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I recently found my manual for Homeworld 2 and good lord that thing is like a small book.  Filled with pictures, backstory, all the enemies and all the ships, you name it. To be honest I miss poppin open a manual and checking out the game in more depth and who could forget the "note section. I know a few games still do have a proper manual like street fighter and MVC 3 but like we expected, they are mostly gone now or converted to digital manuals. What are your opinions?

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They were always something i'd refer to once and never look at again, I say we save some paper.

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I prefer PDF. No lighting problems or chances of loosing it. Uses up less space. Easyer to look stuff up.

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A little bit, but honestly I'm not that bothered. Manuals generally contained information that was fairly obvious anyway and it's probably faster to look a lot of questions you have about games up on the internet now. Really, I think it's much better that we conserve some paper and make them digital.

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It doesn't bother me that they are a thing of the past and we save paper anyways.

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Nope. I always read manuals when I got the games, but that was always a waste of time. I don't care about them.

I've also always thought that games should be designed and presented in a way so that manuals are not needed. Many recent games have adopted this ideology.

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yeah, i always loved reading the manuals.

especially when theres a backstory part to it. i like reading that bits

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As much as I enjoyed reading my game manuals when I was younger I just don't really care anymore, I prefer just to play the game.

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i miss them, but i understand why they're gone. they're always something that i would read one or two times, but i enjoyed having them nonetheless. the only stupid thing were the french manuals that always came packed in with the wrap. i always forget to throw them out so there's a couple of odd french manuals laying around the house. hell, i'm using a Skyrim french manual as a coaster in one of the rooms.

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Manuals always contained great concept artwork. I miss them dearly.

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No, because systems like the vita now have a digital manual right in the launch screen, physical manuals are useless now.

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I miss cool manuals, back when they had extended fiction for the game in them and what not.

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Nah manuals where usefull for the N64 /PS1 era when Internet wasn't as broad as it is now , you can get that information easely now they aren't that necessary and most games have in-game manuals

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As much nostalgia as I have for reading manuals I don't really care that they're gone. They kind of serve no purpose anymore.

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I never really used manuals other then a few exceptions. I would personally find it more useful to have it built into the game itself like the vita, but with better options for looking up info.

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What am I supposed to sniff when I open a new game if there isn't a manual?

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No, I'd rather the game actually explained itself rather than required a separate medium to be understood.  There's no movie that requires you to read a program to understand what's happening when it starts, books shouldn't come with a CD that has all the necessary exposition that you can't find in the book.  Manuals existed because game developers couldn't think of a decent way of explaining narrative and game systems within the game.  You turn on Zelda, you get a little text scroll that covers for the entire game and then boom, you're in the main world with no explanation of anything.  It's dangerous to go alone, indeed.
Games have codices, better written options menus, tutorials.  Nothing in a game should require something else outside of the game to explain its function or narrative meaning.  That's a hard and fast rule.

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I really miss reading the manual on the way home from the store or while in the bathroom. I will admit that with a few exceptions I ever only read them once and only if it was interesting and colourful. A good one released in the last year was the MvC:3 manual. It was full of great art and a little move list in the back as well.

It truly is a lost art and one that I look back on fondly.

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Yes I do. Not so much for console games but computer games had some really cool manuals that would go into considerable depth on the various aspects of the game. Nearly every Blizzard game until Starcraft II also had extensive sections dedicated to the lore of that game's series. For games that still do have in-depth manuals PDFs are okay but can be a pain to navigate not to mention I don't really like reading from a display. If games shipped with a wiki including all of the game information like the Civilopedia I think that it would be a suitable replacement. But they don't and user made wikis can be infuriating to browse. They tend to have annoying ads all over the place and are poorly designed.

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Manuals were pretty cool. I always enjoy seeing a good sized manual with my new game purchases.

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@upwarDBound said:

computer games had some really cool manuals that would go into considerable depth on the various aspects of the game.

I think about PC games when I remember manuals I loved. I remember my Age of Empire ones, they were about 200 pages long and went into so much unnecessary detail and I loved it.
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I have always preferred to figure things out on my own and can't recall ever opening up a manual and looking and now if i need to figure something out i just go to google.com

#25 Posted by Soapy86 (2673 posts) -

I always use to appreciate a nice, thick, full color, well designed manual, and I still would, but I'm not incensed that they're gone or anything.

