tell more about Giant Bomb users than any personal income related questions ever could.

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Done and done.

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I'm going to answer every question with "THE RAID"

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Done, that took fucking ages.

EDIT: Also, you are sharing the results with us right? I kind of want to know.

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i lol'd at "Adult Entertainment" apps

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I immediately went to check what was. Guess I was tricked.

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That was intense.

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That was fucking long! And also what's the big prize?!

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What is "the big prize" alluded to at the end of the survey?

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Damn that was long lol.

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Oh my god this is so long.

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I think I've been tricked twice in this survey with the "big prize" thing. Yet, I put my e-mail right there.

Anyone got stuck on the "When did you first heard about Giant Bomb" question? I ended up choosing the "Other" choice and wrote way too much in there.

Well, that's done. I hope they divulge the results from the survey.

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Wow that was a long form. I had to lie in the gaming hours bit, I don't play more than 100 hours.

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Wow, that was a long form. o_o'

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I hope I get an A

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What is this "big prize"?

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Whats the prize? :D

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Good lord they are not fucking around with that survey that was a long one.

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under other systems I said sega dreamcast

under other services i said

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Well I'm never doing that again.

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Oh yeah I'll complete this before I leave for work.. 15 minutes later..

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Jeff... I fucking hate forms, why would you inflict this upon me. It's my least favourite thing about being an adult (at least they tell me I'm an adult).

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Probably already been said, but considering the fact that a good amount of the userbase is not American some of the questions in the survey are sorta "off". Mostly things that involve money and some of the "services" questions.

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That was longer than I was expecting but done, hope that helps. You wanted us to talk about our dicks a lot in the survey, right?