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Day fucking zero.

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Most likely.

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Yeah, but I'm hoping it's not too expensive. 

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If I have the money on launch definitely. If not, as soon as I get the money it'll be mine.

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@FluxWaveZ said:
" Day fucking zero. "
Oh, I can beat that. Time machines. Bam, I got mine on day -192. It's awesome as hell, even if the Tenacious D launch game sucks.
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Nintendo has yet to let me down in the handheld department and I am going to break my cherry and get a new console/hand held on launch day. Though they better not dick me over with releasing a 3DSISP Lite Micro  XL or something. I still feel weird playing on my old ass red DS in public.

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Plan? Yes. I want to. I will most probably not be able to, but I certainly would.
However, when the day comes and I won't be able to afford it, I take comfort in knowing that Nintendo will release a better, shinier, more effective version six months later.

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Indeed I do. This will be the first time I've bought non-PC hardware at launch.

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I hope so, it depends if I have the money for it though.

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Depends on the price, date, and my current level of funds. Early 2011 is jam-packed with awesome games that I must play. Dead Space 2 and Portal 2 being among the most important. 

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Mostly depends on my disposable income at that time really, also it can depend on the release date.
I do hope it comes out around the same month as the Ds did here in the UK instead of in the battlefield of Christmas time.

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Not at launch. Maybe eventually, though. The thing is, I'm not even interested in 3D.

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Ocarina of Time Remake+ 3DS=Day one purchase

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I'll be waiting a while, let it either drop down in price or the eventual improved revision come along first.

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i'll try, at least

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Planning to? No, I'll likely have no where near enough money at the time. Hoping to? Yes, I'd love to pick it up at launch.

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Yes, I'll stay out all night if I have to.

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No. Probably a little after.

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I won't buy the 3DS at launch, but I'll buy it eventually.

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I'll probably wait for them to release a few more games, I'm not too keen with remakes and rehashes these days plus the fact they barely utilize the touchscreen 
which made the original DS so awesome but now it's all 3D+d-pad+analog stick.

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I'll wait for the 3DS Lite.

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I just bought the new IPod Touch, so I don't know. I might end up selling some stuff, but on the other hand I could just get an XL on clearance and wait 2 years for a slim 3DS. 
Because I know Nintendo will obviously do a slim 3DS, won't fall for that again.

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I generally don't like hand-helds but the 3DS is entirely different beast. I may get it after a price drop but Im still undecided, I bought a DS Lite and probably played it for about 3 hours in total.

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Depends how expensive it is really.

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Depends on whether or not I have a job. Although I could just withdraw some money from my savings account, but I really hope I don't have to resort to that. D:

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I'm not into 3d..

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I wouldn't be able to afford it, though if it was a possibility then CHYEEAH.

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I'd like to, but I'd really like to catch up on some DS and Wii and PC games. For the price I'm guessing that the 3DS will be, I can get me a good amount of DS games.  
Or 30 Dreamcast games. 
Or 100 NES games. 
Or maybe 10,000 PC games. 
One problem I'll have, most likely, is that once I do get around to buying a 3DS, most of those sweet looking launch games will be out of print.

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No. It'll probably only be fun the first few days.

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No because I know I won't have the cash.

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More than likely yea. 

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Absolutely I am. If Zelda's a launch title in Japan, and it turns out to be region free, I'm gonna import one.

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Yeah I will, if I have money anyway.