#26 Posted by upwarDBound (658 posts) -


They really felt like an addendum to the game instead of a strict requirement. A lot of care went into some of those manuals and I spent several hours digesting many of them.

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yep, love them. They aren't actually gone. Just crap publishers looking to cut costs have cut them out. Good games still have them.

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I miss the manuals that mattered where they put some creative thought into it (usually on the RPGs), for most others all I really need is just a card that has the console controls on it so when I take a break from a game I can glance at that when I revisit it versus checking the options menu every couple minutes to remember what button does what action.

#30 Posted by lockwoodx (2532 posts) -

Btw best manual EVER...

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To a point, yes. I usually check out the manual once or twice, but the manual serves no purpose to me anymore since so many games today turn the first hour into a tutorial. 
However I keep my 224 page wire bound SimCity 3000 Unlimited manual as a reminder of when manuals meant something.

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I only miss spiral bound manuals with card paper covers. Those were nice. Otherwise I really don't care. 99% of games explain all you need to know within the first hour anyway.

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There's no really need to have them, and I can see why they're a waste of paper. That said, I was unexpectedly sad when I opened up my new copies of SSX and Mass Effect 3 only to find that there wasn't a manual. On that same note, when I opened my copy of Trials and Tribulations for the DS, that rich manual put a smile on my face.

It's a dumb thing, but I wish there was a way to ask for a manual, that way excess paper isn't wasted on people who won't appreciate them, but others who care can still get them.

#34 Posted by ClairvoyantVibrations (933 posts) -

I love manuals. The KotOR manual was great. It gave a list of every class and their skill sets. It also had a synopsis of every weapon in the game and their damage figures. I've also always loved the GTA manuals being "city guides". I hope GTA V has one and not some stupid folded piece of paper.

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@lockwoodx said:
Btw best manual EVER...
What game is this..... 
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I love manuals. Opening up a new game the "New Game Smell" on manual (sometimes nauseating) was great. Would always flick through before playing the game.

Also they made good bathroom reading material.

#37 Posted by HerbieBug (4228 posts) -

Nope.  Don't miss.  Never read them. 

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Our very expensive TV has the manual built in.


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I miss them a lot. It's actually nice to keep them and have a collection.

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Nah. I'm all for digital manuals. Save the trees man!

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Since there doesn't seem to be an option for "I don't even want the dumb folded page let alone the humongous fucking novel which I never used and barely ever looked at unless it was cool which was almost never anyways but if a game every once in a while wanted to do something cool I'd be ok with that" option I'll vote for C I guess?

Oops I voted B. I guess I'll blame it on the perils of being a righty but using the mouse with my left hand because my right middle finger is starting to feel strained from all the damn clicking it does (although it totally wasn't that I'm just dumb)

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I miss the new game smell them manuals gave

#43 Posted by moywar700 (198 posts) -

Old School games were needed the manuals more because it was easier to explain it through the manual rather than in the game.

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No, I do not care for manuals. They never have anything useful in them, there have been a few like the Metal Gear Solid ones that have a comic strip in them thats cool. But other than that no, when everything goes digital I won't miss them.

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I don't mind the the digital manuals, but I do miss the art and random "facts" that came with a traditional manual.

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i miss reading the manuals. i use to read them all when i got them. nowadays they are using tutorials levels to give the player the controls.

#47 Posted by Animasta (14820 posts) -

I like trees more than manuals

#48 Posted by Daveyo520 (7331 posts) -

Never needed them.

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I liked how oldschool RPG's came with all sorts of goodies like maps and books on monsters etc - it was cool. The single slip you get in games these days is a little underwhelming, it feels like you're literally just paying for a stamped disc. That said people are right that we don't need them anymore since tutorials are built in but sometimes it would be nice to get a little extra - Witcher 2 gives you a whole bunch of stuff but those guys really aim to please, unfortunately not the industry standard.

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i used to read them whist taking a shit. but now i have a iphone to entertain me on the shitter so they are no longer needed.

but seriously, no. i do not miss paper manuals. in fact till you mentioned them then i forgot they even existed.